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b) Marketing strategy - Positioning

Dutch Lady milk tried to distinguish themselves from the competitors and position themselves as a premium product by creating the high quality and promoting the healthier and better milk product. The positioning bases that are used by Dutch Lady milk:

i) Product quality

Customer always look for the best quality of milk. Therefore, the official test results released by the ministry of health (MOH) affirmed that all our products are safe for consumption. Furthermore , Dutch lady milk also maintain and ensure the freshness of the milk for customer to consume . Lastly , customer can keep the freshness of the milk once opened, keep in refrigerator and consume within 3 day.

ii) Product Attribute

The characteristics of milk is one of the parts of product attribute. The usage of high in vitamin D3 , milks solids non fat , milk fat and vitamin(A,D3,B2) and it contains permitted good conditions. Beside that, Dutch lady milk contain high in vitamin B3 milk has made a significant presence in the brand of dutch lady.

iii) Marketing Mix


Dutch Lady has variety range of diary product which include Dutch Lady Purefarm UHT milk, Dutch Lady Milky, Friso Gold , low fat yoghurt , 0% fat yoghurt drink and formulated milk powder for children Dutch Lady Nutriplan with 5X DHA. The product are high in calcium , protein and it is nutritious to aid it human and baby growth . They come up with different product that are suitable with different age group. Therefore, Dutch Lady's product are widely recognize by many.


Dutch Lady is accessible as low as RM 2 for a 140g 0f yoghurt to RM7 for a 500g yoghurt. As for their milk product prices are range from RM3 to RM9 . Furthermore , their baby milk powder cost around RM30 for 900g. The price are reasonable and affordable for an average family who has kids and babies .


Dutch Lady is an efficiently accessible dairy milk product . It can be obtain and purchase through most of the convenient stores, markets, shopping complex. It is done by wholesalers of Dutch Lady.

D. Recommendation

i) Product - Add more variety flavour of dairy product

Nowadays, most dairy factory produce various type of milk to fulfil the wants and needs of the customers. However, the diary product of Dutch lady still retain its more traditional flavour such as original, chocolate and strawberry. They should have breakthrough on the flavour of the product. For instance, they could launch a whole new flavour that not most of the factory have done it yet such as cherry milk, peppermint milk , blueberry milk and so on . The reason being that is that the new product will excite the customer as well as their curiosity. Additionally, it can increase the sales and gain more customers.

ii) Promotion - cashback

Consumers are likely to buy when there is a promotion. Dutch lady can have a cashback promotion to their customer when they spend a certain amount of their product. Also, Dutch Lady does not have any loyalty cards or member card to retain their existing customer. They only have some limited promotion that can just attract their customer who want to enjoy the promotion at the moment. In order to retain the existing customer and attract new customer , they can consider to collaborate with bank to carry out cashback promotion. Additionally , they can come up with their own membership programme that allows the customer to earn points every time they make a purchase on Dutch Lady product.

iii) Labelling - packaging

The packaging of the kid's product can be more eye-catching so that it will attract the parents to buy for their kids. Nowadays, people tend to have a health concept when it comes to their food so they are most likely to purchase something such as no cholesterol, no fats and low sugar content and so on . Thus,  Dutch Lady should consider producing such product to satisfy the consumers needs and wants.

iv) Placing - Find retailers

Currently, Dutch Lady only export their product to Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam. Dutch lady should enlarge their product to other countries. Since Dutch Lady products are “Halal”, so it wouldn't be a problem to sold their products in other countries such as India, Iran or Pakistan. Additionally, Dutch Lady are popular in sponsoring athletes in London Olympics, thus the high brand equity of Dutch Lady is set in people's mind. Therefore , it is easier to find retailers in other high currency countries to expand the title and profit of Dutch Lady.

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