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Hein, Alexandria. "Suicide Attempts Increasing among American High School Kids, Study Finds." Fox News. Accessed October 23, 2018.

In “Suicide Attempts Increasing among American High School kids Study Finds” Alexandria Hein wrote that suicide have increase during the time of fall seasons and summer season and which is coinciding with the school years. One of the studies that Hein wrote about talked about how more hospitalization for suicide during the school year had higher rates than how in the summer months the rates for suicide increase for adults. It also talks about how the findings were published a few days before the release of “13 Reasons Why” season 2 and how its glamorized teen suicide rather than to spread the awareness of suicide. It focused mainly on how the suicide rate increase during the school year.

Alexandria Hein is a journalist for Fox News and is also a Health News Editor. Hein has also been seen in the New York Post, The Herald sun and multiple news channels.

I will use this article to give information about how rates of suicide have increase during the school year and what ages are affected more. It gives some resources of what other studies have found about suicide and how a show can increase suicide rates. Also offers data of what ages are more likely to be hospitalized for suicide.

Lynn, Capi. "Sprague High School, Mental Health Partners Host Teen Suicide Prevention Event." Statesman Journal. Oct. 16, 2018. Accessed Oct. 23, 2018.

In “Sprague High School, Mental Health Partners Host Teen Suicide Prevention Event” Capi Lynn writes about how in Sprague High School was hosting a community dialogue to talk about how to prevent teen suicide. The principal at the high school said that hosting the dialogue is there way of an effort to respond to the epidemic happening. Also gives advice to how parents should talk to their kids about suicide and gives them options to get help.

Lynn Capi is a news columnist at Statesman Journal and is also a senior reporter. She studied at The University of Oregon and has been working for 30 years.

I could use this article for my research paper to as an example of what a school is doing and what it is offering for parents and their students about the suicide situation. Also, to help my research to what other schools can do and how they can improve them talking to their students.

Sadwick, Rebecca and Porter, Max. "Why Aren't Schools Doing More to Prevent Suicide?" Forbes. September 11, 2015. Accessed October 23, 2018.

In “Why Aren't Schools Doing More to Prevent Suicide” Rebecca Sadwick write about how many students have been thinking about committing suicide. It also gives us graphs to shows us what are the biggest concerned in our world and also shows the percent that are related to suicide. It also talks about how the role of technology can either increase or decrease suicide.

Rebecca Sadwick is a director of marketing at GoGuardian. She previously managed the. Digital Technologies Initiative at UCLA Luskin Center. In there she did leading research projects on public policy and social justice and also topics of internet safety, technology, teacher tenure, and teacher pay scales.  Max Porter is an Account Executive at GoGuardian, where he is the one responsible for Stategic growth in the education industry.

I could use this article to prove how suicide works in teen sand how they affected with our world. Also, to prove how schools are not attempting to do anything about suicide if it is happening in their school or has happened. It also proves my point that schools avoid the subject of suicide like how my high schools did.

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