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The Community Liaison position falls under the direction of the Sales and Marketing Manager coordinates home care services including hospice and private care and the processing of referrals for patients identified by the referral source as requiring home care services, in order to assure the timely and thorough implementation of services.

General Job Title: Community Liaison     4. Original Date: 9/30/18

Department: Administration   3. Reports to: Director of Care Transition  5. Revised Date: 10/1/18

 6. Specific Tasks

Provides superior customer service to internal and external clients, customers and patients

Provides coordination for the delivery of patient care services

Assesses identified patients/families for services required or requested

Reviews records of patients identified by referring facility or physician as potential SHC patients

Identifies Hospice patients that are general inpatient appropriate, ensure patient is admitted and continuous assessment is done as needed by the identified clinician(s)

Meets with the identified potential patients and/or families

Identifies appropriate services to be delivered; communicates plan(s) to the patient, family and point person at referral source

As the representative of SHC, they are fully engaged with the members of the case management department, the clinical staff, physicians, including hospitalists, nursing homes and other referrers and most importantly, with the patients and their family/caregivers

Presents SHC as a resource and leader in enabling patients to be discharged home as soon as possible, by arranging for patients to receive high quality post acute care in the home, provided by SHC. This may include creative problem-solving, in collaboration with SHC clinical leaders, for patients who are medically complex, and/or are socially or economically challenged.

Maintains accurate and ongoing documentation of all patient/family contact and discharge planning activities or actions in accordance with individual facility policies and procedures related to documentation in clinical records.

Facilitates communication between office, clinical staff, physicians, and patients

Effectively communicates the role of the liaison nurse to all professional and lay customers

Represents SHC in the Hospitals and in the community, across the Steward family of services

7. Requirements/Qualifications

BA/BS from accredited college or university

Must possess a current valid driver's license.

Must be conversant with all lines of service including home health, hospice, palliative and private care

Must be willing to work a minimum of one weekend per month, one major holiday and one minor holiday per calendar year and as department may require

8. Training, Skills, Knowledge and/or Experience

Must have demonstrated competence in all aspects of customer service, sales and marketing

Strong understanding of third party reimbursement and regulatory requirements

Demonstrated ability to work in a team oriented environment

Strong organizational, time management, and problem solving skills

A positive customer service attitude

LPN or RN license is a plus

9. Managerial Role (Supervision)


Receives supervision from Director of Care Transitions as well as the Nursing Clinical Branch Manager and the Rehabilitation Manager, through direct consult regarding patient care


 Supervises the process of screening patients and facilitating their enrollment in necessary health services

Confidential Authority:

Responsible for confidential patient information

Responsible for company-pertinent information

10. Supervisory Responsibility

Directly responsible for supervising the process of screening patients and facilitating their enrollment in services as well as proper processing of specific services and needs

Organizational Structure:

Job Title this position reports: Director of Care Transitions

11. Working Conditions

Work Environment:

Hospital and Community based environment

Physical Requirements:

Ability to lift up to 20 pounds

Ability to push/pull up to 20 pounds

Ability to stand for long periods of time (if applicable)

Ability to walk for long periods of time (if applicable)

Ability to stoop, kneel or crouch (if applicable)

Ability to utilize technology applicable to position, including desktop computers, handheld computers and telephones

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