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‘Generation Like,' points out to a consumerism relationship between the users of social platforms and the network sites. It points to the fact that others have placed objectivity in the hands of the audience without real display of what a person truly identified with but a constant battle for likes and approval. It points out to the fact that facade is created in the portrayal of what the real person is in an effort to seek recognition (Rushkoff, 2014). The video brings into focus the aspect of shallow communication with false delivery of impression in order for confirmation of identity. In a way, it brings in the aspect of a low self-esteem that a person is identified by what the peers define them as.

Monetization of Content

Creating an identity based on the personality has become one of the objective way to reach more people. Exposure of things that would otherwise be considered embarrassing in a face to face social setting seems to be more attractive. While Tyler understands his nature, he has taken advantage of that to reach out to people and in the process. As Google tracks his progress the likes act as a advertising platform for different companies. Talking or taking a picture about a product and getting many people to like means that the company is reaching a wider audience which sometimes reflect in sales. In this way, Tyler attracts the companies and in the process becomes a brand ambassador in his own, therefore, makes money off the social media like and talking about himself. Branding becomes the way to make an income off the subscribers and likes in a person's channel (Rushkoff, 2014).

Daniela Diaz Feedback

Daniels began with no expectation and low self-confidence and in a way being out there to the world made her gain that level of boost she needed. Her reaction to her mother's suggestion at first shows us the shy nature that she had but with continued conversation, we can see that she transformed into a confident person by the way she responded by wanting t give more content. She takes Instagram as a platform rather than the ‘real' view and it only hit her that she has an impact when she met a person who could relate to her content. There is a sense of the evolution of self-worth with her that portrays almost a coming to terms with the status. She has started to use the same techniques as other social media users in the process of competing for more likes (Rushkoff, 2014). In a way, Daniela increasingly becomes an expert at marketing herself to the users through a diverse method in the platform such as photo, interactive media in combination with her initial path, singing.

“Generation Like” and Fame

The video talks about fame as an addiction. Using the people pointed out in the video like Tyler and Daniela, it shows the process of becoming immersed in this world with simple intention, which gradually grows as approval, is received from the masses. However, there is a contradiction of thought as it also points out that the addiction may be profitable in the end. In a way, the video gives the positive and negative side of social media while sensitizing on the moderation of use. It points out that fame can be a tool for profitability by social media users, content creators, and businesses; hence, it is not something that can truly be ignored (Rushkoff, 2014). This is because there seems to be a growing trend in ‘stamp of approval' hence a different way of growth for this generation.

View on Social media

This video is insightful in the fact that it points out the roles of the content creators, social media users, the parents, business, and social media companies. In this way, it brings into focus the aspect of inclusive responsibilities by pointing out the need for all of them to regulate the use of social media from their end. However, it does not change my view on social media as part of the reason for more exposure to the depravity of society as well as the good things about life. Life in evolutionary, we cannot be stuck in one school of thought forever without consideration of the growth process of a community. Therefore, accepting the good and the bad is part of the process of growth. the path of choice is not something that we can force people to choose, humans are inherently good, or inherently bad, hence there is a willingness in some way to be led in one direction (Stafford, 2013). Therefore, the platform of social media is only an object to the user as well as the content creator, in the end; the lesson is in the experience and thus self-actualization.

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