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10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Spain

1. Automobile Industry-: There are a lot of very lucrative businesses in the auto mobile industry in Spain. Some of the top businesses in the Spanish automobile industry include-:

    GPS Services-: You can offer GPS installation and tracking services. There are a lot of foreigners and tourists visiting Spain yearly and asides that, there are also lots of locals that can benefit from the security and direction that a car GPS tracker offers. A particularly interesting type of GPS service you can offer in Spain is helping people find suitable parking spots especially in urban areas to prevent being penalized for illegal parking.

    Car Sharing Services-: Car sharing services is another business you should consider. Maintaining a personal car is really expensive and a lot of low income earners would rather subscribe for car sharing services.

    Car Batteries-: You can also go into sales and export of car batteries. Or if you have enough capital, start manufacturing car batteries too. Spain has a wealthy reserve of lithium which is a major ingredient for battery making.

    Hands free devices-: Another idea is to start manufacturing or selling hands free devices for drivers so that they can take emergency or important calls on steering without endangering their lives and those of others.

2. Renewable Energy Industry-: The renewable energy industry in Spain is growing and you can also join this attractive moving train. You can go into Biofuel production as a way to help people save energy costs. You can also consider other renewable energy options like Solar, Geothermal, Biogas and wind energy. I am certain that a lot of business owners and home owners who are tired of rising energy costs would welcome your business.

3. Marketing and Public Relations Services-: You don't make money in business by setting up that business; you make money by creating awareness for the business. Marketing and public relations in business is very essential. Some services you can render in Spain include market research services, SEO services; E-mail marketing, Call centers and social media marketing.

4. Private Detective-: Private detectives are not only used to solve crimes, they are also used by business owners to investigate potential business partners, employees, suppliers and even consultants. Private detectives earn a lot of money not just in Spain but all around the world.

5. Co-working/Office Sharing-: This is a business that can serve everyone but could be targeted at foreigners. A lot of foreigners who wish to start their own businesses may not be able to afford the luxury of renting an office space. Co-working makes it possible for several people to come together to share an office space to carry out their businesses. As a Co-working service provider, you would provide the space and collect rent from interested persons.

6. Translation/ Interpreter-: Spain is a tourist country. A lot of tourists troop in and out of Spain every year. If you are very good with the language, you can serve as an interpreter for visitors who do not understand the language, so as to allow for effective communication and enable them enjoy their stay.

7. Hotels / Bed & Breakfast-: This business is targeted at the tourists too. You can set up a hotel or even a bed and breakfast place to provide accommodation and feeding to the dozens of tourists and business visitors trooping in and out of Spain yearly.

8. Recruitment Services-: You can assist small and medium sized companies to recruit good hands to assist them in their business.

9. Restaurant and Bar-: This is one of the most lucrative but highly competitive businesses in Spain. However, you can make your own restaurant and bar business stand out by researching niches that a less competitive; trust me, you will find a lot of them.

10. Property Management-: You can also make money from managing people's estate or developing your own properties and letting it out to others.

There is some risk to your security in Spain due to the ongoing threat of terrorism and we advise caution.

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Terrorist groups, including those based in Syria and Iraq, continue to pose a threat  to Spain and wider Europe. There is also a threat from domestic-based extremists, including plots that may involve foreign fighters returning to Spain and Europe from the conflicts in Syria and Iraq. Spain has been a target for mass casualty terrorist attacks in the past, and remains a subject of terrorist activity.

Emigration from Spain could seriously affect the country's future economic growth, the Spanish central bank said in a report on Wednesday in which it also warned Spain's recovery could slow

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