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The American Cancer Society is a national community based organization that is driven by volunteers. This health organization is dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer. The primary goal is to save lives and minimize suffering from this deadly disease.  The American Cancer Society works directly with the public to educate the public in several different programs and health services. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis is a technique to use when trying to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and understand the opportunities that are available to you as well as any potential threats. SWOT encourages the organizations to take a step back from every day operations and look at the big picture. This analysis is a process that affects a company's success for change, which includes high name recognition, effective branding, international broad range of programs, strong marketing strategies, and dedicated force of volunteers.

The American Cancer Society is the world leader in the fight against cancer, they have generated over $1 billion in resources attained annually to save lives by helping people to stay well by finding means of a cure and by fighting back against the disease any way possible. The American Cancer Society has recently celebrated its 105th anniversary, and looking back at what the organization has accomplished and its goals for the future, CEO John Seffrin is proud to say Happy Birthday to the American Cancer Society. There are over 3 million volunteers currently working for the ACS, and a large portion of their budget is allocated towards targeting cancer patients, cancer survivors, caregivers, and families of patients. A part of the customer relations management system is to target wealthy members of the society, this gives society a jump-start with fundraising endeavors; this sometimes includes getting individuals who, through their wills or other financial investments, are able to make substantial gifts to the cancer fighting efforts. With the CRM system, they are able to target them as a contained group within fundraising efforts.

American Cancer Society's strengths of the organization includes their drive to create healthier lives for those who are affected by this life-changing disease. Being one of  the wealthiest non-profit organizations, ACS  has helped millions of people overcome cancer, find a community, and seek to find a cure for cancer. The organization uses its its money to fund research that could potentially save the lives of many. Founded in 1913, the work and conscious efforts of ACS has contributed to a 25 percent drop in the overall cancer death rate in the United States.  As the largest non-government funder of cancer research, the ACS has spent more than $4 billion on cancer research, and played a role in nearly every cancer breakthrough in history. Futhermore, the organization holds events each year such as the Relay for Life that comprises the world's largest movement to end cancer. Additionally, there are many opportunities that ACS should take advantage of, like th advancement of technology. For example, a new cancer-fighting technology called ChemoID utilizes more effective chemotherapy drugs that has less side effects. Moreover, social media is at its peak which is an outlet for expansion for the organization.

In order to understand how to better enhance the organization, the threats and weaknesses must be examined. In times of a weaker economy, the amounts of donations lessens greatly, and most people cut out charity expenses before anything else when budgets decrease. The organization also faces a lot of direct competition like Susan G. Komen for example. Susan G. Komen is also a non-profit organization that directly addresses breast cancer. On several occasions, ACS has been accused of being more interested in wealth rather than health. Many question if the high salaries earned by the executives of the company are earned honestly. Though they have contributed millions of dollars to cancer research, more could be given if less was allocated to the employees. Nevertheless, weaknesses and threats can be mitigated by taking advantage of extensive research through the advancement of technology.

My prediction for future success for the American Cancer Society is very high, with the emphasis on finding a possible cure for cancer, they will continue to grow. Staying focused on the bigger picture will not only advance the organization, but will save numerous lives as well. Analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will intensify the success of the organization, and create a better future.

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