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Digital Marketing vs. Growth Hacking

On a fine rainy day, when the dust is settled but there is a huge gridlock outside and that too the traffic is super-grumpy; not caring for any of these things 2 people were having a nice convo at the office. One was Mack, who was the experienced guy and he got his hands dirty everywhere in the realm of digital marketing, and the other guy was Sam. He was a passionate growth hacker; quite new to the domain but an ardent follower.

Let's see what they have to say:

Mack (in a funny tone): You freaky growth hackers don't know anything about digital marketing, don't you>

Sam: That's your perspective, but can I know why do you think like that?

Mack: Because all you goddamn guys do is do nothing and get a salary while we haul our a** every single day to get sales; more sales.

Sam: Nice! And what do you do after that?

Mack: What do you mean?

Sam: Have you thought about how you can easily put your head in customer retention and all you need to do is a good business with him/her. You can easily increase the ROI with it.

Mack: That's bullcrap!

Sam: That's where your imagination ends. Mack. I also care about the sales as well as customer retention and many other things, which I guess you even haven't heard the names of.

Mack: Don't act smart! Tell me what do you do in the office except lazing around?

Sam: While you do the build backlinks, I focus on referrals. When you think about only sales, I brainstorm about better revenue. I analyze, test, compare, refine, and measure.

Mack: You're being ostentatious. Huh! I am special and I perform better than you.

Sam: That depends on your definition of ‘special'. May be you're specially-abled. You are getting what I am trying to say?

Mack: I don't have a clue!

Sam: I figured! That joke was for smart peoples not for ‘specials'.

Guess what Mack's reaction was at the end!


Yeah! What could Mack do otherwise? This post may start a riot but I don't care. I guess that digital marketers are cool, but growth hackers are doing a great job.

I have to say that growth hacking is really trending these days and after few years when AI will rule the world (not like the Terminator one, where Skynet destroyed everything!) you have to learn about growth hacking. The place of humans in the industry will be few and those who will survive in the industry will be growth hackers, why? It's because they dug deep and look deeper into ROIs.

What do you think? Growth hacking is a cakewalk! No way, it is so complex some time that even the guy who coined this term is unable to tell its proper definition. Growth hackers use different tools like MixRank and Hello Bar. This takes a lot of patience to learn if you're a naïve.

A growth hacker tends to know his customer and clients well. They believe in surveys, referrals, reviews, taking a risk and perform.

Digital marketing is eminent these days but after few years when the tools will rule what will happen to the marketers?

AI will be able to set automatic campaigns, bid for you in AdWords and also can perform a lot of things. A growth hacker can easily devise and manipulate strategies but a digital marketer will lose in this scenario.

What I am trying to tell is that we are humans and we have stopped evolving from a long time. Maybe we are at our zenith, I don't know! But if we are not then some other thing might evolve and seeing this present scenario, I guess that another thing is AI.

But again, AI can't do everything on its own. It will need a human mind and hands to perform certain tasks.

So don't leave growth hacking behind. Don't let it go into oblivion. Let's celebrate hacking of growth for a better future and ROI, of course.

I personally like both but I am more inclined more towards growth hacking. It's the evolution, the next big thing that we all have been waiting for.

PS: Frankly speaking, I think this post is funny and you might think in a different way. Hey! I haven't called you special, please don't mind! 

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