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An advertising agency is a service based business that is committed to creating and planning advertisement plans. What makes advertising agencies so unique, is their relationships with their clients. An agency is an independent organization of creative and business people who specialize and develop marketing and advertising plans. Agencies consist of copywriters, art directors, and media planners who help create ads and place them in appropriate media. Advertising agencies did not come around until the 1840s, even though advertisements started over 100 years prior. The main avenue of media at this agency was magazines because they knew that could advertise to wives and mothers who read them daily. However, today there are hundreds of ad agencies and majority of them are based in big cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia.

In New York City, there is a plentiful amount of advertising agencies. Three agencies that caught my attention as I did my research were McCann, Blue Fountain Media, and Big Spaceship. The reason why these three stuck out to me was because of the clients each agency works with. Each one worked with companies that offered a product or service that I use or I immediately know some of the companies' names and what they have to offer.

McCann New York is the headquarters of McCann WorldWide, which is one of the world's largest advertising agency networks and has offices in over 120 countries. McCann opened in 1912 and has ever since provided an unmatched combination of award- winning creativity, insight, and innovation globally. Since then, their clients' needs have become more complex and have challenged them to get really creative in their industry. “McCann's strategic approach, evolved from their founding and enduring Truth Well Told philosophy, is built on our core belief that brand truths can serve as a catalyst for generating powerful ideas that succeed because they help brands play a meaningful role in people's lives ( Just like most ad agencies, there are departments such as digital strategy and planning, e-commerce and enterprise builds, digital marketing and web design. The experiences they create ae multiplatform, both on and offline, and, when working together, create the ultimate reflection of their clients' brands. Over the years “McCann has created some of the best-known most iconic advertising campaigns of the last century and we continue to define the direction of the advertising business as a whole” ( The company currently has around 2300 employees, and are always looking for more creative, smart, determined, and passionate people to join the team.  

Some companies that McCann works with are General Motors, MasterCard, Aldi, Coca-Cola and Microsoft. In 2015, one of the main campaigns that McCann created was the “Real People, Not Actors,” for Chevrolet. It relied on “clueless” focus group participants to show off various Chevrolet vehicles.

Blue Fountain Media was established in 2002 and they have over 250 employees globally. They are headquartered in New York City and they have five office locations. BFM offers a talented team of designers, developers, marketers, and other employees to work collaboratively on their clients' projects. One thing they focus on is the people and their culture. On their website they show what language translation services they offer to clients and hobbies/leisure activities of their employees. I think this is unique because this can attract a variety of clients. For instance, if an outdoors store wants to work with BFM, and they see that several employees like to hike/climb, travel, or fish, it makes their agency more attractive to the person. Why would an outdoors store company want to work with an agency that doesn't have anyone in their office that understands what product/service they sell? Blue Fountain Media started over 10 years ago with a mission of “creating websites and digital solutions that would help grow businesses online.” BFM was dedicated to having the most creative minds work these projects and deliver completed projects to their clients. Some big name clients that BFM works with now include the NFL, Walt Disney, NASA, AT&T, IBM, and Martha Stewart. One thing that stood out to me on their website was the case studies they posted. BFM was able to help Tweezerman, a leading beauty tool supplier, come up with a new ecommerce design, and search engine optimization. With the help of BFM, Tweezerman saw a drastic increase in site engagement and online sales.

On the meet our team portion of the page, it was sweet the way it was designed. They have full body pictures of their employees and have two pictures of each one. One being a basic standing picture and the other being a “party mode” picture. It gave each employee to take a crazy picture to show his or her personality. I think this is super important because marketing is fun and expressive. You do not want any potential employees or clients turning away from your agency if you don't look appealing. And this ad agency focusing on digital media online shows that they offer creative services because of what we see in each picture. BFM has numerous teams that collaborate on projects. Some of the teams being Business development, Strategy, Information Architects, Designers, and Developers. Some recent openings are Business Development manager, Digital Account Director, Senior Web Design, and Marketing. The company does offer internship opportunities as well within the digital marketing and creative design teams. One that struck my interest was the Business Development Managers which is a sales position. You would think this would be easy to obtain, but there were a lot of qualification. One being that there was a 5-year min requirement of expertise in that field and in a consultative selling environment. BFM really looks for experience employees to help grow their agency and offer the best to their clients.

Big Spaceship is an agency that is based outside of New York City, in Brooklyn, NY off of Main Street. This agency has one big purpose and that is that “Every interaction matters.” This was posted on the portion of the site titled “Approach”, which gives the audience and potential clients an idea of what their agency stands for and what they can offer to companies. People can experience business by many means, whether it's the product, service, marketing, or communications. The mind deciphers what it is, not the brand. Big Spaceship provides a philosophy guide that governs everything the agency does. The ad agency exits for brands with the thought process of reaching into tomorrow, regardless of where they are in product evolution today. The ad agency prefers to collaborate with their clients instead of doing the job for them. Big Spaceship does this through “hands-on design studios and product immersion”; they learn the company's business and reveal new opportunities. Also, unlike traditional agencies, Big Spaceship does not have rigid hierarchies or creative departments. “Every discipline contributes, everyone had ideas and everyone has a voice.” These are some points that set Big Spaceship apart from others.

Some big name clients that Big Spaceship works with are Samsung, Google play, BMW, Purina, and other numerous companies. Some companies that shocked me were Coca-Cola, Crayola, Nick Jr., Nike, and Microsoft. This was surprising to me because I did not realize even big name companies work with ad agencies to help promote their products/services. I used to think they had their own advertisement teams within their company and did not need the help og others. Big Spaceship only has a few openings at the moment, but they had unique options on their careers page. If one does not see a position that really fits their talents, you can put in an application and just talk about what you could offer the agency. You can send a note through a link, and possibly one day they may reach out to you in need of an employee that does things under your expertise. I thought that was awesome because sometimes many positions do not fit under someone's interests but they could still want to be involved with a certain company. Another thing that Big Spaceship does is post case studies about the companies they work with. For instance, one case about Samsung Mobile talked about the story of how Samsung Mobile cam to Big Spaceship for assistance in the service field of brand strategy, content development, content strategy, data analysis, social media, and social strategy. Throughout the class, each service was touched and was well explained on how Big Spaceship improved these areas for Samsung Mobile.

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