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Internet Marketing Promotion for the Aroma Resturant

  Hove College

 Ali Faisal Mowhob


Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 3

Introduction. 4

Part 1. 5

1.1 The Elements of Internet Marketing. 6

1.2. Internet Marketing Mix and How It Differs from the Marketing Mix. 8

Product: 8

Price: 8

Place: 8

Promotion: 9

People: 9

Process: 9

Physical Evidence: 10

1.3. Comparison of Internet Marketing Tools. 10

1.4. Choice of Payment System.. 11

1.5. Importance and Incorporation of Customer Relationship Marketing. 13

Part 2. 15

2.1. Search Engine Marketing. 15

2.2. Email Marketing Newsletter. 15

2.3. Online PR.. 16

2.5. Pay Per Click Campaign. 19

2.6. Possibility of Launching a New Product or Service for the Business. 19

2.7. Online Survey for the Proposed New Product or Service. 19

Conclusion. 20

Recommendations. 20

Bibliography. 20

Executive Summary

Internet Marketing Plan (IMP) is a plan of the organization for enhancing positions in online markets. Great Internet Marketing causes for the organization to get more clients since significant advancement, simple site route and simply requesting make individuals utilize site more dynamic, and individuals arrange more. IM includes many tools, for example, utilizing sites, messages, notices, recordings, web journals, social media, requesting forms, security of the information and to control every last bit of it organizations require plans which can help them to do Internet Marketing more effectively. This IM Research is about a Restaurant, named the Aroma. This method will provide organization to compose their IM by utilizing web-based social networking, deploying the site, making web systems, utilizing and making apparatuses and applications. Right now Aroma has a few errors of utilizing web and e-tools of the organization yet well made plans will enhance the situation the restaurant is facing and get more deals and clients.

Internet Marketing Promotion for Aroma Restaurant


The business chosen is a restaurant called the Aroma that offers a great selection of Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine plus wine. The restaurant is located in Southampton and has a local customer base. The desired situation of restaurant is to expand their business by using and applying the effective internet marketing tools which refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites (Jansen & Mullen 2008). The business also wants to add a delivery service to gain more customers in nearby areas and to improve their website so that they can take payments online and this can be done by adding the e-commerce functionality to the website, plus the use of internet marketing tools that will help achieve the business goals and objectives (Agrawal et al. 2012).  The current marketing situation of the business has a poor online presence and a poor SEO rating when searching for the restaurant due to the poor use of Internet marketing tools. The restaurant does not have E-commerce functionality and does not have a delivery service. The business's website also needs improvements. This type of business is B2C which refers to business to consumer type of business.

Part 1

1.1 The Elements of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is defined as achieving marketing objectives through the application of digital technology, it also refers to gaining new customers and delivering services to existing customers that will help develop the customer relationship (Vangie Beal, 2016). Another definition of Internet marketing is it is the process of promoting a brand, products or services over the Internet. Its broad scope includes email marketing, electronic customer relationship management and any promotional activities that are done over the Internet (Social Media, 2012).

The use of marketing applications is there to help organizations achieve the following objectives:


Direct response.

Sales transactions.

Lead generation.

Distribution channel.

Customer service.

Relationship building.

The elements or examples of Internet marketing are:

SEO also known as the Search Engine Optimization is the use of strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page(Fain & Pedersen 2006).The foundation of every digital marketing strategy is search engine optimization (SEO). Email marketing is the element that will get your digital marketing efforts moving.

Social Media Strategy is used to build better communication and relationship with customers. PPC Campaign which refers to Pay Per Click is another method of advertising used to drive traffic to websites (Waghmare 2012).IM is web based marketing utilizing sites, e-mails, promotions, recordings, and online journals. IM makes reference to publicizing and advertising endeavours that utilization the Web and email to drive coordinated deals employing electronic trade, notwithstanding deals leads from sites or emails. IM and web-based promoting efforts are ordinarily utilized in conjunction with conventional types of publicizing, for example, radio, television, daily papers, and magazines. For instance, Aroma needs a decent web making advertisements also. Be that as it may, in the case that they need to accomplish it, they ought to buckle down for it. Attractive and straightforward exploring site, Search Engine Optimization technique, e-mail procedure this what they ought to accomplish for a decent IM Strategy.

1.2. Internet Marketing Mix and How It Differs from the Marketing Mix  

A simple understanding of marketing is basically taking the right product, putting it in the right place, for the right price exactly at the right time frame. At first, this might sound simple and effortless but there is a lot of work and research involved. If one of the elements mentioned above doesn't follow the line, the company can accrue lots of losses.

Marketing Mix is a tool used by businesses and Marketers to help determine a product or brands offering. The 7Ps have been associated with the marketing mix ever since the term was created.

Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from websites or emails and the use of social media.


The products indicate what the organization provides for the market and to the shopper. Physical merchandise, enterprises and the products. The products are what the organization ought to start from when they do a making advertisements mix methodology (Bernard & Simone 2011). The point of the fruitful the products is continually understanding and fulfilment of vital necessities of the objective market. In IM, it is the products on the site with photographs of the products and data about it.


The cost is a critical component of promoting; it is in charge of certain benefit at a bargain of products. The cost is characterized on the premise of merchandise an incentive by the shopper, prime expenses of the products, the costs of contenders and attractive rate of return (Kesharwani & Tiwari 2011). In IM, the cost should appear on the site of the organization that clients could see it on the web.


The place of offer gives accessibility of the products to the objective market and implies that the merchandise of the organization must be available at the market at the ideal place and at the perfect time(Khan & Mahapatra 2009). For physical products, dissemination channels are shops, grocery stores, the business sectors, particular stores; discount vendors or retail.


Promotion is a very important component of marketing as it can boost brand recognition and sales. Promotion is comprised of various elements such as sales organization, public relations ,advertising and sales promotion.


People are the most important element of any service or experience. Services tend to be produced and consumed at the same moment, and aspects of the customer experience are relative to the individual needs of the person consuming it. The significance of these individuals is brought about by the way that they can apply a huge effect on impression of your products in the conclusion of the objective shopper.


The frameworks and procedures of the association influence the execution of the administration. Along these lines, you need to ensure that you have an all-around customized prepare set up to limit costs. It could be your whole deals pipe, a compensation framework, dispersion framework and other precise systems and ventures to guarantee a working business that is running adequately(Sen et al. 2008). In IMM, it is the procedure of the online administrations, for example, security of the site, installment framework and so on.

Physical Evidence:

physical evidence pertains to how a business and it's products are perceived in the marketplace. physical evidence relates additionally to how a business and it\'s the products are seen in the commercial center (Roberts & Zahay 2013).





Give out leaflets of the restaurant\'s phone number in nearby areas such as from 1 mile to 5 miles away for home deliveries. To also ensure that the menu of the website is available.

The product is a range of Indian cuisine.

Downloadable menu

Leaflets for takeaway orders available.



All prices are cheap or the same when compared with competitors but the quality of food is very good.

Giving discounts up to 20% to customers who actively order food online and give free dessert to people who come in the restaurant and spend more than £25.



The place is both on the website to order and physical to come in for a meal.

The location of the website will be available on social media, restaurant website, posters and at the local newspaper or Yell


Promotional mix

To constantly promote and advertise the business and increase brand awareness

By giving out the best quality food and service for customers to ensure they come back, give us a good rating and recommend new customers to us.



Engage more with customers on social media platforms by answering questions and sharing content

By creating two social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram to interact with customers and see the ratings of the restaurant plus share content and photos.



Ensure the safety and the cleanness of the place

To ensure staff clean the shop everyday.

To include fire exits and keep to and apply all policy and law of owning a restaurant in the UK.



The process of ordering food online must be easy fast and secure.

The other process is to call for collection or to pop in for a nice meal.

By including password and login username.

Have a tracking device on the delivery for customers to know when the food will arrive.

To introduce an online ordering and booking system


1.3. Comparison of Internet Marketing Tools

E-tools are extraordinary applications or settings of the organization for utilizing them in web-based promoting. These days there is a wide range of e-tools which organization can decide for fruitful e-commerce for instance: intelligent TV, advanced radio, PDAs applications, versatile renditions of the site, content informing and so forth.

It would be one of best decisions for Aroma to be versatile because these days the vast majority of the general population utilize web innovations through smartphones and tablets. At the point when a client needs to request something on the web, they need to go to the site of Aroma yet the issue for a client could be this site which is not advanced for smartphones and client simply wind up plainly lost. In any case, if Aroma makes their site versatile benevolent then the client will explore on the site significantly less demanding which implies that individuals will arrange nourishment more(Boughton 2005). Additionally, it does not have any huge detriments since organization will burn through cash only for enhancement to officially made the site and it may not cost a considerable measure yet benefits after this organization has straight away by expanding the number of requests and clients.

Application. This one is somewhat comparable with a versatile rendition of the site yet more effective with more advantages. In the case that Aroma makes an application for versatile stages as Android, iOS and Windows OS then the organization will move their business to the following level since application gives points of interest for both sides of the B2C procedure(SEMPO Research 2005). Organization will have the capacity to speak with their clients, when individuals download application they will make an individual profile and Aroma could speak with these individuals straightforwardly, clients will have warnings on their telephones and they may not miss anything like new dishes or uncommon offers and truly numerous things more Aroma will accomplish in the case that they make an application.

In any case, it has burdens too. It\'s not shabby to make an application, Aroma should discover great IT designers and invest loads of energy for enhancement and send application to online shops as AppStore from Apple or Play Market from Google (Karoor 2012). And furthermore, I surmise that Aroma is not sufficiently huge for this application.

Advanced TV.

This type of e-tools Aroma can use too. They can put their publicizing or applications on computerized TV for brilliant TVs and clients could simply press on it and open the plans of Aroma. In any case, I believe that Aroma shouldn\'t utilize this administration since it will be excessively costly. Likewise, Aroma is only a little, nearby outlet, they work just in Brighton, they would require this alternative just if they work all around the UK.

1.4. Choice of Payment System

In Aroma clients can purchase the food necessary for growth, health, and taste online or by calling the restaurant by phone. If consumers need to purchase online, they need to go to the site of Aroma or order through a third party company such as Just Eat where our menu and food is displayed on their website and the website Just-Eat sends us the order and we deliver. The site looks poor, yet it\'s not hard to purchase sustenance there. On principle page of the site, you can press to the connection of menu and pick everything there. The menu made great and simple; you can see there every one of the dishes with the costs and fixings clarification. When you are picking nourishment, you can put it in the shopping basket and after pay for it online with a card. An E-commerce payment system is the acceptance of electronic payment for online transactions. Also known as EDI electronic data interchange. The system accepts the following:

Credit Card.

Debit Card.

Smart Card.


Master Card.

1.5. Importance and Incorporation of Customer Relationship Marketing

For a decent association amongst organization and clients, Aroma needs an Electronic client relationship administration. Conventional client relationship advertising (CRM) is a business e-tool which is worked through promoting systems and exercises. CRM enables organizations to grow long with effort to associations with clients. CRM consolidates business and customer particular procedures using representative preparing, promoting arranging and publicizing.

E-CRM is a similar methodology however through the web. E-CRM is the apparatus of Internet-based innovations, for example, messages, sites, talk rooms, gatherings and different channels to accomplish CRM goals. It is advanced for well working which enhances the procedures in promoting, deals and client benefit. Great E-CRM methodology increment the level of connections and productivity with clients of the organization which is a major preferred standpoint wanted by all business and restaurants.

Aroma didn\'t have a decent Electronic client relationship administration when clients went to the site they can be lost that is the reason organization needs it. For a decent E-CRM organization should give to clients accommodating administrations as a decent email procedure and give online support.

It should be noted that email technique will enable the organization to spare their clients and furthermore increment the count of new clients. FAQ is a decent approach to the organization to help individuals to discover many solutions to their inquiries as how to arrange the nourishment or how to pay and so forth. Additionally, Aroma may require an online client when individuals can make inquiries on the web and find all solutions straightforwardly if they have some additional inquiries which they found in FAQ. This E-CRM procedure will give advantages to organization as expanding of consumer loyalty and reliability, enhancing of client relations, administration and support and better effectiveness and cost decrease.

Part 2

2.1. Search Engine Marketing

Aroma needs some SEO procedure. It will help Aroma to get more clients. Site design improvement is an Internet device which puts your site on the highest point of the page when anybody makes an inquiry in various web search engines such as Google, Yahoo and more. It is a decent apparatus for Aroma because it will build the sum of guests by people to discover the site less demanding or make a suggestion about this outlet when they seek other places.

In the first place approach to doing is to purchase a promoting from Google and each time when somebody will seek anything in Google Search, they will see this outlet on the principal page.

Additionally, Aroma necessities to utilize extraordinary catch phrases and expressions of the site and with these watchwords potential clients will effectively discover this restaurant.

Catchphrases: Indian, Food for Delivery, Brighton

Key expressions: Restaurant in Brighton, Indian food, nourishment in Brighton.

To make catchphrases and key expressions work better organization needs to place them in the opportune place, for example, headings, title labels, the content of the page.

2.2. Email Marketing Newsletter

The critical thing is electronic mail. Aroma should send a few messages to clients, it will help the business be more effective in engaging with customers and sharing information. Messages ought to be made for some circumstances, in some cases, clients don\'t come to the restaurant any longer, and we have to remind them about us or messages for expanding the sum of new clients by sending them publicizing messages likewise in business numerous circumstances when we can utilize messages. This letter is expected for all clients who ate before and furthermore requested takeaways at Aroma. As some of them don\'t have enough time, we will send promotions in order to get their attention. The photo below is an example of the E-mail marketing newsletter that Just-Eat will send to customers to rate the food ordered for a chance to win £250 voucher.

2.3. Online PR

PR (Public Relations) is a truly critical apparatus for any organizations these days. It helps organizations to stay with clients together with and get new clients. However, e-marketing for Aroma needs an Online PR, that will represent the restaurant and the staff both online and offline such as low ratings, dislikes and comments online. simply by utilizing it through the Internet and it works day in and day out that will help improve the reputation of the business.

With online PR targets online properties, alongside a variety of different stages and systems. This is the thing that online approach impacts:

Customary authors



Online networking clients: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and so on

Honors, occasions, and shows

Catalogs, records, and associations

Web searchers

The business can utilize hashtags and catchphrases close by email. At the heart of both customary and online PR is narrating. In any case, with utilizing an Online PR Aroma should utilize some other associated with Online PR devices like \"GIGA caution\" for instance.

GIGA caution is the web\'s driving answer for observing organization\'s expert advantages on the web. It tracks the whole web for organization\'s themes and gets new outcomes by day by day email. Also, the greatest favourable position of it that this device is free to use which can be truly vital for the little and developing organization, for example, Aroma.

In any case, likewise as we probably are aware Internet is open for everybody, and anything can occur there and not just on the Internet which can influence notoriety of the organization also. For a few circumstances, Aroma must be prepared before it happens. For ensuring the organization, notoriety and discovering a few plans Aroma needs a Crisis Management Plan. Emergency administration implies having plans set up for when things turn out badly and ensuring you can act rapidly if the association goes under risk.

2.4. New Digital Media Communities

Will utilize three diverse social Medias for Aroma they are:

Facebook - It is a standout amongst the most famous informal communities on the planet. Facebook is useful for business because each type of individuals utilizes it.

Instagram - is an online versatile photograph sharing, video-sharing, and long range informal communication benefit that empowers its clients to take pictures and recordings, and offer them either freely or secretly on the application. It is a famous informal organization which targets everybody, even huge organizations utilize it since it is free and in the meantime has more than 300 a large number of clients (Wikipedia, 2017).

These three online networking stages will be useful for Aroma\'s intended interest group because many individuals utilize these three. Facebook and Instagram are great since they can specifically target individuals from that point, they can make their clients share posts so that many individuals can think about the business. Likewise, nearly everybody has Facebook and Instagram, additionally more seasoned individuals, so that can make it less demanding for Aroma to achieve their objective market by posting something, pictures, video or simply ordinary content.

Social media strategy

Social media: Facebook

Aim: To increase more traffic to website and awareness of the restaurant

Objectives: (SMART)

To increase followers to 400 likes

To advertise and engage with customers.

To Increase more traffic to the website through links on the posts.

To have good recommendations or high rates in order to drive more traffic.

Strategy:  The strategy is to have someone responsible for the facebook platform and to do weekly shares and engage with customers.

Tactics: the tactic is to Create a weekly plan to spend time communicating with customers, like their posts, reply to their comments and answer their questions.

Measurements: Facebook insight to see the statistics and basic analytics that will help see the improvements or failure of the facebook page.

Popular content

Demographic and Location of customers and potential customers.


Share pictures of staff and customers with hashtags.


Display the Dish of the day to show activity of the business.


Engage with customers by asking about their opinion on their favourite dishes served at the restaurant.


Give out a discount or promotion when ordering food online.


Advertise and remind customers to either come in for a meal or to order takeaway.


Post pictures showing the atmosfear of the restaurant on a saturday night.


Video with recipes about preparation of dishes.

Social media: Instagram

Aim: To increase more traffic to website and awareness of the restaurant

Objectives: (SMART)

To increase followers to 400 likes

To advertise and engage with customers.

To Increase more traffic to the website through links on the posts.

To have good recommendations or high rates in order to drive more traffic

Strategy: The strategy is to have someone responsible for the Instagram platform and to do weekly shares and engage with customers.

Tactics: the tactic is to Create a weekly plan to spend time communicating with customers, like their posts, reply to their comments and answer their questions.

Measurements: Instagram insight to see the statistics and basic analytics that will help see the improvements or failure of the Instagram page.

Popular content

Demographic and Location of customers and potential customers.


Share pictures of staff and customers with hashtags.


Display the Dish of the day to show activity of the business.


Engage with customers by asking about their opinion on their favourite dishes served at the restaurant.


Give out a discount or promotion when ordering food online.


Advertise and remind customers to either come in for a meal or to order takeaway.


Post pictures showing the atmosfear of the restaurant on a saturday night.


Video with recipes about preparation of dishes.

2.5. Pay Per Click Campaign

Auxiliary statistical surveying is anything but difficult to discover, and a large portion of it is a free or minimal effort. For instance, it is anything but difficult to discover auxiliary statistical surveying on the web at government or industry sites, at the library, on business sites, and in magazines and daily papers. In any case, the impediment of auxiliary statistical surveying is that it is not tweaked to your requirements, so it may not be as valuable as essential statistical surveying.

2.6. Possibility of Launching a New Product or Service for the Business

In the wake of making an examination Aroma can see that many individuals these days utilize smart phones for requesting nourishment from outlets and checking conveyance. That can be a smart thought for Aroma to dispatch an application for their clients. This application can cost money but a great idea is to include the website and menu of the Aroma on an already developed app called Just-Eat which is an online food order and delivery service. It acts as an intermediary between independent take-out food outlets and customers. This app is already developed and it will cost less than developing an own app for the Aroma, it will also benefit the business by increasing their customer base through Just-Eat and receiving new customers who are familiar with Just-Eat. Just-Eat is a free application for Android, IOS and Windows Phone gadgets where clients would see every one of the results of Aroma with portrayals and pictures, with a shopping basket where they would put their picked the products, with an Online instalment to pay for dishes through the cell phone and with checking of conveyance through the guide. It would be an awesome opportunity for Aroma which would help it to increase customers and to achieve another method to order from them.

2.7. Online Survey for the Proposed New Product or Service

Primary research is new research carried out to answer specific issues or questions. It can involve questionnaires, surveys or interviews with individuals or small groups. Companies and organizations must conduct researches by both methods primary and secondary research on a regular basis in order to achieve any issues regarding all aspects of the business. After conducting a research and the findings of the research conclude that customers are not satisfied for the delivering service saying that it takes long for the food to arrive, than the business can find a solution to the problem and that will improve the business performance and help indicated any problems in the future. Below is an example of a primary research survey conducted by the business to get a rating from the customer.


This Internet marketing plan has summarized all the findings and factors that the Aroma resturant can improve in order to have a better Internet Marketing plan that will give better opportunities for the business to grow.The aroma resturant also need improvements in both their website and Ecommerce functionality in order to increase the number of orders. Aroma needs an e-marketing plan to advance its business in Southampton. In this case, general customers will be content with the new administration at their most loved outlet. It will enable outlet to spare clients and to give them more helpful administrations. The email is advancing another web based requesting administration with free conveyance or 10% markdown on accumulations. Likewise, a vital component of email advertising is giving a chance to withdraw from this messages, and Aroma gives it also. There is a catch to pull out if clients would prefer not to get any messages.


Aroma should recognize that security is imperative for the organization because there isn\'t just data about an organization and clients likewise it is a place where clients make instalments. When they do an instalment for programmers simple to take individual data and saving money data about clients, that is the reason organization should ensure the site. I discovered principle focuses which organization ought to ensure or utilize a few administrations for assurance:


1. Passwords

At the point when clients begin to make represents the site of the organization they ought to realize that they utilize a decent secret word.

2. SSL.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security innovation for setting up a scrambled connection between a web server and a program. This e-tool can secure the information of the site which will give secure utilizing the site for clients, and they do an instalment or leave any individual subtle elements.

3. Utilizing of secure administrations, for example, PayPal, Apple Pay and so forth. It will help to the organization to secure their exchanges all the more; likewise, these administrations are getting more prominent, and it will help to clients to pay rapidly. PayPal would be useful for Aroma to utilize it as an instalment framework since it is truly secure and clients will feel safe when they pay for their requests likewise PayPal is an exceptionally well-known apparatus which implies that numerous clients would utilize it.


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