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A. What Is Link Building?

Link building has several components that must be understood so that any offline or online business has a greater chance of success. When you add link building to SEO then success can be more viable, with the right application of ideas and concepts for that end goal.

1. Definition of Link Building

Simply put; Link building is accumulating “hyperlinks” from other sources, in addition to your own. Without link building to show the way, it would be hard to navigate the internet for directed traffic. The primary users of links (hyperlink) are search engines that crawl about the web via the links, without them directed traffic for any reason is next to difficult. These links will fuel the success of sites by finding keywords that are located in their pages and guided by these links that will allow the best ranking for each page or keyword. One of the major concerns of link building is having high-quality links that ensure most traffic will come their way. In acquiring and building high-quality links, it will ensure a greater chance of success online.

A hyperlink has several parts like;

example: <a href=>hyperlink example</a>

Anchor Tag “a”- it tells search engines where to start and what to follow.

Link referral or “href”-it is the hyperlink referral that points to the URL of any web page that can be an image or file.

Visible/anchor text of link- this is the text you see that comes after “href”.

Closure of link tag- this is the end of the text that is “</a>.

Overall link building is the basic building block of your website, without developing it any chance of ranking with success is not assured.

2. How Search Engines Work

To better understand how search engines work; you'll need to know the 3 basic stages, so you'll get the most use of them in conjunction with link building. Let's go over the basics that are most important before anything else.

A. Crawling

This is the first step in how search engines work. Using spiders or automated bot to crawl about the links you've built on your site, so that it can gather data like text anchors, image anchors, and no and follow links that are gathered and cached for referencing all gathered data. Crawling will point out all everything about your site, so SEO will be more effective.

B. Indexing

Now with all the data and relevant links in your site crawled; everything will be indexed and catalogued from top to bottom for the database to build up relevant keywords, anchor texts, image anchors and other relevant data retrieved from the crawler bots from the site.

C. Ranking and retrieval

Once search engines have indexed all the data; it is saved and it will become part of the World Wide Web and there will be ways to search and access the data effectively. The best way for getting the exact data found is that the keyword associated with it, ranks high in all search engines or it will be lost in a sea of data. This is where link building is important because any keyword will rank best if more links associated with that keyword exists. Once the search engine goes into the net, the links most links will point the way for easy retrieval in a sea of data.

Search engines use crawling, indexing, ranking and retrieval to do its job so that your business can use it best for better search ranking and improve traffic to your site.

3. Link Building: The importance of SEO

SEO's (Search Engine Optimization) importance is very crucial for online businesses and without SEO expect no improvement in traffic or ranking via search engines. Essentially SEO is marketing online that is similar to TV advertising or print ads, and SEO allows chances so that there would be more returns.

Here are good reasons why SEO and Link building are part of the secret sauce for success!

A.) Business visibility and Branding

What SEO does is give allow more customers to know you exist and you have a great brand that is worthy of getting and if customers acknowledge that your brand is excellent that's a plus! More searches will be done to look for you and chances are it will rank high in keyword searches via search engines.

B.) Business Credibility

Now with better business credibility for your brand that is now more visible, with a high rank in search engines that will be a yes vote for your business as a good choice! Imagine without a business credibility? What results is less confidence in your brand but with better business credibility success will follow.

C.) Business Traffic

Is gaining customers a problem? Then SEO will provide solutions without spending so much on traditional print or TV ads. Essential SEO allows your business to be found anywhere on the planet, even Timbuktu. Using SEO is the most efficient way to point customers to your direction.

D.) Customer Insight

There are tools that SEO can use to analyse traffic to know how well the ranking and searches are going. Knowing what your customers want is the key to improved content and ranking.

It is not easy but SEO is very crucial for online or offline businesses because it brings it many gains like traffic, credibility, branding/visibility, and customer insight when put together means success!

4. What are DoFollow and NoFollow Links?

There are two links to know about, they are the DoFollow and NoFollow links that are used to command how crawlers will search and index the content on your site. Essentially a balance of Do or Nofollow attributes is important for controlling how crawlers go around your links.

A. DoFollow link

This link will allow search engine bots to go through to enable linking without any restrictions Most links are like this, so crawlers and search engine bots have unrestricted access to the site content.

B. NoFollow link

A link like this will restrict the movement of search engine bots and crawlers, that is just like an off limits sign. If you don't want the link to be passed on, a Nofollow link will do just when you don't want any part of your site crawled!

Having an idea of DoFollow or NoFollow links will help on how to make your sites keywords rank for search engines for better business success!


We've covered topics from link building, SEO, how search engines work, and Dofollow or NoFollow links that add up the basics of getting any business off the ground then success follows. This basic info will be a guide to further explore many aspects of SEO, with knowledge comes success.

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