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Dantavius T. Swift

SLS 4500


Case Study #2

Colorado Athletics Theme Night

On Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 the University of Colorado's football program (the Buffalos)  will by playing Arizona State, in what is considered one of the games that is expecting low attendance for the season (Athletics, 2016). For this athletic contest, the Buffalos will host a promotional night with the theme being “Who stole my water coolers?” This theme night will motivate fans to assist with solving the crime of who is stealing the football program's water coolers. A theme night of this caliber will allow for individuals, as well as families to receive a first-hand opportunity to assist the team, along with feeling challenged and providing them the opportunity to compete for an exclusive grand prize. If the crime is correctly solved by a consumer, then the winner(s) will receive free sideline passes and a $10 coupon for food and beverage for each home game. Two clues will be presented to the fans during each quarter of the game. Giving two clues per quarter will keep the attendees engage with the contest and the game, and also allow them minimal information that way they will be forced to stay until the end of the game.

Choosing to have the promotional night during a weekend game versus a weekday game, is solely due to fan engagement. Families and fans who come alone, will be more willing to stay the duration of an athletic contest that is late in the afternoon versus the morning. As stated before two clues will be given until the end of the football game. By the game starting at 7pm, fans will have an abundance of time before the game to handle any extracurricular errands.

As consumers enter the stadium, they will see missing poster with water coolers on them; they will also receive a booklet with the poster on the cover, as well as names and photographs of the potential suspects. Upon their ticket being scanned, an answer sheet will be given to each fan. This answer sheet will state the mission of the challenge and it will also have a brief bio of each suspect. During the matriculation of each quarter, the contestants will receive two clues which will place them one step closer to finding the water coolers and identifying the suspect. As previously stated, once the football game is completed the fans will have the opportunity to win sideline passes and a $10 food and beverage coupon for every home game. Promotional activities for this night will include “Guess Who”, word trivia, and skits performed by stadium employees.

Departmental Involvement in Theme Night Promotion

For the promotional night, every department of the athletic program and stadium operations will be responsible for ensuring this night is a success. The purpose of the theme night is to give fans an opportunity to believe that they are a vital part of the team. Furthermore, the storyline and/or game operations schedule will need to be thoroughly followed by all staff.

To ensure that consumers are engaged from beginning to end, the outside (tailgating and parking area) will be decorated with missing poster, flyer, and water cooler tops. The director of stadium operations will be responsible for designating a committee to make sure fans have a true feeling of being an important part of solving the crime.

The marketing department of both the stadium and the athletic program will be held accountable for classifying which employees will act out skits, engage with fans throughout the game, and establishing props throughout the contest. This department will also be responsible for ensuring that fans are kept on their toes wondering where the water coolers are located as well as who stole them.

The following promotional advertisement will be used to promote the theme night around the city. An advertisement of this caliber will capture the attention of the consumers as soon as they arrive. The advertisement will also appeal to the young family consumers who grew up playing games that involved critical thinking as well as solving mysteries. This will allow the opportunity for parents to enjoy something they did in the past and for them to create a special bonding moment with their loved ones.

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