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  Currently there are more gadgets in the world that there are people, in the United states alone there are 327.6 million phones that is more than the population of Puerto Rico. Technology is all around us and with technology comes social networking, a way for us to always be connected and aware,  Social networks have changed the way we interact with people, the way we meet people and even how we view people. Not too long ago social networks like Facebook were considered risky and discouraged by parents towards their teenagers, but now parents encourage their kids to get on social sites to stay in touch with them. Social networking sites do interfere with our interpersonal skills especially with teenagers who are the largest users of social media, as the internet evolves it is easier to develop a dependency. Not only is social media used to connect but it is possible to make a profit out of social media, companies have realized this and use it to promote their ideas and or products.

    Social media interaction now dominates online and offline conversations, today interacting and sharing online is no longer seen as a taboo but as a normal thing to do. The number of time people spend on social networks is constantly increasing “ the average person will spend nearly two hours on social media everyday”. The internet can provide a degree of social interactions, online networks and connection but it cannot replace the benefits of in person contact. Social media allows people to behave differently than they do in real life, some can find acceptance online but be a completely outcast in the real world. We often hear cases about people who meet online and over a period of time agree to meet in person and don't end up looking or acting anything like they did online. This issue can go both ways in the sense that individuals who have become depressed and lonely due to face-to-face human interaction, may tend to turn to social media to find happiness and comfort. Relationships developed online are seen as temporary relationships because they are not as strong as relationships made face-to-face. Yes, Social Media is a great place to keep in touch with friends and also meet new ones, but it is also a place where we make ourselves feel too comfortable, so comfortable to the point that actual face-to-face interactions with people become abnormal and awkward. Other reasons individuals use social media networks would be entertainment, with the ability to listen to music, play games and watch videos it has never been easier to find entertainment.There are benefits of individuals using social media, but each benefit is matched with a risk. Social media interaction can be a useful tool but when used in exaggeration it causes social interaction to go down , anything not in moderate use can become harmful.

    Due to the lack of social skills in teenagers today it is beginning to affect relationships, jobs, and education performance the obsessiveness with  scrolling and checking our phone every minute is dominating our everyday lives. One may feel lost without having their phones for a few hours, The use of all of these forms of Social Media has become so normal to teenagers many may not realize it as you are scrolling through your Twitter feed at all hours of the day, but by you having your face glued to your phone, you are wasting time that you could be having face-to-face interactions with others. People, especially teens, ignore the people that they are with , to go on the computer or their phones to spend time socializing online, instead of in person.The use of social media on cell phones becoming more and more prevalent means that people are using social media everywhere, which suggests that they are using it while in social situations.

   Social media is no longer only used too communicate it is used by business to reach a broader audience, with the internet at our fingertips we are able to get everything from food to groceries delivered without leaving the comfort of our home. Social media has become a very useful tool for organizations  and businesses around the world, with free marketing for products and a quarter of the world's population using social media. It's almost become mandatory to have a Social Media Account. Organizations use social media to promote their products or service, whilst having the ability to recruit for staff and analyze competitors. Social media is a powerful tool for customers to write testimonials good or bad, which is just as powerful as face to face recommendations. Organizations and Businesses are able to utilize key components of social media networking sites to help boost their need for social media.

“It has made the language lazy and also made people uninterested in meeting others in person. Which eliminates any chance for a deep, meaningful conversation. People have started losing their ability to communicate efficiently, which is a testament to what kind of total control social media has over their lives.” Overall social media can be a useful tool but when used excessively can lead to negative impacts on behavior. Lets also not forget that social media is just beginning to develop it wasn't to long ago that social networks were introduced.

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