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Apple's Marketing Mix Products

Apple merchandises are new and fresh because they are created following accurate consumer study. Apple believes it knows what consumers want. The Macintosh was released initially in 1984 and now is recognized simply as Mac. Mac computers like the MacBook Pro are the most attractive computers in the united states. The iPhone was the very first device to use a multitouch screen. This eliminated the requirement for pens and keys. The iPhone is continuing to be a powerful device and is an example of Apple's preeminent merchandise devices. Millennials frequently buy items and worry about it later. “Generation Y consumers are more likely than any other generation to make impulse purchases, according to a recent study.”(Business Insights, 2018). “Purchasing decisions are complex as many factors are leading an individual to purchase apparel (Reddy and Reddy, 2010)” (Rieke, 2016).

Apple's Marketing Mix: Price

Apple uses high amounts for their merchandises. The creativity and amount of thought in their commodities shows the consumers they are spending more for quality insurance. Apple usually does not have deals on their goods, and the price is customarily regular and does not fall until a new device is designed and issued. This expensive charge tactic brings middle/upper class customers and improves Apple's high-end image. Millennials appreciate spending considerably extra time contemplating the product there are about to purchase.” Forty-five percent of millennials admitted they prefer buying online because they can run comparisons on products and prices” (Hall, 2018)

Apple's Marketing Mix: Promotion

Apple advertises their merchandises through advertisements online and picture advertisements on billboards, concentrating on their devices and how they are distinctive from rivals. Commercial advertisements appear when a commodity is started initially, publications will continue during the growth of the invention. Advertisements regularly support the corresponding method utilizing both white settings to compare the stylish black device and logo, or the opposite with black settings and white text and logo.  Millennials try to stray away from forms of advertising and favor products that appeal to them and is enjoyed by them and their colleagues. “A consumer's perception of self is a crucial element in developing an intention to purchase and the overall satisfaction with that purchase” (Saren, 2007). Advertisements should be easy and understandable, ordinarily concentrating on a critical highlight of their device. One important part of Apple's advertising is their annual keynote lectures. the lectures keep enthusiasts intrigued and contributes news on future devices. Millennials are a dominant determining factor in online buying habits and commit to the most significant portion of online buying. Furthermore, the fair amount of virtual retailers has given Millennials and customers overall more marketing selections, thus letting Millennials choose their products more carefully and throughout. The merchandise Millennials purchase could be used as an advertisement to bring in more of that generation. Merely having the product could be used as an advertising method. For example, if everyone around you had an Apple iPhone and expressed how great it is it could influence you to buy one.

Apple Marketing Mix: Place

Apple has stern rules as to who is authorized to market (distribute) their merchandises. To secure power over stock, Apple approves certain business to market their goods. This generates rarity which could restrict range, though, it also strengthens the high-end vision of their merchandises. Because of this rarity,  Apple has inexpensive shipping prices and can spend profits in different fields such as stock analysis. Millennials are shifting the laws of trademark shopping, marketing customs, and transforming the purchasing life. Millennials are pushing to show businesses how they need to appeal to customers and build healthy communication with them to keep them. “The most important factor in delighting female millennials is the friendliness of the service employee- another component of employee effect. Friendliness during service delivery is often associated with employees who are excited, cheerful, smiling, and joyful” (Beauchamp, 2015). Apple product distribution contains Apple Stores, Authorized retailers,, and Apples App Store

SWOT Analysis









Technology Savvy



-Technology- dependent


May Be Difficult to Motivate



Baby Boom Generation Retiring

Highly Educated  

Exceptionally Skilled

Product Ambassadors  


Loss of Skilled Workers   

 Baby Boomer Holdouts

 Competitive Job Market

 Online Reputation

Key Competitors

Many of Apple's main rivals are mainly producers of computers. Dell Technologies is a producer of desktops and one of Apple's main rivals. The competition among these businesses goes back several years. Dell has engaged in various assets and additional business endoveors but does not offer smartphones. Lenovo Group is another desktop manufacturer that battles with Apple. This Chinese business offers customers laptops as well as phones and other techs.

Distribution Strategies

Apple depends on a general distribution strategy. This strategy uses the difference in the open distribution channels. Customers should regularly be ready to locate assistance and commodities anywhere they are. The channels that the business uses should be public to assure that the whole distribution method is productive. Apple uses a somewhat selective method in its distribution which guarantees steady accumulation of the products and assistance to the consumer. The business also gives particular stores the ability to take charge over some retailing devices and tactics.  Apple has shown its assistance and merchandises in online stores, Apple approved stores, retailers, and allowed gratification services.

Selective Channels

Apple uses the selective distribution method. These methods have been particularly useful in the marketing of its goods. The targeted method requires a specific level of exclusivity that can reduce the business's market range. The business uses both virtual and in person channels to distribute its goods and services to its consumers. It uses multi-channels that have been helpful in developing and growing the overall business for the organization. Additionally, the company has linked with retailers who work with the stores to raise the sales level.

Static Pricing Strategies

Apple practices a static pricing method. This is because the business's main attention is on the distribution and reproduction of high-end goods that are sold at comparable costs in every demand. Unlike other similar organizations, Apple has normalized its values for some goods in many different markets. This indicates that the organization is centered on wealthy customers. This pricing is made to control the middle/upper class people.

Promotion Pricing

Apple Inc. uses a high-end pricing tactic that the retailing parts of the business are necessary for its pricing tactics. This high-end pricing method concentrates on managing high-end reproduction of the business and its results.  The high-end pricing tactics used by Apple has supported the organization in accompanying greater incomes and earnings from its procedures. The organization does not give any markdowns in the main business channels. The markdown has been made in the supplied commodities only. The organization manages the resellers value at a continuous rate. The organization has managed to guarantee that the costs of the goods and aids are supported at a moderate rate by executing lower merchant margins, zero markdowns and presenting the reseller pricing are compatible with the results they allow. Additionally, Apple has got very particular online and retail stores that are very engaging to customers.

Every era of children are pondered as better than the last. When one group declines, another increase. Every group has fixed thoughts and morals regarding how the world should be. Companies are all finding ways to benefit from Millennials in some way. Apple is one company explaining that has found its niche in providing high-end tech to Millennials. Maybe other companies can take note to find ways to connect to this consumer behavior. Millennials want to be able to browse through a big catalog of products before purchasing. Millennials enjoy when a store has a lot to offer. Millennials are regarded as dependable, very open-minded and supportive of public issues which leads to buying the business's merchandise that falls under those characteristics. Apple does this with there consumers by coinciding with Millennials when social problems occur. “Seventy-two percent of those surveyed said they prefer when brands speak directly and specifically to their respective ethnic group. More than 82 percent said they would like more brands to focus their marketing and advertising on minorities” (Bernier, 2017).


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