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What exactly is Graphic Design?

Anything that cannot be communicated verbally must be displayed through a means of design to convey the message. Enter graphic designers. They combine art and technology to achieve your desired purpose. In a broad sense, graphic design is the execution of transforming ideas and experiences into visual and textual content. These works of art surround us everyday. The pack of gum on your desk, the typeface on a TV ad or even the dollar in your pocket all utilize graphic design. This complex field requires a great knowledge of both visual/verbal communication and creative programs in order to produce an exceptional and effective design. There are multiple forms graphic design can manifest; it can be physical or virtual, containing images, words and graphic illustrations. The scale of the design can range from a postage stamp to an international television commercial. Most importantly, graphic design is created around its purpose. This can be commercial, educational, political or cultural.  

How can graphic design enhance my business?

There is a reason graphic design is also called communication design. Our purpose is to communicate your message through visual language. This can be to inform, persuade, engage, motivate, entertain or even attract an audience. Using typography, colors, images and positions, we compose a design to communicate your vision. We understand the importance of details and the impact they have on your brand. Your business's visual communication is what leaves a positive first impression. We strive to create the perfect representation of your vision and values through an enticing, unique, and specialized design that will set you apart from competitors.

(Fact to maybe use- 67% of experts say they expect graphic design to become increasingly important to the success of their business over the next five years.)

What applications of graphic design are there?

There are countless mediums graphic design can be applied to. It all depends on your purpose and the message you wish to convey. A few application within specialized areas include:

• Advertising

o Print ads, static or animated banner ads, web films, television commercials, direct mail, outdoor ads, and online ads.

• Branding

o Brand naming, conception, identity, revitalization, launch/re-launch, strategy, or anything else that represents the ‘corporate image'.

• Identity Design

o Logos, products and packaging, signage, apparel design, marketing collateral and anything else visual that represents the brand.

• Corporate Communication

o Annual reports, brochures, publications, websites, sales kits, annual reports and new product offerings applications.

• Information Design

o Graphs, charts, infographics, pictograms, signs, symbols, icons and websites.

• Interactive/Experience Design

o Games, websites, widgets, video/photo sharing, blogs, and vlogs.

• Package Design

o This can range from CD's to shopping bags. Anything that involves visual identity on structural packaging.

• Promotional Design

o Book covers, invitations, giveaways, motion graphics, posters, announcements, promotions, and motion presentations.

• Publication Design

o Book, newspaper, magazine, journal, and booklet designs.

• Typographic Design

o Font design, hand lettering and custom typography

So as you can see, the different applications of graphic design are endless. Maybe you just need a logo designed, or maybe you need all identity and branding design composed. Whatever your needs, we will provide the best service catered specially to you in a timely matter.

What do you need to bring to the table?

There are a few things you should know before we start discussing concepts. In order for us to create the best possible designs, it is helpful to meet before the creative process to discuss any requirements or guidelines. This will give us a better idea of your vision and will save us from wasting any time creating something unfit.

1.) Who the Target Audience is.

a. Who exactly is this form of communication intended for? Targeting your desired audience can help us cater the design perfectly towards this area. This can be an intended age group, geographic location, gender or other factors.

2.) What is the message is.

a. What are you trying to do, say or elicit to the target audience? The overall message could be a simple thank you or it could be to persuade your audience to buy a product. This will help with the overall mood as well.

3.) What the specifications are.

a. Since we are not mind readers, please inform of us of any specifications you require. This can be anything from color to dimensions.

4.) Any creative direction

a. We would hate to create something that does not appeal to your personal likings. Any sort of direction will help us tremendously. Some design elements you could suggest are colors, fonts, mood, works of art or even pictures.

The creative design process: simple, effective and specialized.

1.) PLAN: The first order of business involves connecting with you to discuss your business needs and marketing goals. With this information, we then research your market, competitors and target audience

2.) DESIGN: Once we have a good idea of these aspects, we develop a basic layout of our ideas without any design elements, also known as wireframes. At this time, we now brainstorm and design concepts.

3.) DEVELOP: The next step is to present these concepts to you and explain our reasons behind our designs and choices. Based on your feedback, we make any revisions needed. We then continuously create concept designs until you are 100% satisfied.

4.) DEPLOY: Once we have achieved that golden stage, we deliver the content files to you. The final step is to output all content you require.

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