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POCARI Sweat is one of the most well-known health drink that was produce in japan during the 1980s before it blew away across the globe, it was produced by Otsuka Pharmacy. As it is mention at the slogan, POCARI Sweat is one of the isotonic drinks that is considered capable of replacing body fluids and electrons, wasted due to daily activities such as jogging, sauna, sports, and others. For many years Pocari is known for its usefulness in restoring body condition. For example, fatigue, fasting, diet, and including restoring the condition of the body after illness. In Japan, this well-known product is recommended by most doctors as much as 90% suggest consume this ion drink. This famous branding drink success took a long process and does not escape from the community's rejection of the product itself. My report will be analyzing how they manage to go international and their marketing strategies which change people perspective towards their products.

As an isotonic drink, Pocari's function is to replace body fluids lost due to exercise or dehydration. The composition is deliberately made similar to the liquid in the human body. So, by drinking Pocari it does not increase its energy, such as energy drinks, but it makes energy recover quickly as it was before. The function of isotonic drinks only restores, does not increase energy. When pocari was first introduce to japan and most countries in the globe, it is considered not a successful product. In Japan,the market segment that Pocari wants to target is the general public who think that this isotonic drink can restore power. Therefore, AIO management forms a team of detailers (such as medical representatives for medicinal products). They were assigned opinion leaders such as doctors to want to recommend Pocari to their patients. Then the AIO also made a presentation to educate Pocari in various forums, such as seminar events. AIO has special teams prepared to make presentations. Pocari salesmen are marketers who also function to provide education and explanation.

Promotion is also carried out through sampling activities at various potential market targets such as sport centers and spas. In addition, sampling was also conducted in schools while giving students an explanation about the benefits of Pocari. They are principled, if consumers are not given the opportunity to try free, maybe they will never try forever.

1. Product

Isotonic drinks are a relatively new product in the health drink industry where Pocari Sweat itself is a pioneer of isotonic drinks in Indonesia and is still the market leader. But even so, it is important for Pocari Sweat to keep an eye on the movements of competitors. Because in this industry the opportunity is still wide open, where demand continues to grow. In fact, so far in terms of products, isotonic drink players do not offer varied benefits, in general the benefits are limited to substituting body fluids lost due to activity. The variations that have existed so far are incremental, for example the addition of vitamins, flavors, and packaging.


In addition, in terms of prices, most competitors are invading the isotonic beverage market at prices that are relatively cheaper than Pocari Sweat. The competition in the middle to lower segment, for now has not been fully penetrated by Pocari Sweat. This is related to the strategic decision taken by management that Pocari Sweat does not compete in terms of price but in terms of value and product benefits. However, in order to keep up with other brand's isotonic drinks at lower prices, Pocari Sweat bottle sizes have been launched to the market and it is estimated that production will increase.


In terms of promotion, Pocari Sweat established a marketing communication strategy that is educational, relying on the transfer of product knowledge to consumers. This is what still holds the key in marketing communication from Pocari Sweat, which also has advantages over competitors because Pocari Sweat has already carried out this activity with its position as a pioneer.

Meanwhile, the advertising media is the kind of battleground from isotonic drink players in Indonesia. This is related to a strategy to increase brand awareness from consumers towards other brands besides Pocari Sweat. In plain view through this advertising media, it can be seen that in the competition for isotonic drinks there are differences in the segments of society that the players are aiming for. Pocari Sweat positions itself as a sports drink and health drink for families. Meanwhile, most competitors position themselves as energy recovery drinks for young people who are studying and working, here is rarely displayed isotonic drinks as a drink for families.


In terms of distribution, almost all players in the isotonic beverage market use modern and traditional distribution channels. In this case, there is a similarity in the way of view to shape consumer perceptions that isotonic drinks are occasional daily and non-drink drinks. In the midst of this competitive competition, Pocari Sweat, which has been building distribution channels since the 1990s, has to face competitors who use its distribution channels. Which covers the entire territory of East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

All in all, pocari sweat is

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