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Table of Contents

Business Overview 3

Executive Summary 3

Business Name 3

Prime Function 3

Business Mission and Goals 3

Location 4

Legal Structure 4

Operations 4

Production Process 4

Quality Management 4

Human Resources 5

Staff 5

Management 5

Marketing 5

Target Market 5

Competition 6

Promotion 6

SWOT Analysis 6

Finance 7

Establishment Costs 7

Sales Forecast 7

Cash flow 7

Break even analysis 7

Projected Revenue Statement 8

Future Prospects 8

Appendix 9

1. Logo 9

2. Location map of Ground Level in Top Ryde Shopping Centre 9

3. Survey Responses 10

4. Sales Forecast 10

5. Cash Flow Statement 11

6. Break-Even Analysis 12

Executive Summary

Sunday's Soft Serves was created to provide joy to consumers in the form of a delicious treat. Customers can buy a soft serve ice cream, paired with either hot chips or donut bites. Australia is the world's 3rd biggest consumer of ice cream, and Sunday's will be able to supply for the growing demand of the sweet treat. The sole-trader business will be located in Top Ryde Shopping Centre, in an area with a large customer flow. The democratic leadership style will allow the employees of Sunday's to develop a positive environment and experience. All training will be run by the owner. The ice cream will be produced in-store from Australian sourced ingredients, and the production process being closely monitored to ensure safety and quality. There is currently a big market for ice cream in Sydney, however the innovative pairings that Sunday's offer creates appeal for consumers. The establishment costs of the business are $21040, which will be financed by a bank loan and owner's equity. The business is forecasted to make profit within the first few months, with a projected net profit for June 2018 being $11405. The business hopes to further improve the products available in the first few years, and will prospectively open another store in Sydney. Plans can then be investigated about expansion nationally and internationally. The business aims to encourage positivity and enjoyment amongst its community, by providing an enjoyable soft serve.

Business Overview

Business Name

The business name is Sunday's Soft Serves, however would be referred to as Sunday's. It is short, simple and catchy, the play on words that the name is very similar to the word sundaes. It incorporates that idea of childish excitement, with the positive idea of the sun. The relaxed playful name perfectly fits with the product of the business. The logo involves the name written is a curvy writing, and the year established. The design looks like a sun, linking to the name and its positive image.

Prime Function

The prime function of Sunday's is to provide consumers with the perfect combined treat with their ice cream. The well-loved pairing of hot chips and ice cream is the basis of this business. The business will have 2 flavours of ice cream, vanilla and chocolate. There will be 2 sides to choose from – the iconic ice cream with hot chips, the trendier ice cream and donut bites. The business aims to provide the indulgence of what consumers loved as a child and bring that back into their life. The business's trading hours will be from 11am to 6pm.

Business Mission and Goals

Mission Statement:

To bring joy to consumers by providing them with a good quality ice cream and an enjoyable experience.


Sunday's main objective is to ensure customer satisfaction with their products. By meeting the demands of consumers, Sunday's aims to generate a profit that will be allow for future growth. The business aims to create a positive customer reputation, and be able to develop this as an advantage over their competitors. The business will ensure that they are using Australian sourced ingredients, and environmentally friendly packaging.  


The business will be located in Top Ryde Shopping Centre, on the outside area of the Ground Level. This area is ideal as it has street access, which will increase the visibility and accessibility for customers. The area of the shops has various food and clothing stores, attracting a similar target market. The area will have a large passing trade, with some hungry people looking for a place to eat. Top Ryde Shopping Centre is a good location as it is currently expanding and working on improving the number of customers. This is promising for this business, and the business could also assist the centre in attracting customers.

Legal Structure

The legal structure of this business will be sole trader. This allows for full control over the business decisions to go to the owner, which will make the running of the ice cream business smooth. There will be less legal formalities and start-up costs compared to a company. All of the profits the business makes will go to the owner.


Production Process




- Australian sourced ingredients for soft serve (milk, thickened cream, sugar, egg yolks, vanilla essence, chocolate)

- Locally sourced hot chips and donut holes

- Ice cream cones and cups

- Store furnishings and facilities, including a kitchen

- Freezer

- Soft serve machine

- Employees

- Cash flow

- Mixing of ice cream ingredients

- Freezing ice-cream

- Making the soft serve

- Serving the soft serve and it's pairing with good customer service

- A vanilla or chocolate soft serve, paired with either hot chips or donut holes.

- Intangible enjoyment

Quality Management

To ensure the output is of good quality, the business will take care to source good quality inputs – in particular ingredients that have quality assurance. Quality control will take place as the employee prepares each soft serve. The ice cream making process will have strict regulations to ensure the ice cream is of good quality, and employees will inspect each soft serve as it is made for size, shape and how well the ice cream holds together. Employees will be trained to learn how to create the desired soft serve cone, and use this as their guide to ensuring all soft serves are made with the same quality. Quality control will also occur with the encouragement of customer feedback, which will be reviewed by the business management to ensure customer satisfaction is being achieved.

Sunday's will also provide quality assurance by ensuring that they follow the Food Standards set by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), in particular the various food safety standards. HACCP is a food quality system from Australian Quality Assurance, and would also be followed to assure customers of quality and safety.

As a form of total quality management, the business is very customer focussed. All decisions and quality benchmarks set will be in the aim of meeting the customers' demands.

Human Resources


Sunday's Soft Serves will employ 5 staff members. There will be two shifts per day and staff will be rostered monthly. The shifts will overlap to ensure there is enough service during times when sales are higher. The business looks for employees with a naturally welcoming and friendly nature, who will work hard and ensure the satisfaction of the consumer. Training will be run by the owner to ensure employees are able to make the ice cream to a high standard, as well as work well together and interact well with customers.


The owner of the business will be in charge of managing the business. They will oversee operations, and be in charge of marketing, finance and human resources. The owner will create rosters, run employee training and monitor the work of the employees and the success of the business. Management will be a flat, behavioural structure, and encourage positive relationships amongst the employees and with the owner. Good leadership skills to bring joy to the employees and consumers. The owner must have a clear knowledge of the operations process and the health and safety standards of the food industry. The owner must understand the business functions, and be able to be proactive to changes in the market.


Target Market

Sunday's target market is all ice cream lovers. The product is targeted towards anyone seeking an enjoyable combination of flavours. The market can be segmented into 3 groups. Late teens to young adults looking for a nice, and also trendy, bite to eat; adults that are shopping in the centre; and children with their families. The target market is mostly suburban, and shopping for groceries, leisure or for a meal at a restaurant. The majority of the target market is female. The focus of promotion will be towards the late teens – young adults, however older adults and children will be considered in promotion and the other aspects of the marketing mix.

A survey found that there was interest in the product, particularly the soft serve and donut combination. The most interest was from the 15-20 age group, who will be the focus of marketing. The amount that they were willing to pay averaged at $10.


There would be a lot of competition in the ice cream market. The main competitor for Sunday's would be the soft serve store Aqua S, which serve sea salt ice creams. Whilst this store sells a similar product, the experience associated with Sunday's product will gain customer loyalty. The combination of flavours will also be more appealing to customers.  

Other ice cream retailers include the chain Gelatissimo, as well as the stores N2 and Gelato Messina. The experience offered at Sunday's is also a differentiating factor, as the workers aim to provide joy to the customers through a delicious product and good customer service.

There is also indirect competition for Sunday's. McDonalds sell soft serves and hot chips separately, however these are not as good quality or as tasty as the soft serves from Sunday's. The other restaurants located in Top Ryde shopping centre are also competition. However, as they do not specialise in dessert, Sunday's hopes to create a positive reputation which will attract customers for dessert after eating a meal.


The use of social media will be a big part of the business's promotion. Through Facebook and Instagram, Sunday's will be able to attract their target market of late teens to young adult, and increasing consumer's awareness of the brand. Word of mouth will also be encouraged. The hashtag #softservesunday, similar to the #throwbackthursday trend, could be used for customers to share photos of their soft serve on social media. Advertising in Top Ryde shopping centre would also increase promotion, and could be introduced when there is a big enough cash flow. The store front should be inviting for the customer flow, especially children. The focus of the promotion is to position the brand as a fun ice cream store, with good quality and enjoyable products. The aim is to intrigue consumers, and keep customers interested in the business.

SWOT Analysis


- Australian sourced ingredients

- Good quality and enjoyable product

- Focus on customer experience

- Fresh products made in store with available facilities


- Not suitable for dietary requirements

- Possibility that the business may fail or loose customer interest

- Price must cover all production costs and may appear too high

- Since the business is new the brand is not well-known


- Demand for product – Australia is the world's 3rd largest consumer of ice cream

- Australia has warm weather so more available selling time

- Interest from consumers for the innovative idea


- Large amount of competition

- Achieving market share will be difficult

- Winter months will result in less sales


Establishment Costs



Opening stock




Interior furnishing (including cash register)




Soft Serve Machine






Loan from bank of $9000. The remaining $15040 will be paid for by the owner. Loan to be repaid by the end of one financial year.

Sales Forecast

The business is expected to sell a good number of products when it opens because people will be interested. However, since the sales begin in July, the first few months will have less demand for the product due to the colder weather. As the weather get warmer, the business will become more known and the sales will increase. There will be a large demand during the summer months, especially during the school holidays. School holiday seasons will see an increase in sales as the target market mainly comprises of teenagers.

Cash flow

The business is expected to begin making a profit in September, and by the end of the financial year have a net cash position of $249,720. The main outflows of the business are purchasing the materials and stock for the product, electricity and repaying loans. The outflows will decrease as the bank loan is fully paid.

Break even analysis

Total costs (fixed and variable costs) Fixed costs per annum

Ingredients (v)

$4 per piece

Wages (v)

$0.4 per piece

Electricity (v)


Water (v)


Advertising (f)


Rent (f)


Loan repayments (f)


Contribution per unit = $12 - $4.7 = $7.3

Total fixed costs = $19680

Breakeven point:

19680/7.3 = 2696 soft serves

Projected Revenue Statement

Projected Revenue Statement analysis

Future Prospects

Sunday's Soft Serves short term vision is to focus on their one store, building customer reputation and profit. The business plans on introducing new flavours and new pairings, as well as introducing completely new products. Another aim is to introduce products that are suitable for some common dietary requirements.

Within the next ten years, the business hopes to have opened a second store, and become well-known in Sydney as well loved ice cream store. There are also plans to look into expanding to New Zealand, as the country is the world's top consumer of ice cream.

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