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Jack in the Box, A Story of How Advertising saved a Company By Kiran Cochrane Shnier

Jack in the Box is an American fast-food restaurant chain founded February 21, 1951, by Robert O. Peterson in San Diego, California, where it is headquartered. The chain has 2,200 locations, primarily serving the West Coast of the United States and selected large urban areas in the eastern portion of the US including Texas. Food items include a variety of hamburger and cheeseburger sandwiches along with selections of internationally themed foods such as tacos and egg rolls. The company also operates the Qdoba Mexican Grill chain.

Jack in the Box Was also the First to Include a Intercom System at their drive through, which revolutionised the fast food industry in efficiency.

Anyway Let's not get too backtracked you can read the rest at:

Let's get into the Ads!

Jack in the Box was originally ment to be a silly Family fast-food chain {If that wasn't clear from the giant starry eyed clown mascot projecting from the roof, Jack} but in 1980 They started to want to be a bit more of a "Parent Torable" And "Mature" Resturant. So what was the best thing to do? Blow up Jack, {The Mascot} On National Telvision! You can see the ad at: , After this the Jack was removed from all of their stores. They continued on with their pretty medicore Ad Campaign, That was Until 1981-1993, When they got into really hot water.

In 1981, horse meat labeled as beef was discovered at a Foodmaker plant that supplied hamburger and taco meat to Jack in the Box. The meat was originally from Profreeze of Australia, and during their checks on location, the food inspectors discovered other shipments destined for the United States which included kangaroo meat.

People were Kind of put of Jack in the Box Till 1993, When one of the most Infamous Out Breaks Of E. Coli Posioning Occured. Jack in the Box Had a Promotion, The Monster Burger! "So Scary It's Good!" Was it's Tagline. Yeah, Well thats if you count Escherichia coli O157:H7 as being good. You see there was such High Demand for this Burger they needed to Cook it Quick! So they decided to Cook It below recommended Temparature at 140 °F (60 °C) instead of the required at 155 °F (68 °C). Normally that Would be pretty bad by itself, But it just so happen a Majority (Thousands Of Pounds) Of the patties were Heavily Contaminated!  The outbreak involved 73 Jack in the Box restaurants in California, Idaho, Washington, and Nevada and 732 people were infected. 171 Were Hospitalised. Many of the Infected {Even if they Weren't Hosptialised} Died. That included four children:

6-year-old Lauren Beth Rudolph of southern California, who died on December 28, 1992, due to complications of an E. coli O157:H7 infection later tied to the same outbreak.

2-year-old Michael Nole of Tacoma, WA, who died on January 22, 1993

2-year-old Celina Shribbs of Mountlake Terrace, WA, who died on January 28, 1993. She became ill due to a secondary contact transmission from another child sick with E. coli.

17-month-old Riley Detwiler of Bellingham, WA, who died on February 20, 1993, following secondary contact (person-to-person) transmission from another child sick with E. coli,

The 18-month-old boy {His Name did Not Recive a Public Relase} who infected Riley had spent two days in the daycare center before a clinical laboratory could return the positive test results for E. coli. The first boy's mother suspected her son had E. coli but did not tell the daycare staff for fear that he would be sent home. When the test results came in positive for E. coli, county health officials could not reach the child's parents in the middle of the workday. Both of the first boy's parents worked at Jack in the Box, where they regularly fed their son hamburgers. Riley, on the other hand, had never eaten a hamburger.

Note: There are suspected to be more children but these are just the ones who's stories were made public.

Jack in The Box was Totally Screwed. Even after Replacing All Meat and firing many People, The damage had already been done. They decided to put on Crazy Discounts! Still not working. The Final thing they Did was {Give Out Coupons And Hamburger Stickers To People In compensation! Just Kidding} Hundreds Of Thousands of Dollars In compensation. $50 million was payed, And they lost $160 not even counting the lawsuits and compensation in the first month. For 2 Years Customers were Scarce, they got people calling them every day screaming that they Murded innocent Men, Women And Children. This lead to employees comitting sucide.

By 1995 they were closing down stores and were nearly Bankrupt Until they made there last dying Genius desicsion of Hiring Richard (Formely Dick} Stiig and His marketing team Secret Weapon Marketing.

The first thing they did was bring back Jack (and change the logo), But in a new form . Jack says after being blown up on National Telvision, He is finally back! He than proceeds to walk past the board room (Of Whom Made The Descision To Blow Him Up} And blow's them up. Pretty funny and innocent on the surface, But the ad was slammed for being offensive and isenstive because it aired after the Oklahoma City bombings and Trade Center parking garage bombings and seemed to heavily refrence them. I think they wanted a reaction like that so it would spread faster, Even if it was for all the wrong reasons. After this there ads turned to Gold! I'll list a couple of samples:

Besides that there was a notable campaign in 2010 During Superbowl 44 In Which Jack is hit by a bus. For this month long campaign they set up a website with interviews and CCTV footage at .They even put his cone hat for sale on Ebay! it sold for $3000 It is now denfuct but you can still access it at*/ . I don't want to spoil it but here are some links to a overview of the campaign and the making of it:



In 2015 Richard Stigg And His Company ended it's ties with Jack in the Box for Unkown reasons, After this Richard lost rights to Jack.

This is A story of failures, Comebacks and many Bad Desicions, But know days Jack in the Box is a sucsessful multi billion dollar Food Chain.

This just goes to show even the Biggest Mistakes can Be fixed.


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