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Old Spice Report

Jacob R. Jones


Old Spice Commercial Evaluation

Thesis : Old Spice has made many different commercial although, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”, succeeded in being the most successful and drawing the viewer in to listen and buy the product.

Commercial Overview

The Old Spice commercial brands itself around smelling fresh and manly. Throughout the commercial a handsome man is talking all about how if you use the product, you could be just like him. It starts off with a man, Isaiah Mustafa, in a shower room with steam floating around, whilst he is holding a bottle of Old Spice body wash. The commercial goes through various scenes such as, a boat, the shower and also the beach where he is riding a horse.  Throughout the whole commercial Isaiah is holding the Old Spice in his hand so you can clearly see it. The commercial is very short, but gives the viewer a pretty good understanding at what they are targeting and the message they are trying to give off.

Company History

Old Spice was introduced in 1937 but it didn't start as Old Spice it was known as “Early American Old Spice” and was for women instead of men. Old Spice for men wasn't far behind, coming out in 1938. Shulton company is the company that creates the Old Spice product,

Shulton was established in 1934 by William Lightfoot Schultz. When the company was started, William wanted to have the image as a colonial theme. That's why their brand logo is a sailing ship and most of their products have a nautical theme to it. The original ship on the brand logo is a specific ship known as the Grand Turk and the friendship. They also use ships named Wesley, Salem, Birmingham, and Hamilton. The big company, Procter & Gamble purchased Old Spice from the Shulton Company in 1990. They started advertising and created a brand around Old Spice and now is one of the biggest companies to this day that sell fragrances and wash for men.


Throughout the commercial the man, Isaiah Mustafa, is holding a bottle of Old Spice body wash for men. The commercial is directed at men who aren't using Old Spice body wash. He states that “If he stops using lady scented body wash and switched to Old Spice body wash, he could smell like me”(Mustafa). He is trying to say that every other body wash besides Old Spice, will make a man smell like a women. The way he captures the attention is by the scene switching through different sets such as boat, beach, riding a horse, and having diamonds in a shell. This are unrealistic scenes but is implying that if you smell like Old Spice you can do this to.

Advertising/Persuasive Techniques

The commercial does a very good job at advertising its product, Old Spice. Although, they're using different techniques of advertising to appeal to the person watching. The most obvious is by telling you that any other body wash you use will make you smell like a girl, which they do indirectly. This is using the beauty appeal because it is saying you will look and smell better when you use Old Spice. I think the argument is justified but they are trying to brand their product around smelling like a man. With comfort you can instantly tell their targeting insecure men who are worried how they smell and want to smell more like a man. I noticed sex appeal after watching the commercial over a couple times. They make it subtle, but obvious at the same time by utilizing the quick scene swaps and fast dialogue. It is basically saying that if you use the product that you will smell good and be pleasing to women. During the quick flips of scenes you can see the man reach down almost as he is making a sexual reference by saying “Look down, back up” whilst he reaches his hand down.

Target Audience

The commercial is targeted towards men. You can tell this is for men because the guy says its ‘Men's Old Spice Body Wash'. The overview of why its targeting men is because he is saying this will make you smell like a man and not a lady. This correlates to the advertising strategies because he is a strong and handsome man, which is what you could be if you use Old Spice body wash. Although he is targeting men specifically, he does say something about ladies in the beginning. I think they mention ladies in the beginning to the ladies don't have to say this and this commercial will say it for them. The commercial is basically saying this is what women want, a man that smells good and not like a girl.


Old Spice does a good job at persuading men to buy the product. With the use of multiple different advertising strategies they can draw the audience in and by the end of the commercial have them wanting the product. Although some of the things could be viewed as inappropriate.


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