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Becoming a Brand Manager


Kyle Villarete

English 1-2 Per. 5

Ms. Pircher

June 8, 2017

Kyle Villarete

Ms. Pircher

English 1-2

May 31 2017

Managing the Future

Brand managers have many tasks and goals to commit to in order to provide an amazing service to customers. Brand managers have the opportunity to work with a faction that possesses consanguinity in which they share all of their mighty urges to achieve similar goals. An individual can become a brand manager through obtaining at least a minimum of a bachelor's degree of education or comprising a past experience with the profession. Five characteristics of a brand manager include being as organized as can be, having true devotion and being enamored with what you do, always keeping up with the newest trends in order to provide appeasement to customers, having a natural and an innate focus and drive to make the work environment a better place, and possessing the ability to take responsibility and push the brand towards meeting its set standards. Becoming a brand manager involves being responsible, being dedicated, being communicative, having the ability to listen, and having the ability to be creative.

Brand management has remarkably been present ever since primitive times. A brand marketing animals or paintings to buyers is a superb example of earlier sightings of brand management; this later transitioned into marketing pottery such as stoneware and porcelain. Tom, the sales manager who works for Macy's located in Palmdale, California, claims that “in more modern ages, corporations are now taking over the world in order to generate wealth towards themselves through things like iPads, iPhones, Coca-Cola, clothing, shoes, etc.

Work done by a person affiliated with the brand management career is endlessly communicative and collaborative. Tom believes that \"...everyday is a new day and there are always new customers to provide ‘Perfect 10' service to. Working with other management and associates allow ‘MAGIC' sales synonymous with Macy\'s to be provided. The different employees and management that one is able to work with from different ethnic backgrounds and the different customers one gets to meet and interact with are what makes this career unique because we provide service through telephone, Internet, and in person.”

This career is remarkably persistent and continuous in terms of daily activities. The sales manager at Macy's trusts that “... one makes sure the store is fully staffed in order to provide ‘MAGIC' service for our customers, ensures that a safe and clean environment for customers as well as staff is maintained, and also attending to any issues or changes that need to be made in pursuance of excellent service whether it be through surveys or telephone calls discussing their reflection on their experience.” Let it be known that there are always new tasks to accomplish and new customers to woo through the service one offers.

Macy's in particular has “...not had any ethical issues arise in this career- but some that do present themselves in any career would have to be race, disability, layoffs, hour cuts, performance reviews, raises, etc.” according to Tom. A person in this career deals with these ethical issues by being open to diversity and by their inability to promote or encourage a homogenous workforce as sameness is routinely found as being stale and all customers should obtain an experience in which employees with different ethnic backgrounds are presented in the work environment.

Advantages that a figure has in this career vary according to their status. Some advantages that a person in this career has is the ability to move up the ranks/system and try new areas of management. Tom thinks that “... it is possible to grow, travel, and transition into other stores in order to evolve and mature into a professional through more training and experience.” This career positively affects a person\'s life through many ways whether it be through the act of learning elements much more in depth, the supplying of good benefits, and the capability to encounter and operate with different kinds of people.

A person in this career or even any career can encounter many possible disadvantages in their profession. A few disadvantages within any career would be the demand “... to be open and available to any work hours and work schedules that may come up or change unexpectedly” according to the sales manager at Macy'.The brand management career can negatively affect one's quality of life whether it be through their time spent alone, time spent with their friends, or with their family. The concern for themselves and others could possibly be cut down in either a minor or significant fashion as the job is a constant priority.

California Industry Sector Pathways are essential to a brand manager's comprehension and understanding of how each career can intertwine with one another. Tom states that “...two California Industry Sector Pathways that are related to the brand management career would have to be business planning and management because business planning is very vital.” Business planning fits in as one of the pathways since each store is marketed to the area's supply and demand. Management is an astounding example because it provides excellent service to the customer(s) and can keep good relationships with employees in order to acquire a healthy work environment.

Many careers typically have plenty of interesting things associated with each one. In consideration of Tom's words, there are three interesting facts to be found out about the brand management career: someone's “...potential to develop and learn something totally new everyday such as product knowledge, to move up and transition within the ranks of the company, and also the amount of people you get to interact with routinely.”

Many individuals question how someone can become a brand manager, what kind of education is necessary to qualify, and what types of schools offer the preparation courses imperative for this type of career. Education is always a plus in any career; it is important to always remember that. According to Marketing Degree Today, “...most positions in brand management require at least a bachelor's addition to relevant work experience.” Furthermore, training is a great tool to use as one moves up and promotes within the company; it makes the transition much easier and makes one stronger and more confident by going through all of the positions. Colleges such as the University of Southern California (also known as USC) and the University of Notre Dame offer a course or courses of study that will prepare one for this career. Once the proper type of education is acquired after a number of years, graduates can begin to start applying for multiple job positions within different companies. Likewise, grades and money are not necessarily a problem because what matters most is someone\'s devotion and work ethic that drives them to be successful; with that being said, this attitude eventually influences the rest of their team. On the other hand, finances and grades are would typically lands one into a school or college that prepares them for a career of their selection. These people are commonly suspected of being ahead of the game due to their intellectual and financial benefits that they either worked hard for or were gifted with. Commodities like these advance the pace of education that it takes to pursue whatever type of profession that somebody wants to achieve their exploits in. With that being said, some people don\'t have the opportunity to do so because they have absolutely nothing- no money, no family, no support system, etc.

Brand managers are constantly active and assiduous workers that attend to every customer's needs, associate with others in a friendly and tender gesture, and take into consideration every person's desire. By comprehending the California Industry Sector Pathways and how they prepare one to pursue the brand management career, one can understand that many aspects and characteristics of a profession are you there a combination of two or more pathways and that each one ties in with many others. There can never be only one path of a connecting to one career. Through my research, my perspective has changed because I now know what it takes to become a brand manager; I noticed that they put countless hours and have to possess qualities of assiduity in order to get the job done. To be honest, I am not interested in pursuing this career because I have always coveted the title of a famous and renowned singer and pursuing a profession as such. I don\'t necessarily fathom about becoming a brand manager because of the fact that it doesn\'t correlate with me personally even. In conclusion, the brand management career has recently been swamped with people fresh out of college wanting to acquire the job as the salary is known to be extremely lavish and can sustain one person or more.

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