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n today society some of the major problem that we face in our community is sex trafficking. Which many young individuals are falling victim to sex trafficking; where this people are being taking away from their homes, family, and their culture, in other to be turn to sex slave for the highest bid.  However, the unjustified trade to enslave another human being in this modern time is the reflection of our failure to understand the important of this matter and the actions we need to take to correct it. Human trafficking involves in the deception of taking someone from their home and exploiting their vulnerability through the force of stripping them of their self-respect, dignity and honor. It consists of individual's rights and freedom being taken away and the topic is to coercive subjugation. Their captives constantly oppress them and their tears has drown them in a sea of fear, in which their cry are never heard. Through this essay I will give you a better understanding of why sex trafficking is major problems in today society, as well as global problem. Sex trafficking also has a major influence on the economic, and the communities. According to human trafficking about, “the number of US citizens are traffic within the country are higher, with the estimated of 200,000 American children's at risk of being force to sex slave each year”(Human Traffic).

Human trafficking has become a global phenomenon, which has manifests to a form of sex trafficking labor jobs. Poverty is also the cause of human trafficking, in which children and women are reduced to selling their body for money in other to achieve for a better life style. Sex trafficking has evolve to becoming organize billion dollar company, with core, investors, recruiters and public officials, who are also participants. Through globalization, it has also given birth to industry service, where dedicated individuals are willing to forge documents, provide transportation, legal law, and giving financial accounting assistances. The individual who commits these crimes has taken advantage of unstable environments and has lure victims with false promises of helping them to get a better life. Before an individual will become a sex doll they will be groom first to see their quality. Which they're grooming will be constant of physical sexual abuse and drug use in other to force them to submission. Desperation leads victims in search for a better life, in which they end up creating their prisons. One of the reasons why sex trafficking is become more of a major problem is due to law enforcement conspiring with the traffickers in return for money and sexual favors. This type of behavior is what causes a victim to seek help from the justice department, because they are suppose to uphold the law and not break it. Sex trafficking is constantly increasing and creating more problems in the community and we as the member of the society need to educate our self and understand the existences of sex trafficking.

Many family who live in the poverty level are victims of sex trafficking, because of low incomes and the debts, they're desperately trying to pay; end up selling their own children to brothel owners to clear their debts and also obtain a small financial gain. There are many other situation were some kids are force by their parents to have sex with wealthy old mans, “sugar daddies”, in exchange to pay their way through school. Some of the children who are victim of trafficking face brutal form of commercial exploitation, were some individuals believe that having sex with a virgin could cure them of their sexual transmitted disease. Where many of this young minors are continually rape, deprive them of motherhood, torture, and causing a major damage to their reproductive system. Sex trafficking is not just creating problems for family, community or just young women, but also young boys who are also being sexually exploited as well. It's very difficulty to understand the cruelty of society

Unfortunately, we have failed to acknowledge that sex trafficking is not just community problem, but also a global problem. In which it's adding more fuel to gender bias that males can never be victims as well. There are many incident were male victims owners dress them in women clothes and they have to entertain them. While these male sex slave lose their masculinity, pride, dignity respect, and their innocent. Does many male children are now abducted and transported to range of different city to be use in sex labor job. There are “study also cited research findings from 2007 that Atlanta\'s illegal sex industry generates around $290 million a year”(coorlim). Which the many causes why sex trafficking is gaining such power and influence in majority of poor country's and the homes of low income families. Sex trafficking creating a whole new marketing ground. Which many of different individuals who are in this line of work are profiting on sex slaves.

Many women also get married off to old man and are force to sexual services to higher rich individuals with no hope of having a real marriage. However, sex trafficking is continuingly increasing, because there are more demands than supplies and as long there people who are willing to pay for sex and exploit young women, children, boys and poverty community. The market will still exit and bring more profit to criminals who are behind this billion-dollar industry. According to “2014 study by the Urban Institute, some traffickers in Atlanta make more than $32,000 a week”(coorlim). There are depressed countries or states that provide easy recruitment for sex slavery. Where many women are so eager to leave their country or state due to the poor economic status, they are trick to leaving their country to abroad. Thinking that they going to get a modeling job to make enough money to send back home to help their families. There are millions of women and children who are in fact bonded labors. Around the world there are many children who are unseen in domestic sex service and are sold at very early age. Children make a very easy target, they are easily deceived, influence because they lack maturity and they can be easily smuggle to another country.

Majority of people who are victim of sex trafficking are immigrant who are being smuggling from their country to another country, for a better life. There are, “17,500 individuals are brought into the United States and held against their will as victims of human trafficking”(Human trafficking). There are 60,000 people who are smuggle annually in this country and are force to sex slaver. After they arrival in this country, their traffickers already stole their passports and there be longings are taking away from. Which make it impossible for them to try to run or go back home. They force them to working for twelve hours shifts, with no payments and hard labor. According ACLU, “In the U.S., immigrant women and children are particularly vulnerable to the deceptive and coercive tactics of traffickers because of their lower levels of education, inability to speak English, immigration status, and lack of familiarity with U.S. employment protections”(ACLU). The reason why immigrate are chosen for sex trafficking is due to their vulnerability and the jobs they mostly work at is hidden from the public. There are many combination that make immigrate the easy target is lack of limited language, jobs options, legal status, poverty, protection, and social isolation. As stated, “People are a good commodity as they do not easily perish, but they can be transported over long distances and can be re-used and re-sold.”(Andrews). This type of hard labor job; one began to not recognize who they were.  

This makes a clear point that sex trafficking need to be eradicated from the modern 21st century. There should be a stronger foreigner policy in place and the government's agency like the FBI need to regulate immigration law. Employment and labor laws practitioners need to expand themselves with immigration regulations. Many agency like the labor practitioners need to understand the connection between immigration status and discrimination laws. People and the government need to also understand how series sex trafficking is and the growth it's gaining if we don't acknowledge it existence. According to one voice against modern slavery statistics, “since 2014 edition of global slavery, there are 2,178,100 people living in slavery in the Middle East and North Africa” (freedom limited). Our government and other nation politician need to unite and come to understanding of working to together to create stronger immigration law to monitor, who is coming in and out of their country. They also need to pay a closer attention to the community economic problems and find away to improve it. They need to realize every human being has a right to live they way want, but also entitle to education, food and employment of their choosing. States need to conduct surveys to identify the people involve in all form of human trafficking. Public awareness needs to be increase for people to understand the risks and signs of human trafficking. Governments and civil society organization need to work together to develop awareness and educate and train about sex trafficking. Every individuals need to contribute towards being vigilant in their local area and report on suspicious activities. There should also be a stricter regulation on tax evasion which would also tackle human trafficking, and gain more information on criminals past employers. We need to also provide a better protection to vulnerable communities, who in danger of become sex trafficking victims. This will also help reduce demands of sex slavery's, by decreasing victims.  

Inclusion, we need to take a proper measure of eradicating sex trafficking, by government establishing collaboration lawmakers, communities, and other countries. To come with a better understand of how to improve their communities. People need to also understand the dangers of traveling to another country for a better life. They also need to understand how important this problem is: because it not just affects their communities but also leave permanent damage on their children and family life. Today generation are victims of sex trafficking, and if these unjustified acts keep continues it will destroy our souls and communities. I feel that history has it way always repeating it self due to our failure to recognize the problem and not trying to find a better solution to fix it. We cannot be living in an illusion of our mind thinking that there is no problem and if there is one. Someone will correct it or the problem will magically will go away. Well, it will not, this is the reality we live in today, were our kids are abducted from their bed. Some families who are debts sell their kids to pay for it. In which they feel they are entitle to do so. It's very sad to see that this type of criminal activity does not only exist in our communities, but also global. Its very hard to picture your self in victim of sex trafficking shoes. Being lie to, in other to be trick by a certain individuals. So that they can bring you to a whole new environment only to be held against you're will and force to sell your body to the highest bid. Which I feel these individual have no morals or values a human life. In which you do not have chance of a normal life or to achieve any dream you have in mind. The world sex traffic live in, they have no other option or opportunity to a better life. We as the people of the human race or society need to let theses criminal individuals understand that every action they take there is a price to be pay in full. In which this price is known as the law of the land, that's why I think it's important to have a global collaboration. Through global collaboration we have a better understanding of the problems we are facing, as well finding away to solve it.

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