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Nicole Royal

BUMT 3680

Summer Quarter 2017


Since 2011 StyleHaul has been a driving force in the influencer marketing industry. Starting out as a traditional MCN managing talent, StyleHaul has recently transitioned into the business of being a digital marketing agency that specializes in influencer marketing. In this paper you will find the Integrated Marketing Communications plan for StyleHaul. The target audience are brands that want to focus their marketing efforts to social media influencer marketing and influencers who could potential be good candidates for these marketing collaboration campaigns. Much research has been done to identify and put to use the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of StyleHaul to draft a plan that will be most beneficial for the corporation.  This thorough plan includes marketing, public relations, creative media, direct marketing and sales promotion objectives that will be crucial to captivating both target audiences in order to complete a successful plan.


Executive Summary

Company Overview

Target Market

SWOT Analysis

Marketing Objectives, Tactics and Strategies

Integrated Creative Strategy Statement

Creative Brief

Creative Execution

Media Objectives and Strategies

 Public Relations Objectives and Strategies

 Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion Ideas


Works Cited


StyleHaul is an integrated marketing agency located in Los Angeles, that specializes in influencer creative digital marketing. Founded in 2011 by Stephanie Horbaczewski, StyleHaul has grown to be one of the largest agencies in its industry. StyleHaul works with brands and influencers by leveraging their large followings on various social media platforms to accomplish their clients marketing goals. Their mission statement is as follows, “A contemporary marketing services and media company with a flair for storytelling. We bring URL to IRL, uniting brands, creators, and the style-obsessed”. By connecting brands to influencers that match their clients company image, StyleHaul creates campaigns that reach the right people in one of the most efficient and successful ways in the industry. Their site boasts the ability to advertise with them through the use of their connections to “500M Community reach, 2.2B Average monthly views, 6X More engagements than competitors”. What exactly does this mean exactly for their clients? For a clients brand, “this means when your products and experiences are talked about, their community takes action”. Stephanie Horbaczewski, the Co-Founder, President and CEO of StyleHaul, started StyleHaul with the concept of one stone being thrown starts ripples affected the entire pond. Forbes states, “Horbaczewski established StyleHaul in 2011 with the vision of translating the fashion editorial space to digital, social and multi-platform trends. StyleHaul speaks directly to the influential and engaged 18 to 34-year old female demographic”(Boyd). In 2014 RTL Group purchased StyleHaul from Horbaczewski for just under $200 million dollars. Horbaczewski remained on as the CEO of StyleHaul.  Social influencer marketing is a concept that is still relatively new to the industry but StyleHaul has managed to become the go- to agency when it comes to creating a social influencer marketing campaigns.

 Boyd, Sarah. “Stylish Sips With StyleHaul Founder Stephanie Horbaczewski.” Forbes, Forbes

Magazine, 21 Aug. 2014,

“StyleHaul About.” StyleHaul,


The target market for StyleHaul has two different categories, brands and influencers. The different brands that would be included in StyleHaul's target market is very broad and diverse. Some of the companies that could be included in their client list could be in any industry from film, music, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, or digital platforms. Due to this broad range of industries StyleHaul has narrowed down its focus to companies that focus largely on targeting to younger demographics. Since social media influencers are largely under the age of 35 their followers are also under that age. It statistically makes the most sense that they focus their efforts on companies that market to this age group. Companies that understand the importance of a social media influencers stamp of approval on their product are those who StyleHaul chooses to work with. They understand the importance and how great of an impact that these social media influencers can make.

The second target market that StyleHaul has is that of the social media influencers that are chosen to work on campaigns with clients brands. It is one thing to get a company to want to work with social media influencers but it is a whole other task to get the influencers that are right for the part. Getting in connection with the right influencers for the role and encouraging them to join the StyleHaul network is something that StyleHaul focuses many of its resources on. The target market for influencers that StyleHaul focuses on are all ages and genders. They are all influencers in different industries ranging from beauty, lifestyle, fashion, fitness, gaming, mommy, family, and men's. Their ages range from 13-50 but mainly consist of social media influencers aging from 15-35 Forbes states,”StyleHaul speaks directly to the influential and engaged 18 to 34-year old female demographic”(Boyd). This age range matches that of StyleHaul's clients target market. The best way to understand the target market consisting of StyleHaul social media influencers is by understanding the overall target market for StyleHaul's clients specific brand campaigns.

Boyd, Sarah. “Stylish Sips With StyleHaul Founder Stephanie Horbaczewski.” Forbes, Forbes  Magazine, 21 Aug. 2014,


In recent weeks I have made myself more familiar with StyleHaul, their reputation within the industry from influencers and brands alike, as well as, their competition and the reputations that they entail. After much research I have found that like most companies, some influencers love StyleHaul and would never dream of leaving the network while other influencers feel that they have been neglected by the company and don't receive the full benefits that they feel they deserve. From my research I found that this is true of nearly all MCNs and creative agencies that work with influencers. My research found that most of the unpleased influencers are much smaller than the ones that are pleased. This is due to unrealistic expectations and overestimating what they are bringing to the table. Facts are facts, if you aren't creating engaging content and you don't reach a wide audience brands are going to choose the influencers that are able to tap into that large audience because that is where they will see the greatest ROI.  After more research into StyleHaul's relationship with other companies that they provide services to I found that they often work with large companies like CoverGirl, Sephora, Maybelline, and Clairol on a regular basis. This indicates that from a B2B standpoint they are a good company to work with. From this point I developed my SWOT analysis and marketing plan objective. I compared the research I found when looking at StyleHaul and looking at it's competitors and drafted the analysis below.


Strong relationships with clients

Represents some of the largest influencers in the industry

Access to in depth industry data that is unlike any data from it's competitors

Ability to create unique engaging campaigns with access to the most influencers in the industry


Building relationships with smaller influencers

Response time to influencers in need of assistance seems slow

Recent pivot to focus on marketing services may have people confused on what they do & if they are the best for marketing campaigns


Brand Awareness

Create loyalty with clients

Website is confusing and could use a rebrand

Could use more original content on their O&O social platforms

Phone app is under-used


There are a lot of marketing agencies in the industry that all offer the same services

Other marketing agencies are more established in the industry



Based on the SWOT analysis the main objective is to establish StyleHaul as a leading company within the marketing industry through an integrated marketing campaign (IMC). With hundreds of agencies as competitors, companies with loyal relationships with potential clients are going to be the largest competition since we will have to win the clients vote after they are already loyal to other agencies. Through an integrated marketing plan we will achieve the following objectives:

Increase original content on O&O platforms showcasing what StyleHaul is capable of creating for their clients

Boost relationships with smaller influencers & mend relationships that are struggling

Create interactive advertisements that will engage potential clients and potentially win their business

Recruit more influencers that will be good fits for marketing campaigns with potential clients

Encourage use of the StyleHaul Society app


First strategy to increase StyleHaul brand awareness we will work with low-tier StyleHaul influencers to create original content for StyleHaul's owned and operated social media platforms. This will help with showcasing StyleHaul's creative abilities to potential clients while mending and growing the company's relationships with smaller influencers that are in the StyleHaul network. We will create promotional offers for influencers to be a part of StyleHaul photo shoots through the form of ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This will  engage influencers of all sizes and make everyone in the StyleHaul network feel included and have an equal chance of being selected and incorporated in the latest campaign no matter the size of their fanbase. The perception will be that StyleHaul has great relationships with their influencers and has the ability to create engaging original content for campaigns which will boost their reputation within the industry and drive new clients to want to do business with them. The original content will engage not only influencers who are a part of StyleHaul by giving them the opportunity to also be featured in our original content, but will also engage fans of the influencers who are showcased on our platform.  Since it is new and original content that their followers have never seen before they will be more engaged than seeing posts that they have already seen a million times before.  According to Social Media Today, "Teens now spend up to nine hours a day on social platforms, while 30% of all time spent online is now allocated to social media interaction”(Asano).  Clearly leveraging the extensive amount of time that StyleHaul's target market is spending on social media it is extremely beneficial to prove our expertise in this area. Potential clients will be drawn to our original content since it will showcase our creative, and visual abilities.  As a creative marketing agency, it is essential that StyleHaul has impeccable style and skill in regards to marketing campaigns and creative direction when producing content. With so many resources and high profile clients, if StyleHaul does not create top tier content at a competitive price they will quickly be replaced by its competitors.  One last strategy based off of the previous objective of getting people to use the StyleHaul society app is to encourage clients to host giveaways and campaigns on the app which will engage influencers. This is a way for clients to get their products into the hands of hundreds of influencers  in exchange for social promotion and will result in more people downloading and using the app.

Asano, Evan. “How Much Time Do People Spend on Social Media?” Social Media Today ,


Rejected Creative Strategy Statement

Brands and influencers of all sizes can work together to promote a campaign.

Brands look for quality content when selecting influencers for a campaign, despite of their size or following.

The more social platforms you use the more likely you are to get a brand deal.

Integrated Creative Strategy Statement

StyleHaul connects brands and like minded influencers to work together to create quality content for campaign promotions and brand awareness.


Expand awareness of StyleHaul's services to encourage more influencers to join the network and more brands to become clients.


Females age 15-35


StyleHaul is a way for influencers and brands to work together in many instances where they would have never been able to connect without StyleHaul bridging the way.


Experticity states, “Marketers are beginning to realize the best way to grow their brand is through social influencer marketing. Statistics show that “92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from other people—even if they don't know them personally—over promotional content that comes directly from brands” (Nielsen). By teaming up with the right influencers to spread your message you can reach thousands, even millions, more people in a more effective manner”(Carlson).

Carlson, Katie. “The Growth of Social Influencer Marketing.” Experticity, 20 Mar. 2017,

“Consumer Trust in Online, Social and Mobile Advertising Grows.” Newswire | Consumer Trust in Online,

Social and Mobile Advertising Grows | Nielsen, Nielsen,


Ads using original content displayed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the form of still photography.

Significant Fact

Brands leveraging social influencers for digital campaigns are seeing up to a 10X increase in conversion rates (Carlson).

Carlson, Katie. “The Growth of Social Influencer Marketing.” Experticity, 20 Mar. 2017,


Client: StyleHaul Date: September 12, 2017

Type: Facebook & Instagram AD

Why are we Advertising?

Our reason for advertising is to encourage new influencers to join our network & showcase our marketing talents to potential clients.

Who is our Audience?

We are focusing on two target markets. The first are influencers between the ages of 15-35 who are looking to join a network to further their career. They most likely use Instagram to find new brands to shop at, gain inspiration from other influencers, and have a large following of engaged fans.  The second target is brands that are looking for a digital marketing agency to help in the execution of social media influencer campaigns. These are most likely brands that offer products or services targeted at female millennials, they see the benefits of influencer marketing and understand that the return is well worth the cost.

What do they currently think?

StyleHaul is a networking agency but we don't see the benefits of partnering with them since we aren't large influencers.

StyleHaul has connections with influencers but we don't think they have the marketing skills to be able to help us with our brands campaign.

What would we like them to think?

StyleHaul is a marketing agency that benefits influencers of all sizes and has a vast knowledge of marketing expertise to be able to execute clients marketing campaigns.

Why should they believe it?

StyleHaul is one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in the industry and offers the ability to create extensive marketing campaigns.

Are there any creative guidelines?

Two photos of current StyleHaul influencers for Facebook and Instagram ads will run monthly for 4 months encouraging influencers to join StyleHaul and will showcase the brands creative broadwith.


These two ads will be displayed on Facebook and Instagram over the course of four months. They will serve the purpose of encouraging new influencers to join StyleHaul and will showcase the brands creative abilities to show prospective clients that we are able to execute extensive original marketing campaigns.


Caption:   Caption:

    Turn your hobby into a career 🙌🏽  Apply   Create content, work with your fav.

  to join the StyleHaul community & get paid   brands, & make 💸  Apply to join the  

   to create content!    #StyleHaulFam!


Media Objectives


Reach the target audience during the last two quarters of the fiscal year as businesses are beginning to plan for 2018. Increase brand awareness and perception by 25% by March 2018.


Two Facebook and Instagram ads will run full time for a total of four months each ad will be displayed for two months.


Media will be displayed evenly weighted over the 2, 2 month time slots for a total of 4 months.

Media Strategy

A combination of Facebook and Instagram ads will be displayed since these are the most active social media platforms and are the best for creative display.

Media Tactics

Targeting female influencers between the ages of 15-35 and brands that could be potential clients through digital media influencer ads will showcase StyleHaul as a great network for influencers to be a part of. It will also showcase StyleHaul's creative ability in regards to creating digital marketing influencer campaigns for potential clients who are interested in influencer marketing but don't have the connections or know where to start.

Facebook and Instagram are the most often used social media platforms among millennials.  The chart shown here displays that Facebook surpases all other platforms by a long shot & that Instagram in recent years has made a large increase in average percent of users.  

Budget: We plan to put $5,000 behind each ad for a total of $10,000

Greenwood, Shannon, et al. “Social Media Update 2016.” Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech, 11 Nov. 2016,


PR Objectives

Engage with all lower tier influencers engaging in constant communication with them and making them feel like they are getting the full benefits of being apart of the StyleHaul network.

As a result of mending the relationships with smaller influencers, new influencers who are also considered “smaller” or “lower tier” will be encouraged to join since they will trust that they will receive the same treatment as the other influencers of their same caliber.

PR Strategy

Target Audiences

Influencers between the ages of 15-35 who have a total of under 400k followers on social media platforms who are already in the StyleHaul network.

Key Target Media

Social media ads and ads on the StyleHaul network website will be crucial in these efforts. In order to make sure that all of the current influencers within the network see this campaign we will be posting ads on all social media platforms that influencers use. These ads will be displayed on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

PR Tactics

Create ads targeted at influencers with 5,000-400,000 followers across all social media platforms who are a part of the StyleHaul network encouraging them to get in touch with StyleHaul and to set up meetings, photo shoots, video shoots, and meet and greets. These efforts will help smaller influencers feel like they are receiving the same treatment as larger influencers.


Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion Objectives

Target brands that would be potential clients for social media influencer campaigns. It is the goal to double StyleHaul's client base by the end of 2018 and become the designated marketing agency for current clients.

Direct Marketing & Sales Promotion Strategy

In addition to our PR plan, we will leverage our wide database of StyleHaul influencers that are already in our network. In order to get new clients on board with influencer marketing we will create influencer campaigns for 50 new brands right before holiday promotions begin. We will create these campaigns by selecting 100-500 creators for each brand that is specialized to their target demographic. Once these campaigns have been created they will be presented to the companies and all that the company would have to do from there would be provide the products to the influencers. Although this is a lot of work for little initial return, once the brands see the increase in sales from our campaign they will know that StyleHaul is marketing agency that is worth their money in the future & they will choose to work with us on their next campaign. StyleHaul has access to industry data that is able to track everything from the amount of mentions a product has on social media to the amount of sales that are generated from a specific post that a creator shares. This kind of data cannot be found through any other marketing agency and will be the reason for StyleHaul's success.


An extensive IMC or integrated marketing communications plan is the groundwork for developing a marketing strategy that will result in successful marketing, PR, sales and media advertising campaigns. This plan outlines all forms of advertisements and contact that a company will have with its target market in order to achieve the brands objectives and goals. The objectives stated in this plan can be measured through the results of the campaign. All tactics were determined after extensive research and were designed to mimic StyleHaul's values.


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