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Website Critique

Different companies have webpages, through which users can access and check out on the latest products or services that they offer. Health organizations use these platforms in discussion of vital health topics, the essence of healthy living, and promoting their products and services. The website that this paper highlights is

Questions About the Webpage

Reasons for the Creation of the Webpage

There are various reasons behind the creation of the Healthline webpage. One of them being provision of useful health information on healthy living. It provides individuals a variety of ideas on healthy dieting, the essence of physical activities on a regular basis, and the need for occasional hospital check-ups (Hanby-Robie, 2004). Health topics are also evident on the web platform. The webpage was also created with the aim of educating the masses on the various diseases and symptoms as well as some of the measures that can be put in place to deal with such medical issues. Finally, the webpage makes it easier for patients to reach their doctors because of the “find doctor” tab that is available.

Content in the Webpage

Tabs on symptom checker, find a doctor, pill identifier, and health topics are available on the webpage. The health topic tab provides a range of information on nursing to Medicare. Some of these topics include allergies, autism, colorectal cancer, children diseases and fertility among others. Under the “find a doctor tab” individuals can easily communicate with the nearest doctor in their region without having to visit a healthcare facility (Healthline: Medical information and health advice you can trust, 2017). The webpage also highlights on matters pertaining to healthy living by focusing on those measures such as regular physical activities and diets that can be embraced to ensure that this is achieved.

What is the Web Trying to Sell?

The webpage is also used as an advertisement platform and a closer view shows that by traversing the webpage, one gets the opportunity to learn more on some of the new drugs in the market that can deal with their illness or they can at the same time easily contact a doctor by using the website.

Criteria Used in the Evaluation of Information on the Web

The primary criterion that is essential in the evaluation of web information is the significance of the content in it. This website can be rated as excellent in terms of content because of the diversity in the information that it displays to the users.


Most of the information on the Healthline webpage is based on scientific research. Evidence based articles from fields such as nutrition; nursing and medicine serve as the backbone of the webpage in terms of resources and content delivery. Other internet sources are also essential in terms of scientific research resources in coming up with a comprehensive webpage.

In terms of citations, they have been appropriately done in those areas that they are applicable. The citations are also from reliable sources, and this further enhances the accuracy of the information that is derived from the website. It, however, lacks footnotes though, the used references serve as evidence that the content of the webpage is accurate and reliable. The available health topics are detailed, and this has been the reason behind the increase in the number of people accessing the webpage in the recent past.

Communication aspect of the webpage is excellent. There are no grammar and spelling errors and vocabularies have been used effectively in displaying the necessary message to the users. This has enhanced the readability of the content that is available on the website. The use of simple English terms also makes it easier for individuals from different ethnic background to interpret the information that is relayed on the webpage.  Using a search tool that is available on the Healthline, all that a user needs to do is to type into it, a vocabulary or what he or she may be interested in searching, and the results will be displayed. This feature has further simplified the website, thus making it easier for a user to access the necessary information and traverse across the page.


The management team of the Healthline is responsible for publishing the webpage. Some of these individuals include David Kop, the Chief Executive Officer, Cheryl Kim, the officer in charge of finance, a team of licensed nutritionists including, Mary Jane Brown, Mathew Thorpe, Rachel Link and Kriss Gunnars. The Healthline team of medical advisors was also on the frontline in the publication of the webpage. The medical advisors' role is to provide the necessary guidelines on matters pertaining to healthcare and healthy living.

The persons involved in the publication of the webpage are backed by known organizations such as American Health Care Association, American Health Information Management Association, American Public Health Association and the American Association for Cancer Therapy. The backup from these bodies implies that the persons involved in the publication of the webpage are highly qualified in matters pertaining to health.  The publishers are, however, not affiliated with any university or hold a post in such similar institutions. Rather they are a part of the Healthline Organization, and they serve in the capacities of medical advisors or nutritionists.

The “Contact us” information is easily available on the webpage. For its two offices in San Francisco and New York, one can easily reach them through mailing address and the phone. The contact information makes it easy for the users to trace the organization's location as well as the persons that can be of help to them (Healthline: Medical information and health advice you can trust, 2017). The about us page provides a clear mission statement for the organization. Healthline focuses on enhancing the wellness and health of its clients. According to the mission statement, the organization is on the frontline in the provision of expert content as well as genuine care, and this is aimed at ensuring that the patients enjoy the best possible health outcomes. The page also provides the users with a list of the management team for the organization and their roles in the firm. Other than the management team, the about us section is also vital in the provision of information on the organization's involvement with the community and its belief on the essence of humanity and empathy (Healthline: Medical information and health advice you can trust, 2017). With good relationship that it has cemented with the community, the organization has in the past decade enjoyed an increase in its productivity and performance. Finally, the about section provides an overview of the advertisement policy that the organization has put in place. This is in line with marketing of its products and services as well as making these services available to the various clients across the regions where it operates.

Regarding the physical location of the organization, one can search it on the internet. The firm's offices are located in New York and San Francisco.  Further details on the addresses and the mobile numbers for the two organization's offices are found on the “contact us” page. Most individuals prefer the web form as a platform for their interaction with organization because it saves on the time that they would have used to travel to the firm's offices in New York and San Francisco. The webpage for the company needs to undergo further transformation in such a way that it addresses more of the clients' issues that are handled in its New York and San Francisco offices.

The domain name for Healthline webpage is (.com), and it is given by This implies that the website is under the control of the organization and it fully belongs to the firm. The firm can make amendments to the webpage in such a way that it will address more consumer needs and preferences.


Information on the webpage is diversified, and it ranges from healthy living to how the user can have access to a medical practitioner. The page was sponsored by non-profit organizations such as Health on the Net and Truste. Healthline Organization also played a role in the sponsoring of the page.

The webpage also serves as an advertisement and marketing tool for the organization. Using the page, one can easily identify the latest products and services offered by the organization. It also provides consumers with an opportunity to identify the symptoms of various illnesses as well as communicate with medical practitioners. The graphics and fonts that are applicable in the webpage are aimed at capturing the attention of the users. Statistical figures have been used in the webpage with the aim of showcasing the reliability and relevance of the services and products offered by the organization.


The page lacks a date and when it was last updated. However, each article on the website has a date on when it was published. The links work and using them; it is easy for the user to traverse across the webpage. Some of the recent research on the webpage includes understanding of borderline diabetes and physical exercise as a tool for healthy living.


The information that is provided by this website is accurate, reliable and complete. Additional information has been provided by credible sources as seen by the evidence-based articles. From my point of view, this site is educative, sustainable, accurate and very reliable in the provision of health and medical information.


Based on the above critique, it is clear that a webpage is a vital platform that every organization needs to have at its disposal. The Healthline website, for instance, has been designed in such a way that it makes it easier for users to access and interpret the health information that is provided. The webpage lacks grammar and spelling mistakes, and it is reliant on credible resources such as evidence-based articles in coming up with healthy living information. Punctuations have also been done appropriately in the webpage. Users of the webpage also enjoy the privilege of having a one on one communication via the web platform. This is essential due to the costs and time that are saved from the client's end. The contact us section is also available on the webpage as well as the about us tab that provides more comprehensive information on the organization.

All in all, webpages have become useful in the healthcare field. Most of these web sites provide reliable health information, and this is a major stride in the health sector.

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