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Eyyam Kunnath Midhun |  14/07/2017


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The current age of globalization has strongly influenced business practices that must integrate the advanced knowledge and skills of a wide range of multimedia technologies and systems to achieve competitive advantages. Today, consumers at every stage of history, branding, sound and relationships are all able to connect with each other. - personal communication to the tools of production and distribution of new media. It is important to note that each medium has its own affordances, its own market and its own cultural status, and when different media interact to form the communication environment; A solid corporate network is expressed. This article aims to highlight the business strategy of an unrivaled international company, namely IKEA, focused on the global media communication strategy.


IKEA is one of the largest and most successful companies in the world. It is one of the largest in the world. (IKEA, 2002). In this article, we describe low-income households in the United States. The idea is to get the most out of the cost. At IKEA, customers can find a wide range of products they need to provide their homes (IKEA, 2006). It started in the 40s and the group belongs only to the Foundation through a holding company (INGKA holding B.V). The strongest growth was in the late 90s. The first store opened in Sweden in 1958, outside Scandinavia, the first store opened in 1973, at Switzerland. In 1985, the first establishment in the United States was realized, 1998 in China and 2000 in Russia. Table: 01 represents the positioning of the IKEA brand throughout the world. Most operations are in the retail trade with 165 stores in 22 countries and 75% of employees in this area. It has been selected as the market leader in the UK and other countries, but it remains to develop and maintain its competitiveness around the world.


The global expansion of media markets, which has emerged as a major source of globalization, has emerged. . Today, the business world has a major challenge for companies involved in the development of new technologies. .IKEA, a leading provider of communications technology, is a global leader in information and communication technology (ICT) technology. Brand in the world; In order to obtain the maximum benefits of advanced technological methods. IKEA is one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world. IKEA is one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world. For example, in the case of India, a new economic policy has been formulated in India. This could be the best opportunity for the brand to establish its value in the Indian market. IKEA's inventive concept for producing and selling the best product for the lowest cost of living in the Indian consumer base, where the largest segment of the population belongs to the middle class.


A variety of Television channels with their wide penetration across the world is the most effective way to reach out and carry the message within the crowds. With the uninterruptedly evolving trends of the impact of advanced e-tools has become very common. In addition to print media, radio, phone, emails and chat options a number of social networking websites and blogging is utilized by the business organizations, as a resourceful technique to promote their products.


In order to gain consumer confidence, it is essential to develop strong relationships by proving the reliability of the brand. The reliability of the brand depends on how the message was communicated to the target audience, particularly in the initial phase of introducing a brand . Television commercials reach the masses and speak very strongly of the brand image because the face of the brand is directly in contact with the public. Once the credibility of the brand has been accepted by the target audience, the direction of communication can be shifted towards the direction of the tasks, i.e. the profitability of the organization.


Whatever the effectiveness of the communication technique that has been developed with a concept of expanding commercial activity, the most critical aspect is the use of the correct language or recognition of the importance of local languages by Target groups to which a mark is destined to reach. the main challenges in managing the communication strategy are the intercultural environment and the management of technology and the management of cultural differences. Since the proposed strategy is to connect with the  population, language consideration is of great importance.


The use of technology for communication has two possibly clear concerns: ensuring that technology works, and ensuring that technology is used effectively and successfully .There may be resistance from an unaccustomed or comfortable segment of the population with the use of more advanced electronic tools used for communication and so the strategy should be a combination of communication techniques built on the considerate of target audience.


The strategy must be led by a competent team that understands a thorough understanding of communication and also appreciates linguistic and cultural diversity.


A wide range of communication tools is used as a means of reaching consumers with the advertising message for the positioning of a brand image. The proposed strategy is to use global media communication tools to position IKEA in the market, which has a large consumer base but also has immense cultural diversity, and therefore a strategic Desired results of expansion IKEA operations, but in a different backdrop, but with a strong consumer base.


The agenda of all activities proposed in the model is specified as follows:

Introduce brand awareness by conveying a positive message to the target audience;

Develop understanding of the target audience on brand design by using the media source as an essential communication tool;

Improve the growth and cost-effectiveness of the organization through global enlargement.


Internal clients are directly involved in fieldwork, including decision makers, other key players, researchers and the team working on the brand expansion project. It is important for the internal client to regularly exchange information that can generate a dynamic ploy that benefits all partners. External clients are the general population or the target audience to which the brand is intended to be presented.


The initial phase of locating the IKEA brand using a smart strategy based on global media communication is to identify the needs of the target audience in order to design a plan that best suits the needs of consumers and Also benefits the organization.

After reaching the consumer base and creating a community of interest by identifying needs and building relationships, the next step is to implement the selected strategy.


The purpose of brand-specific design is to persuade consumers to expose the behaviour that will allow organizations to achieve their vision statement and budget targets. Therefore, a brand's communication and marketing strategy has a direct and convincing influence on an organization's business objectives. Communication channels serve as a means of transmitting key brand information to the target audience and also provide ways to develop the understanding that the organization expects from those who receive their message. The most important brand building activity is building relationships through effective channels of communication and once the connection with the consumer base has been developed, it must be constantly reaffirmed by the brand through advertisements Advertising methods, social networking platforms and Wood brand .The exercise is generally aimed at strengthening the link with consumers by offering products or services that bring them closer to the brand. Based on a thorough analysis of the IKEA brand image and the consumer market, a joint communication strategy was proposed, including the following means of communication:


The use of print media specially in newspapers, offers wide penetration into the masses in a sophisticated manner. The log can be the main source of useful information that can provide up-to-date information to a larger audience segment as it is easily accessible. In addition, regional newspapers can also be used to spread the message to the local community.


The scope of radio as a means of responding to both advertisers and consumers is immense, as this can be a way to reach a mass audience. National radio stations reach the most remote areas where there is no television network. In addition, the biggest differences are that radio is a completely local means and, consequently, promotional campaigns can adapt to local tastes. It is cost effective with a lower response time.


Reaches wide audience, increasingly including rural population and is the best medium for strategic selection as a large segment of the TV audience



Globalization has greatly abridged the distance between people everywhere the world through electronic means of communication .Communication is now fast and fast with greater opportunities for interactive contact. Electronic media such as emails, cats, blogs and social networking sites have greatly improved global connectivity and also offered a platform for companies to grow exceptionally in the desired market segment. Over the past decade, we've seen social media marketing grow from an unnoticed niche tactic to one of the most powerful digital marketing techniques used today. What began as a method that was frequently limited to B2C companies has continued to expand across industries and is now utilized by each type of organization, nevertheless of background. but you might not realize just how important the technique has become.

This growth in popularity has been particularly notable of late. In 2016, we saw the part of social media marketing enlarge beyond lead generation and brand awareness. Some of the core objectives of social marketing have lifted, with a greater emphasis on customer experience leading much of the change. Now, it is important to recognize recent trends, admit what other businesses are doing, and understand how to suitably use social media in 2017.


1.Emoji Campaign In the increasing confusion of the digital age, Emoji adds to the hilarity and dynamism with simple textual content. IKEA, the world-renowned furniture retail store, took advantage of growing admiration for this and launched an emoji campaign. The idea behind the campaign was to curb the differences in communication between the two sexes in situations in the home. They have emoticons with domestic theme, including those that indicate its different ranges of furniture with love to ensure universal love and understanding at home.

2.United Kingdom store Sleepover IKEA says that social media has the ability to connect with their customers and get feedback to improve their marketing activities.

The store of furniture stores, inspired by a Facebook group entitled "I want to make a sting in IKEA", hosted a pickaxe in his Essex store in the United Kingdom. They once have in life to their customers by giving 100 lucky winners, out of nearly 100,000 group members the opportunity to be part of this pick.

3.Sleeping like a princess In 2012, IKEA launched a Facebook campaign entitled "Sleep Like a Princess" that has tried IKEA loyal members to earn £ 1,500. This hilarious campaign took place on Facebook and encouraged customers to download comic images of their friends and friends who were sleeping.

The goal of the campaign was to promote IKEA bed and intended to show that if customers sleep like a princess all over the night, they won't fall asleep during the day.

4.Bedroom makeover IKEA has launched the "change of room" in Hong Kong. The Facebook campaign held an interactive contest where customers of the IKEA Facebook page had to share their stories about how IKEA could help them overcome their worst room nightmares with their photo.

5.IKEA in India The international furniture retailer turned to Indian designs for their limited edition collection titled "True Blue", which came entirely from India. The website presented the products in the 'true blue' range.


The media communication strategy has the capability to seriously influence a brand image in a positive or undesirable manner. It is vital to note that when an international brand approaches a country to position its brand by gradually promoting brand image with the help of media communications, there is a Consumer due to certain factors, for example, media may represent branding as a symbol of modernity that may not be acceptable to the conservative segment of the population. If the correct message has not been transmitted through effective communication channels, it is quite possible that brands are represented as the vanguards of a foreign dominion that can damage the image of a brand. More importantly, any bad news about brands can spread like wildfire across borders, as for example; Coca-Cola discovered in Belgium, where the outside of certain bottles was polluted with a fungicide, triggering a fear of health


The process of communication is a method of communicating with the consumer in a way that is both effective and efficient. Kanuk and After the implementation of a communication strategy it is important to test the effect of the message and the communication tool before finalizing it as a permanent exercise. Adjustments to the strategy must be essentially based on the consumer's feedback.


IKEA is an exceptional quality brand with a simpler and more powerful product line that enjoys an excellent reputation all over the world. To compete in the Indian market, IKEA has to identify its main competitors. The brand itself is extremely complacent, but in the case of a new market segment, it must build a deeper engagement and strengthen relationships with the target audience. The mix of communication schemes, however, tends to offer the brand a distinctive competitive advantage; IKEA must find some alternatives in order to deeply establish the brand in the target market.


Being new to the Indian market, IKEA could have an effective and effective communication media campaign. The ever-changing global environment also illuminates the need to adapt effectively and quickly to the environment. In count, the promotion strategy becomes unsuccessful, when it is not enough to communicate with the target audience. It is also important to develop a communication strategy with many regional or global campaigns in a logical consequence


. Global marketing is the process of focusing an organization's resources on the selection and exploitation of global market opportunities and long-term strategic and long-term goals. It is an effort to give an overview of the current state of the art of IKEA. In the. It has been reassessed regularly and reliably. It is very important for brand managers to repair the best actions for their brands in a particular market by critically analyzing the internal and external influences of the target brand framework. The IKEA study on the use of IKEA as a tool for IKEA. The ideas of the mixed communication strategy expressed in this document come from the strategic model of global communication. The main objective of this article is to analyze the means by which IKEA competes in a global environment specifically in the selected region. The study concludes that for a global positioning of a brand, a company must use caution in using media communication techniques before globalizing its operations because the tactics could fail and result in a loss of profit or even a closure . The correct communication strategy is of great substance


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