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Target Market Defined

Since Genobile Brother's Company produces, packages, and marinates numerous food products including cheeae, olives, fish, artichokes, tomatoes, and mushrooms, the target market is adults and especially Italian'sfamily. This is a place where a mother can get ready canned fish for her family. It is an amazing place for families' members to shop for different foodstuffs in different packaging to fit one's size of the family. The company also targets all sizes of families starting from one person since with canned food, it is possible to take from the package as much as the person wants to prepare and store the remaining in the refrigerator. In addition, Genobile brother also offered products target different people in the market. For instance, Aperitivo has a mixed combination of roots and herbs with decreased alcohol content making it perfect for different occasions by adults. Other products are sweets, cheese, beverages, pasta, bread, flour, rice, olive oil, coffee, and sauces (Genobile Brothers 2017). While offering the same products, the company is planning to open up a place for food tasting demonstrations where families can have a taste of new products.   

Desired Positioning

Product positioning is about communicating the product's attributes to one's target customers based on available communication channels, customer needs, carefully crafted messages, and competitive pressures (Possel 2013). Genobile Brother's Company's main aim is to continuously expand on the provided diverse range of products to supply customers with perfection and quality (Genobile Brothers 2017). The company's products are presented as the best in the market in terms of quality and meeting customers' needs. Before getting a food product in the market, the company researches and understands the market thus ensuring that it only provides the finest foods in the entire Australia. To ensure that customers do not buy products new to them, there would be two merchandiser/ chef/ demonstrators to present demonstrations for food tasting of the company's products five days in a week. These demonstrations would be held in every market and region the company takes its products, which enables customers to have a taste of what they are about to buy. This is an initiative that would ensure that customers do not go for new products before they know what it is exactly they are purchasing.   

Strategies Using 4p or 7p Framework

The major objective by Genobile Brother's Company is to ensure that it reaches the whole of Australia with quality and perfection in terms of the provided products. To increase its market and ensure that it wins a substantial market share in every region the company takes its products, the aim is to provide diverse products. This ensures that the company has something for everyone. For physical evidence, the company would not only distribute its products to supermarkets and retail outlets but also have sales executives to work at those outlets. This would ensure that customers do not struggle before getting the products they are looking for. For the process, the company produces, packages, and marinates different food products. This is to ensure that there is a food product for everyone who gets to one of the stores. In addition, before getting a new product to the market or when entering a new market, the company would have food tasting demonstrations for those products in all parts five days a week. This is to ensure that customers are aware of what they are purchasing.   

Action Program

The major program is having food tasting demonstrations. This would be by the marketing manager, salesman, and chefs or demonstrators. The marketing manager would determine the market to target each day in the five planned days for demonstrations. After identification of the market, the sales executives would be keen to direct the customers to the demonstration posts where they will get two chefs ready for preparation and tasting of meals. The chefs would also answer questions presented by their customers including how the meals are prepared and what else can be added to make them better or taste differently. This would be done every time a new product is launched in the market for a span of five days in a week in each market. The budget would be $500 for the cost of the food products and transportation of the chefs to those markets. This is cheap compared to the impact the demonstrations would have in winning market share and thus increasing sales and profits.   

Control Program

After the new product is taken to the market, it would be given duration of one month to have a determined market share. By the end of the first week, the demonstration week, it is expected that the company should be able to make some substantial sales. Within the week of food tasting demonstrations, it is expected that many customers would have tasted the new product and thus report higher sales each day within that first week. Through other advertising approaches and word of mouth or referrals from customers, it is expected that by the end of the first one month, sales would have increased by over 50%. Another major benchmark to measure progress is ensuring that the budget is not surpassed. It is expected that the budget is less or equal to $500 for the launch of the new product in different markets across Australia. Progress would also be measured through the level of satisfaction of customers based on the reported complaints (Anandan 2009).  


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