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n my initial career path, I worked in client management and business development followed by working in sales at Volkswagen. These jobs resulted in my self-improvement and made me better at customer relationship management, understanding customer expectations, and communication with customers. Additionally, I became result oriented. As an engineer, the problem-solving and analytical thought skills have had a positive impact on my life in every aspect. However, for my career goals, I needed more education in the fundamentals of business. Therefore, in 2016, I moved to the US to study for an MBA. This was challenging as I had not studied English before I made the move to the US. Since moving, I have taken six months of academic English courses at an ELS language center during which I have experienced unforgettable moments. Therefore, I have decided to work voluntarily for ELS as a student ambassador. My job involves talking with potential students from all over the world who are eager to attend ELS classes and giving them comprehensive information on housing, course content, challenges, etc.

Six months after moving to the US, I was admitted to the MBA programme at California Lutheran University. During my MBA programme, I have been involved in many group projects with other international students who have different backgrounds and nationalities, such as Americans, Chinese and Europeans. One of the main marketing management group projects in my MBA programme involved using marketing tools to collect donations from companies for the local community. In this project, I was selected as a team leader due to my presentation and management skills. I managed the team, monitoring our timeline, delegating tasks, setting deadlines and creating the marketing presentation. The project ended with a huge success as we collected over $5,000 from companies willing to donate. The key element of the success of the project was diversity. The group and I created an amazing partnership and donation ideas through what we perceived as an advantage, our differing opinions. This helped me realize my biggest dream, working with diverse groups.

While working at Volkswagen, I interacted with over 5,000 people online, by phone and face to face. Many clients have helped me to discover my personal strengths, which are communication, crisis management, and time management skills. From my own experience as a business analyst in the US at Myelin LLC , I have explored business analytics as the key to success for any business in any industry. I see myself in the future as leading a team who are using statistical analysis to solve complex worldwide business issues based on data. To achieve this goal, I need to have a deep understanding of data structures and data reading and be able to implement these fields using my problem-solving abilities. At that point, a Master's in Business Analytics from Imperial College Business School would guide me in an extensive consultancy career and would enhance my total perspective of business. Additionally, as well as learning about business analytics, I would have the chance to apply my knowledge in a consulting project in a live scenario. Furthermore, the Imperial College provides a worldwide range of diversity and a chance of forming a multi-dimensional network from all over the world.

After working in different geographical areas such as Turkey and the US, I have had not only a domestic grounding but also an international motivational experience. Based upon these experiences, my decision is to pursue a Master's in Business Analytics at Imperial College Business School. From now on, I want to combine my marketing and engineering skills with business analytics to understand every aspect of the decision-making process and to find a position in a top leading management consulting firm. My goal is to have a strong brand and reputable name; being one of Imperial's worldwide alumni would be the final piece of my puzzle.

Throughout my experience while studying for an MBA, and during my internship as a business analyst in the US, I gathered sufficient intellectual resources to have grasped a well-rounded understanding of business analytics, which is knowledge I will apply when going on to continue my studies at Imperial College Business School. The understanding I have acquired in this field of expertise will guide me in my development in business and management consultancy.

Further afield, I predict that management consultancy will be shining with new technology in the future. This prediction comes from reviewing technological developments and increasingly complex business problems. Data science and business analytics will offer the most effective solutions for most business problems. Also, businesses will need employees who have extensive knowledge of business analytics. When the time comes, I will be ready for the challenge.

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