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Analyzing the current marketing efforts of the Meek School of Journalism Facebook and Twitter will give the benchmark at which all future progress can be measured. In order to set achievable objectives, you need to understand your current performance. The target audience is already on Facebook and Twitter, but getting to the page to engage seems to be the tricky part. Since Facebook and Twitter are open forums for a university school they do not oppose a  direct competitor. The competitor comes from other sources that are posting engaging content.

    The Meek Journalism Facebook page is a platform that is an open platform where students, professors, alumni, faculty, and others can post relevant content. They have a wide range of demographics. The problem is not the lack of content but the lack of like, comments, and shares. They frequently are posting links to articles, but there are no calls to action. They rarely post videos, photos, graphics, or infographics. There is a low number of college student viewer and viewer interaction. The admin for the page does all the posting. The most student engaged post was a recent video post. After analyzing the Meek Journalism Facebook page I found some insight that would be helpful to determine what is working and what needs improvement.

    The most popular post in the last month was an in the last month engagement has increased by 3.4%. The research I did shows that the reason for the increase was because of the post about Curtis Wilkie. The post received the highest likes which are 25 and no shares. In the last month, there was only a total of two comments. The average post per day in the last month is one. There was a spark in shares on June 25 with five shares after that. There have been no videos posted and that is a great way to increase views.

    Since there is no engagement from post to post that leads to no referral traffic. When visitors share a post, that builds a bridge for new potential visitors to come and or like your page. Facebook is about building relationships and if there is no engagement there is no relationship. In contrast to the Facebook, the Meek twitter page has a more tailored demographic. Through their post, they cater to the college student, by posting in the moment content that is happening in Meek or around the campus.Unlike Facebook, others can not post directly to the page. Followers can mention the Meek's twitter handle but one can not post directly.

    The Meek twitter account was made in September of 2010 and has tweeted 1505 times, that is an average of seventeen tweets a month.Twitter is a platform where a user can post a tweet and immediately can get a response, but that is not the case for the Meek account. They have posted open ended question which received no replies or comments. When they do get likes and retweets most of them are coming from females. AGE This past April was the most active month the twitter page has had. They posted 95 times with an average of three tweets a day. The likes and retweet per tweet increased when they shared a video which shows what kind of engagement they can receive when they produce more videos. Like the Facebook page, they often post links but don't include an engaging comment to entice viewers. It is important to understand your customers and potential customers. The twitter is currently marketing to the student at Ole Miss.

Strategic method

    Social media is about building relationships. It is about being able to collaboration, create content, share content and connecting with people. Having a presence on social media does not stop after posting or sharing content. A page needs to commit to posting frequent and valuable content to stir up activity. Since the Facebook and Twitter page is an education platform I wanted to keep the content that will be posted sophisticated for the adult viewers but intriguing to a college student.

To increasing engagement, every post needs to have a call to action whether that be asking a question at the end of the post or inviting the viewers to share if they found the post helpful or interesting. In order to reach college students, some ideas are posting engaging photos and or relevant hashtags. I suggest posting a status that starts a conversation rather prompting viewers to read and scroll. This is a time upheaving for young adults, especially incoming freshmen. They've got complicated classes, schedules, and lives. They also don't want to stop and read an article. They want visuals that get the point across, which is where videos, graphics, and info-graphs come in handy. Posting a video is an excellent way to receive activity. If someone does not want to watch the video they can save it and watch it later at a better time.

    Like I said, the Facebook page has a wide range of demographics. The age that is the most actives the young professionals. In today's digital world viewers value their time. As for students, they have fast pass lives that involve schedule time in the day for classes, friends, food, and sleep. They are less likely to click on an article unless there is an engaging value. As for young professional, being on social media is a way to feel “young.” They love sharing their lives for everyone to see. They enjoy clicking and sharing an article they found special. Research says that 47% of all online time is spent on social media.

    The content you provide is nothing if it is not seen by the target audience. According to the research I did, the best times to post to increase your shares and click-throughs on Facebook are 9 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. Posting at 3 p.m. will get you the most clicks, while 1 p.m. will get you the most shares. Saturday and Sunday both have a 32% higher engagement than weekdays. The worse time to post on weekends are before 8 a.m. and after 8 p.m. Thursday and Friday have 18% higher engagement than Monday through Wednesday. People seem to be happier on Friday which is a reason to post upbeat content that will get them engaged. Once people are off of work on frizzy they are less likely to click on a business post because they are ready to take a break for the weekend. As for the nature of twitter post can be more spar attic. The best times to tweet are 12 p.m., 3 p.m., and 5-6 p.m. Twitter is used on both mobile devices and desktop computers, while people are at work and at home. Some people use it as a something to read during down times like commutes and breaks.

    I chose to write my news article on a current event I came across while researching for this project. I am coming up on my senior at Ole Miss and the changes that I have had the opportunity to witness are amazing. This aligns with my strategy because I think if they keep Ole Miss current events on their page viewers will know they can come to their page to find the latest news. This is the Journalism and New Media page, so why not promote current events?

    Content is the foundation of any social media marketing. I'm starting off the week with a few polls to see the current engagement with the viewers. At the end of the two weeks, Im going to post a poll to see if my strategies to encourage active worked. The content will align with my overall message and reach to increase followers and engagement. Along with the scheduled post, I suggest sharing relevant post that viewers can go to Meek's pages to find. With a mix of media including graphics, infographics, videos and other styles will engage potential viewers. By posting fresh content on a regular basis will help the Meek School have an ongoing presence on social media.

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