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Keep the content on page 18 as it is – ‘Investing in your brand' and insert this content between that and ‘Targeting T.

Heading - Investment in Marketing – or – An Integrated Approach to Marketing

In addition to the transformation of our brand, our marketing strategy has also received a new focus incorporating both on and offline concepts putting us on par with competitors' multi-channel strategies.

Digital analytics tools provide us with valuable intelligence regarding our audiences and what and who influences their decision making. Our new ‘persona' focussed approach combined with this data intelligence means strategic delivery of audience appropriate creative content and communications via multi-channels for optimum results.

Illustration idea – something like this (from


But with our data  (the following are screenshots for our website sessions from Google Analytics over the last 3 months which might help to reinforce the importance that data intelligence plays in our strategy) –

Increasing our Digital Footprint

Harnessing the power of Digital Marketing – illustration perhaps, or maybe this is the title and ‘digital footprint' is the illustration?

In recognising that our target audiences are most likely to interact with us via digital channels across multiple touchpoints, we have harnessed the potential of our ‘owned media' through development of dynamic digital strategies enabling us to reach and engage new audiences in real time.  

Whilst traditional marketing still holds a valuable place in our marketing strategy, complimenting this with a digital strategy has provided us with a cohesive approach resulting in targeted communications with relevant and larger audiences to build a genuine connection with our brand.  

Building Audiences

Leveraging the channels that we own and create including website, social media and news/blog site to gain organic growth, forms the core of our digital strategy with all elements working in synchronisation with each other.

(illustration to demonstrate the following three facets of owned media working in sync)

Website – we have a focussed optimisation strategy synergistic with search engine algorithms - SEO

Social Media - Audience and platform specific social media marketing to build awareness of our brand

News/blog site – delivering content on educational topics that interests and engages our key audiences and extends the reach of our brand – Content Marketing

Precise Targeting through Digital Advertising

Through maximising the capacity that digital advertising offers for precise targeting, our audience has grown by over 25% since May. The addition of a Google PPC campaign to our marketing toolbox has given our search marketing a vital second component. It enables us to capture search traffic for high volume and valuable keywords through presenting our search listings in top Google positions.

(Illustration of 4 Google PPC benefits as per text below)

Google Pay Per Click

1. Increased visibility of our brand

2. Cost-effective strategies for lead generation

3. Excellent ROI from advertising budget

4. Data-driven intelligent campaigns

Social media advertising and remarketing

Employing paid social media advertising strategies complements our organic social media efforts in the same way that Google Pay Per Click complements organic search marketing. Our social media advertising campaigns deliver valuable leads to the business and supports the learner – business matching function in a cost-effective manner.

In the same way that we reach brand new audiences through precise digital advertising mechanisms, it also enables us to ‘remarket' and re connect with previous website visitors and social media followers encouraging them get to know our brand in more depth.

Measurement and optimisation

Our focus on digital means that we are able to constantly measure the effectiveness of our campaigns and make improvements in real time to ensure the best possible results in term of ROI on advertising budget, and desired outcome for audience building.

Follow with growth of audiences image here -

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