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The Corporation, Documentary by Joel Bakan & Mike Achbar, 2003, showcases a strong negatively about corporations and how they deal with the public, government and the law in general. We live in a world that's controlled by these corporations and as each day passes by we are dragged more into this corporate world with or without consent and these corporations set the rules and we are ought to follow them. Today, we're the products that generate revenue and keep them afloat, but these massive corporations are unreachable for their wealth, they set them apart from us, though they're considered as one of us, a person by law.

In my view, the general public and the corporations are the fault for making this happen. The public is looking for betterment in their life through jobs, food, clothing, shelter, and technology, on the other hand, corporations are cashing this as an opportunity by providing these necessities and controlling them commodities and intern controlling lives of the public and the economics around it. Until we move away from this dependency, we will be controlled and played accordingly by the corporations. This reminds me how food and water, the basic necessities have changed many dynamics through the ages, in the beginning, necessities were a right, but that changed drastically through the introduction of money and commercialization. One of the biggest industry like the supermarket that controls our food chain commercializes food at higher prices by using terms like organic, never ever (meat). This kind of marketing creates a sense of fear in what we eat, as all the other foods are considered as bad for health or are filled with chemicals that are harmful.

This shows how money as a system can control everything around us and corporations leverage this and control the flow of money, which in turn controls the government. The best example for this is the stock market, a single corporate system that controls the money through trading.

Koyaanisqatsi by Godfrey Reggio, also touches the same pain points as The Corporation documentary, but more in an environmental point view and how man has degraded the nature through industrialization and pollution. The director resonates his views through remarkable cinematography that intensifies as the documentary goes, it lets us reflect on who we're and what we're. Each and every image in the documentary captivates and questions the viewer regarding our evolution as humans and the control that we starve for.

To me, the documentary shows the earth as a big green being that's filled with life, but then the man comes in as a big corporation that takes control of the environment. We as humans always strive for betterment, either its the wheel by the ancient man or the industrial revolution in the 19th century, we always look for new ways to improve our lives and that of others. But during this process of being at the top of the food chain, we forget that we're part of an environment that helped us live and thrive for millions of years. As we see today, there is a change in climate, health and the ecosystem in whole. We're experiencing a huge shift in climate due to industrialization that's causing low rainfall, colder winters and warmer summers, this is not just affecting us, but this extending the ecosystem that lives around us.

One experience that changed my view on environmental issues was a trip to Beijing, the industrial hub of China. During my trip of three days, all I could see was fog, but this was not the normal fog, this fog was filled with toxic chemicals that the industries dump into the air.   This experience of mine really impact me and changed me as a person, after this trip I changed my habit of using excess plastic, limited by wastage in step by step, like using paper bags instead of plastic, walking instead of driving, limiting by expenditure on clothing etc., In my view, every one of us need to take an initiative in saving safeguarding our environment, though this cannot be achieved in one day, every contribution helps in creating a better life for our future generations.

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