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I wish to pursue a degree in business because it has been of interest to me since initially studying business communication systems at GCSE and then business studies at A-Level. At GCSE, I was confronted with the challenge of applying basic theory and then performing situational analysis on real world examples, a task I enjoyed as it pushed my capabilities. Consequently, at A-Level, I relish the increased challenge of applying theory to real life case studies and interpreting the impact of this.

From studying business at university, I seek to gain an insight into more proficient analysis of business affairs and develop an understanding of the industry. This can then be tailored to my career path, specifying into a certain functional area by taking the relevant modules, enriching my learning.

Modules such as marketing and management interest me because they link to my ambition to run my own successful business. I'm a keen entrepreneur, for example; making over £100 selling products I received for free off amazon sellers in exchange for writing an extensive review on the product.

Studying business and politics at A-Level has spurred an interest in staying up to date with current affairs in my free time, developing my understanding of U.K. markets and the importance of business to the economy, but also how political decisions impact the economic climate; Brexit for instance, is exceptionally interesting due to the uncertainty of its outcome, enhancing debate around its bearing on the future.

Studying mathematics at A-Level has developed my problem-solving skills significantly; whilst it challenged me intellectually, I refused to quit knowing its fundamental importance to financial modules within the degree, and the importance of finance in the running of a company. My desire to succeed and my hard-working attitude is reflected within my GCSE results; obtaining 3 grade 8's, 2A*'s, 5A's and a B

Throughout 2018, I undertook an extended project focusing on alcohol, its economic impact and evaluating the effectiveness of methods attempting to reducing alcohol consumption. Through this, I learnt valuable research and report writing skills, which will be useful during my time at university. The long independent nature of the project meant I had to be disciplined in time management in order to meet deadlines, but it uncovered my tenacious attitude, as I refused to give up even at times when I felt a lack of motivation.

To conclude my project, I presented my project to around 40 people. This allowed me to build upon my presentation skills, furthering my confidence in talking to a crowd. I received praise on the clarity and effectiveness of my presentation

In year 10 I completed a week's work experience at EE which I spent with the ‘Product Roadmap Team'. This team controlled the expenditure on projects - such as putting service on the tube. I helped update the status of multiple projects, as well as learning about the composition of a balance sheet and the important of ‘Opex' and ‘Capex', terms which became more familiar studying business at A-Level. From this week's work I had the opportunity work autonomously and view an insight into the financials of a FTSE100 business.

In addition to my studies, I have made many commitments during my time in sixth form. I served as a reading and mathematics mentor, and towards the end of year 12 I was selected as a prefect and house captain, further installing principles of trust, dependability and leadership. These positions of responsibility are respected throughout the school, and managing the balance between studies and responsibilities is crucial to be successful.

I am also committed to playing rugby, being part of the 1stXV and Bristol Bears Academy U18's, surpassing a vigorous selection process, requiring dedication, time management and focus on certain areas of improvement. Being part of the 1st XV leadership group, has strengthened my capabilities of communicating and leading a team. Through sport I understand the importance of commitment to something, whilst also developing an ability to work calmly under pressure.

I look forward to the challenges, but also the rewards university life offers. I would love to study at your University because I believe that I have the right attitude towards learning, putting my academic abilities to their best use I am convinced it will provide the necessary opportunities for me to lead a successful career in the business industry, fulfilling my lifetime ambitions.

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