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What is production? 17










Organization of the marketing Department 32

Pricing 33



What is Finance? 38


Corporate social responsibility 41




Conclusion 44




This industry was established before our independence. HAVMOR is established in Karachi in 1944.  HAVMOR is very popular in Gujarat. It started 70 yrs. ago. It may be described as an experiment successfully running from last 70 yrs. It represents the co-operation of four groups interlined with each other.

➢ Milk producers

➢ Process of milk in factory for ice cream

➢ Marketers

➢ Consumers

Its rational is that a co-operative would he processed on its bottom-line, and hence improve margins for growers and reduces costs for consumers. It fronts and objectives were to see that there was enough milk for everyone in towns. It is the largest fast food chain the whole country has been maintaining it.




In 1944, Satish Chandra Chona all of a sudden put the brakes on his fruitful profession as a Ground Engineer with BOAC, and turned a representative.

This came as an astonishment to the vast majority of his partners and companions. In any case, the greater shock was the item he produced - Ice Creams!

Yet, youthful Satish Chona was not painting on ice. As a job, he had effectively aced the specialty of Ice Cream-production from his uncle, Dinanath Chona, residence in Karachi at that point. Actually, he as of now was a taste trailblazer, exploring different avenues regarding jams and uncommon Ice Cream fixings.

At that point, the Partition of India happened. Furthermore, he needed to move his dare to Ahmedabad, and begin once again.

His brilliant Ice Creams instantly established a connection in the market. Before long, through nonstop taste developments and unfaltering office extension, he pioneered new trails, and rose as a noticeable market nearness in Western India.


Little Beginning, Big Vision;

Incredible Ambitions

Havmor Ice Cream started its marked life in 1944 in Karachi, in unified India. By 1947, it was a well known nearby brand there.

Be that as it may, in 1947, in the wake of the Partition, its organizer Satish Chona needed to join the mass migration into India, with for all intents and purposes no moveable resources. Hunting down another turf, he experimented with Dehra Dun and Indore, lastly, settled down in Ahmedabad.

No, it was not an instance of 'mark migration', or whatever else as whimsical. He needed to begin the wander without any preparation once more. Truth be told, he needed to start from a pushcart at the Ahmedabad Railway Station, producing the Ice Cream physically.

He called this youngster mark "Havmor" - a neologism for 'Have More' - which implied the client, got more an incentive for cash, and more taste to savor, from his Ice Creams.

Maybe he didn't have any acquaintance with it at that point, however he had established the framework for one of Western India's most persisting business sector legends.

Furthermore, great quality, similar to great character, prevails upon the circumstance at some point or another.

Today, HAVMOR dessert is presently accessible 40000 outlets crosswise over Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh. HAVMOR give more than 160 Ice creams.

That is, far from a pushcart.


"Great, Truthful, Clean" Enterprising Ethos

Satish Chona, began HAVMOR with a straightforward rule of his relative Dinanath Chona with the point of - Achchai, Sachchai, Safai (Goodness, Truthfulness, and Cleanliness).

The succeeding eras in charge of the organization made an interpretation of this maxim into a lifestyle and business. Just the finest fixings go into the making of Havmor Ice Creams. The entire assembling process complies with worldwide principles of cleanliness. What's more, the organization's exchange rehearses are kept absolutely straightforward.

In view of new era innovation and in-house R&D, the organization continues detailing new tastes at visit interims, and shocking its shoppers. It has additionally expanded into other nourishment things, through a prominent Restaurant Chain.

Today, after six decades, Satish Chona's straightforward theory still keeps on being the corporate saying of the Havmor combination.

What's more, the organization esteems its entrepreneurial confidence, showcase picture and notoriety for monetary uprightness over its unadulterated business interests.

Area and LAYOUT

In this production line of assembling it the machines are organized by the procedure they perform in the plant.

Organization produces 150 unique assortments of items and disperses all through the Gujarat by its yearly turnover of Rs.250crores.

The area of the organization is great and safe in adequate zone like Naroda. They get effectively their creation required crude materials.


Name of the unit:


Type of association:


Year of foundation:

17 October, 1944.

Overseeing executive: pradip chona






Enrolled Office:




Current Market Status:

Blue Chip Ice Creams brand of Western India. Among the best three in deals.

Item Range:

Frozen yogurts (Candies, Topo Cones, Ready-to-eat-glasses - 110 Flavors), Barfi, Kulfi, Take-away Packs (Snacks/+ Ice Cream), Food Items (Punjabi, Mughlai, South Indian, Chinese, Continental).


Sustenances and Snacks


Chain of Parlors and Restaurants spread out in Ahmedabad and Vadodara.

Principle Outlets:

Seven. More in the pipeline.

Merchant Network:

40000 stores crosswise over india

HAVMOR ICE CREAM have been begun on 1944 in Karachi and after that it appeared after partition of India in 1947 and it has a promise to give shabby cost to the makers on one side and offer of top notch frozen yogurt to customers crosswise over India at a genuinely sensible cost.

This could be accomplished just because of appropriate arranging of cream. The organization has its own working capital era framework which has so far era around Rs.1 crores as store from social orders for which intrigue is paying routinely.

Today HAVMOR has earned a decent name. It is the biggest natural way of life in entire state. Today it's uses 2000 liters drain each day. Yearly turnover is at Rs.30crores. It has its needs set: -

➢ Ice cream

➢ Family pack

➢ Cones

➢ Candies

➢ Seasonal flavors

This could mean scarifying the more beneficial top of the line items.

Today HAVMOR implies diverse thing to various individuals.

For a rich purchaser HAVMOR is best fast food.

For a poor or center purchaser HAVMOR is something delightful.


What is generation?

"Generation is a procedure of changing over crude material into completed products with the utilization of various assets and these assets are utilized to make a yield that is appropriate for utilize or has trade esteem.

What's more, the creation procedure is the blend of specific strides to get the last item. These means all in all are said as process.

Many procedures are attempted in creaming before the drain and drain items achieve the hands of the last buyer.

On account of the preparing the future of these perishable things increments and they might be saved and held for a more extended period with no disintegration in the quality.


The crude material obtainment framework is as per the following

Drain is primary crude material for dessert

Drain conveyed by a maker is measured and a specimen is drawn for quality testing. Singular drain is measured, inspected, examined and in like manner paid.

Installment due is worked out on the premise of the quality and organization conveys the amount of the drain specifically to dairy.

• Company obtained sugar in mass at it is utilized as a part of frozen yogurt.

• Special considerations are given to dry natural products since they are expensive. The bought cleaned and in the wake of cutting they are utilized.

• Color and flavor, which are allowed by governments, are just utilized.

“Production PROCESS:”

The Process for assembling frozen yogurt went through different stages the diagram given cries demonstrates the courses in which dessert contacts us subsequent to assembling stages.


     Dessert producing


    Dessert filling   


    Promoting Channel


    Promoting channel


    Frosty capacity


    Transportation by A.C. confined vehicles



Dealers& client

The various process under gone by the dairies are as follows: -


“Pasteurization” has been named of the name of the famous French Scientist, Louis Pasture, who contemplated that warming of fluid, to a high temperature impressively enhances their keeping qualities. This procedure is broadly utilized in all the dairy operations, all in all "sanitization" can't the warming of drain and drain items to a temperature which obliterates all the miniaturized scale association introduce and that too without fundamentally fondness the properties of these items.

The drain is warmed pleasantly and from it drain cream is delivered. Since drain is refined and tried pleasantly from the dairy just no should be tried it. Making cream include required dry products of the soil, Stabilizers and chemicals in it. Sugar is blended in drain while warming. Cleaning of dry foods grown from the ground is finished by finished machine pleasantly.

They make distinctive assortments by frozen yogurt by various process.

They pack than pleasantly and store in icy stockpiling at –25% Celsius to –30% Celsius.

“Extraordinary FEATURES:”

Mode from proceeds. Frozen yogurt making machine advertising India since 4 decades.

“Item SPECIFICATION:” Meets Agmark Standard


HAVMOR Company produces various types of products. Their ice cream is delicious and different varieties of flavors. The various products and their use are as below:  


• Kala Khatta pop

• Lollypop

.Orange bar

• Kacchi Keri

• Double Hit

• Mini Choco bar

• Kaju Candy

• Classic Choco bar

• 3-D Bar

• Raspberry Dolly

• Mango Dolly

• Chowpaty Fulfi

• Zulu Bar


• Vanilla

• Royal Gulab

BIG CUPS: 100ml

• Royal Gulab

• Vanilla Strawberry

• Chocolate Bonanza

• Chips Kaju Draksh

• Butter Scotch

• Kaju Anjir

• Kesar Pista

• Raj Bhog

CONES: 120ml

➢ Ringo Bings

➢ Choco Vanilla

➢ Strawberry

➢ Chocolate

➢ Butter cotch

➢ Kesar Pista

➢ Raja Rani



Roll cut

Badam pista Kulfi

Raja Rani Roll cut

Sandwich Ice Cream

Fifty Fifty Roll cut

Cassata cut

Super Sunda Bon-Bon


Royal Gulab

Vanilla Kaju Draksh

Butter Scotch

Chocolate Chips

Fresh Strawberry

Bonanza Bonanza

Swish Cake

Kaju Anjir

Kesar Pista


Almond Carnival




The over all duty of assembling are intrigued to VP(VICE PRESIDENT) who is upheld by different functional health leaking after oral solids, quality control creation arranging and control and utilities. Individual division is the principle part of the every single organization without the individual, organization can do nothing and can't win benefit.


As the organization workers are the primary piece of the organization of what number of number of they are in the processing plant is essential Navneet's aggregate representatives are 240 which permanents. The organization gives them great environment and pay.

The organization has great association with his representatives. It gives them protection additionally organization tries to give them fundamental office. Each representative gets uniform from the organization. Mean to build representative's compensation. 240 individuals working in that office the greater part of them are orders in three distinct gatherings, administrators, engineers, laborers.


At Naroda in one and just a single assembling unit there are 600 laborers are utilized separated in three movements: -

1. 150 laborers

2. 50 laborers

• 50 laborers are standard ones

They work in two movements day and night; fabricating work goes on just in day and in night conservation.

• Wages and Salaries

HAVMOR Ltd. Give month to month use on pay rates is roughly 6 needs, out of which 4 needs are paid to the normal business and 2 needs to legally binding specialists.

• Provident Fund: -

Commitment of provident reserve is made on a month to month premise foreordained rate to suitable specialist on collection essential and charged to them.

• As per the bookkeeping standard issued by the establishment of contracted bookkeepers of India, the organization is required to make arrangement for leave encasement on accumulation premise moreover.

• Gratuity: -

In assembling divisions the obligation towards tip in regard of qualified representatives is secured by a gathering tip conspire with disaster protection Corporation of India.

• Management Division: -

The organization is financed its obligation for installment of tip for the work of legitimate division to on endorsed tip contribute subsidize and the yearly commitment to the said finance is charged to the income accounts on the fundamental of actuarial valuation.

◊ Special Benefits: -

I. The organization gives 25 quarters to the specialists.

II. One for outside representatives the organization likewise gives the staff, yet exceptionally from Ahmedabad.

Representatives BENEFITS and SERVICES

A qualified individual is named to visit the manufacturing plant day by day. Each extraordinary and roundabout worker is subjected to systems. The medicinal report should cover different viewpoints viz, visual perception, circulatory strain, physical wellness and so forth.

The staff are the place regard the therapeutic exception reports not discovered attractive i.e. The physical wellness of the work force is not according to the required standard are to be two part harmony with by influencing fundamental exchanges or generally as regarded fit in to the setting at the conditions.

The organization gives them great air and pay. Each worker gets uniform shape the organization. Mean to An expansion representative's pay.


“INTRO. to Marketing”

HAVMOR sustenance has built up a fresh out of the box new technique; Business unit known as little advancing division the agriculture markets of India.

The division questions showcase nonexclusive elevating Began to assume connect expanding crucial part with the bound be settlement personating world over with the drawing nearer of fundamental of non specific market in India and it picking up trick hold in certain market with in a limited ability to focus this division has set up its self in the market.

The objective of showcasing is to make consumer loyalty's productive by building esteem loaded associations with essential clients. The offering office can't finish this objective independent from anyone else it is just conceivable because of collaboration with various division with association all through its whole worth conveyance framework to deliver prevalent worth clients. This offering rings every one inside the unrivaled worth and fulfillment.

To make all the work smoother the gathering has made division has its own unique personality in the market and it tops items.



“Association of the advertising Department”

“The advertising director Mr. Kaunas Desai handles the showcasing division of the organization. He works straightforwardly under the general director Mr. Pradip Chona Basic thoughts of bundling and outlining overthrows from Mr. Chona and the rest advertising work is administered by Mr. Kamal Desai under there are three provincial issues separately in Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Surat Which are not hot market of the organization under the three territorial issues there courses circulation 800 retailers under merchants work to make accessible frozen yogurt to the altimeter customers. Likewise seven official's havmors parlors in Ahmedabad work straight forwardly under the territorial supervisor in control the entire scene end up noticeably reasonable with the assistance of following graphs.”

The accompanying diagram speaks to the whole association structure of the Havmor Company

.Now the organization structure of marketing department :-

    General Manager

[Mr.Pradip Chona]

Marketing Manager

[Mr. Kamal Desai]




Distributors   Distributors  Distributors

Retailers   Retailers   Retailers

Consumers   Consumers   Consumers


To begin with we realize that what is cost? Cost is the sum or benefits or the same of the qualities that buyers trade for the advantages of having or utilizing the item or administrations.

Havmor Food Pvt. Ltd. Have 2 factors influencing to value choice.

{A} Internal factor influencing to the estimating choice.

➢ Marketing blend methodology:-

Havmor has made claim advertising blend system, cost is just a single of the showcasing blend apparatuses that an organization uses to accomplish its promoting destinations.

➢ Cost:-

Havmor has assessed the cost to decide the value that the organization can charge for its items from the customer. This spreads costs for creating, conveying, and offering the items and convey a reasonable rate of return for its endeavors and hazard.

➢ Organization Consideration:-

Havmor's administration must name and choose who ought to choose the cost for its item according to the aggressive market.

{B} External factor influencing to the valuing choice.

➢ Pure Competition:-

A market in which purchaser and vender exchange a uniform item no flag purchaser or dealer has much impact on the going business sector cost.

➢ Monopoly Competition:-

A market in which numerous purchaser and venders exchange over a scope of evaluating rate than a straightforward market costs.

➢ Competitor:-

Havmor Ice-cream has choosing cost of the item monetary variables are influencing in, for example, blast or subsidence. In flatirons and in laconic rate influence both the delivering an item and buyer view of the item and customer impression of the items cost and esteem.



Lolly pop 15 ml. 5.00

Kala Khatta pop 35 ml. 10.00

Orangebar 60 ml. 5.00

Kacchi Keri 60 ml. 7.00

Double Hit 80 ml. 10.00

Mini Chocobar 35 ml. 5.00

Kaju Candy 60 ml. 10.00

Classic Chocobar 50 ml. 10.00

3-D Bar 50 ml. 10.00

Raspberry Dolly 60 ml. 15.00

Mango Dolly 60 ml. 15.00

Chocobar 60 ml. 25.00

Chowpaty Fulfi 70 ml. 30.00

Zulu Bar 80 ml. 35.00


Royal Gulab 50 ml. 5.00

Vanilla 50 ml. 5.00


 Royal Gulab 100 ml. 9.00

 Vanilla 100 ml.  10.00

 Strawberry 100 ml.  12.00

 Chocolate Chips 100 ml.  13.00

 Bonanza 100 ml.  13.00

 Kaju Draksh 100 ml.  15.00

 Butter Scotch 100 ml.  15.00

 Kaju Anjir 100 ml. 15.00

 Kesar Pista 100 ml.  22.00

 Raj Bhog 100 ml. 25.00


Ringo Bings 120 ml. 20.00

Choco Vanilla 120 ml. 15.00

Strawberry 120 ml. 18.00

Chocolate 120 ml. 25.00

Butter Scotch 120 ml. 25.00

Kesar Pista 120 ml. 25.00

Raja Rani 120 ml. 25.00


MalaiKulfi Roll cut 80 ml. 20.00

Badam pista Kulfi 80 ml. 25.00

Sandwich Ice Cream 100 ml. 25.00

Raja Rani Roll cut 100 ml. 30.00

Fifty Fifty Roll cut 100 ml. 30.00

Cassata cut 120 ml. 40.00

Super Sunda 125 ml. 40.00

Bon-Bon 15  ml. 5.00


Royal Gulab   1200 ml. 32.00

Vanilla  1200ml. 110.00

Kaju Draksh 1200ml. 155.00

Butter Scotch 1200ml. 130.00

Chocolate Chips 1200ml. 160.00

Fresh Strawberry 1200ml. 190.00

Bonanza 1200ml. 170.00

Swish Cake 1200ml. 160.00

Kaju Anjir 1200ml. 150.00

Kesar Pista 1200ml. 145.00


What is Finance?

The back administration is the dynamic and imperative capacity of the organization money related administration is one of the administrative exercises of arranging and controlling the organizations' assets. We can likewise called capital as a "Blood". Thusly it must be deliberately kept up. Arranging is the a standout amongst the most essential exercises of the monetary chief. It makes workable for the budgetary director to acquire.

“Stores and excess:-“

Money is the most essential current resources for the working of the business keep running on a persistent reason for the smooth running of the organization. There ought to be adequate money neither one of the mores is cr. Lack will catch the firm assembling operations while select money supply stay sit still. Thusly the money and bank adjust of the organization are kept up at ideal level for this they can utilize the arrangement of interest for possible later use too.

“Budgetary HIGHLIGHTS”

HAVMOR Ice Cream Reserves:

Their capital as takes after: -

1. Investment remittance Reserve

2. Capital Reserve

3. General Reserve

4. Subsidiary Reserve

Credits and Advances:

Secured Loan:

From Gujarat modern Investment Corporation restricted

Secured by joint evenhanded home loan of unfaltering properties and hypothecation of all movables (Save and with the exception of indicated mobile hypothecated to the organization's investors) both present and future relating to HAVMOR unit at Naroda.

From State Bank of India:

Against fair home loan of land and hypothecation of versatile property both present and future relating to new preparing unit.

Money Credit:

Against impartial home loan or undaunted properties of crepe unit at office commence at Relief Road and first charge by hypothecation of every single indicated mobile including crude materials, stores, stocks, completed merchandise and stocks in process and book obligations and so forth. What's more, assist by and by ensured by the accomplices

Unsecured Loans:

1. Insurance:

Sufficient protection scope has been taken for properties and resources of the organization including structures, plants and apparatus and stocks.

2. Accounting Concepts:

The organization takes after the commercial arrangement of bookkeeping and spreads the salary and use on gathering premise aside from appropriation.

It likewise takes after Financial capacities as acquisition of assets and their powerful usage in the business, back is the assignment of giving assets required by the venture on the terms that are most great to it keeping in see the goals of the undertakings.


In a specialty unit need of back emerge because of the accompanying reasons.

1. With the end goal of development

2. With the end goal of foundation

3. With the end goal of redesign

4. With the end goal of broadening



 Varieties of ice cream flavours

 Innovative frozen food

 Strong market share in India


 High price

 Less market share in rural areas


 Increase production due to new installation of technology


 Increase number of competitors


Good  products Not so good products

Good customers Strawberry, American Dry-fruit and Vanilla. Roll cuts

Not so good customers Sales of variety of cups and cones with less price Food and snacks


Rising Star

Strawberry  & American dry fruits Problem Child

Sugar less ice creams

Cash cows

Vanilla & Kesar pista Dog

Roll cuts



“Gujarat-based Havmor Ice Cream intends to contribute about Rs. 200 crore for growing its impressions in South and North markets throughout the following 3 years and furthermore set up its third assembling unit.

Havmor is accessible crosswise over 14 states the nation over and cases to be the second biggest frozen yogurt maker in India. The organization intends to open 250 elite frozen yogurt parlors and near reach around 50,000 retail outlets before the finish of FY 18.

Havmor has now formally propelled its first new creation office outside of Gujarat with a best in class office in Faridabad including a limit of 25000 liters of frozen yogurt every day. Havmor plans to scale this office up further to more than 1 lakh liters for each day with a consolidated yield of more than 3 lakh liters for every day. Today,

Havmor keeps on growing its operations through different retail organization and frozen yogurt parlors in its six most up to date domains including Delhi NCR, Haryana, UP in northern markets and in southern markets to be specific Hyderabad in Telangana, different focuses in Andhra Pradesh, and as of late in Karnataka.

Ankit Chona, MD Havmor stated, "Havmor is chipping away at a greenfield venture to build up a best in class producing unit in South India inside the following 3

a long time that will take into account the South India market and associate further development.””

These new ventures would likewise enable the organization to accomplish a Rs. 1000 crore turnover by 2020, the organization said in an announcement.

Havmor is the main dessert organization which is not claimed by a dairy helpful but since beginning it has just made immaculate drain frozen yogurts. Notwithstanding, different brands make both frozen yogurts and solidified treats thus we trust clients need to realize what they are expending. An interior review led uncovered that purchaser mindfulness levels are far lower in recognizing solidified treat and dessert. As a frozen yogurt maker, we might want to spread the mindfulness about the contrast between frozen yogurt and solidified treat. We will soon be revealing a 360 degree battle to spread that mindfulness."



On watchful perception of hamor dessert, I have the accompanying proposals for havmor frozen yogurt, Ahmedabad. The best possible execution of which may give a major lift to it.

1) I have watched that individuals of age bunch 20 to 30 are most extreme purchaser of havmor dessert. So the objective market for havmor frozen yogurt is individuals of age gather 20-30 years and furthermore children of age bunch 10-20 since kids are constantly simple target.

2) All data with respect to havmor and its item ought to be accessible on the web and other social sites, so individuals can reach to it effectively.

3) Proper and adequate spending plan ought to be permitted to notice and reputation exercises.

4) Motivation projects ought to be led for corner and parlor proprietors.

5) Glow sign board ought to be given to stall and parlor proprietors.

6) New kinds of havmor ought to be propelled like desserts.

7) Inspection and regular of check of stall and parlors ought to be directed..


The venture answer to the havmor dessert as a superb visit from our arrangement. My venture report is about how an association is run effectively. This venture was very instructive and helped one to given me a profundity comprehension of the showcasing and fund administration minded out of havmor. I came to think about the procedure utilized for assembling of Ice-cream and diverse sorts of issues experienced in it. I comprehended the troubles that is confronted by administration of present day organizations and furthermore ponders the ways they spare the challenges and issues.

HAVMOR is a brilliant organization it is a created organization with its enrolled office and production line at Anand plant. Havmor frozen yogurt has captured the market of ice cream. It will be leader in dessert(ice cream) after a few times on the off chance that it keeps on preparing along these lines as it is doing now. We can tell that the business is an Ideal Industry and subsequent to eating its Ice-cream anyone can tell

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