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Stage 1: Controversial Advertising

1. Stan, Rebel Wilson 2015 Advertisement

What were the objectives of the advertisement (from the brand's perspective)?

It is clear the objective of Stan was to evoke a sense of humorous shock with the innuendo around the term “pussy”. The other key objective was to establish brand awareness amongst the consumer market as the streaming service was launching in a bid to compete with the dominance of Netflix in Australia.


Who was the intended audience?

Stan intended audience was young millennials; metropolitans 18-30. These individuals would most likely be avid watchers of On Demand TV/Film content; this target audience is also consolidated by the timing placement of the TVC; as it aired after 8.30pm on metropolitan TV.

 Is the advertisement effective?

Stan effectively set out, what they intended to do; create discourse and grab the attention of its audiences. The complaints associated with the commercial also created brand awareness amongst a wide range of consumers whilst establishing brand identity to the consumers in which the commercial was targeted to appeal to.

How would you improve the advertisement?

Although the commercial may have appealed to the young audience in which it was targeted to, a more clever and discreet word play would be more effective and appeal to a larger target audience for the company.

Based on the trade press article, what was the effect of the controversy and how could this impact the brand?

The commercial received over 100 complaints to the Advertising Standards Bureau with most consumers offended over the use of the word “pussy”. Despite the wide complaints, the ASB upheld the TVC, stating the commercial did not breach any code of ethics or guidelines of the regulator. Due to the dismissal of complaints, it is clear the controversy did not impact the brand substantially and the intended audience for Stan. (, 2015)

2. Cherrios 2013 SuperBowl commercial

What were the objectives of the advertisement (from the brand's perspective)?

In Cherrios 2013 commercial, the TVC featured a representation of interracial American family causing controversy across the US. Cheerios key objective was to establish the brand identity of the company as progressive and socially present whilst appealing to the modern American family through humor.

Who was the intended Audience?

The intended audience of the commercial was young millennial families with children. These individuals would likely be modern thinking consumers.

Is the advertisement effective? Why?

Cheerios delivered what it meant to do, illustrate the changing representations of typical American families and establish the iconic cereal brand as a company of progressiveness and modernity.

How would you improve the ad?

Due to the discourse the advertisement caused, as well as the plaudits of a large percentage of Cherrios consumers, I would not make any amendments to the advertisement

Based on the trade press article, what was the effect of the controversy and how could this impact the brand?

From the onset of the airing, the TVC received a massive racial backlash and discourse across the US for the representation of the interracial family. Due to the bigotry surrounding the ad with the comments section of the YouTube video was closed. Although the controversy and hatred remarks surrounding the commercial did not negatively affect the Cheerio's Brand. The company received a 77 percent increase in online brand exposure from the three months the commercial was aired in the Super Bowl timeslot. (Heine, 2014)

Stage 2: Award Winning Campaign

Old Spice: “The man your man could smell like” 2009 TVC

Did the campaign affect consumer behaviour in a sustainable, ongoing way?

Old's spice's 2009 ad campaign sufficiently affected consumer behaviour in a sustainable, ongoing way? In 2009, Company data research had concluded that women were the making the majority of body wash purchases and men were just using their wives/partners body wash seeing a decrease in the sales of the brand's products. The campaign was a major success as sales for the company jumped 55 percent in the following three months and rose 107 percent the month after, also sales figures from Symphony IRI also showed a lift for Old Spice Body Wash products. (Leary and Wasserman, 2014)

Name the key elements that make the campaign award winning?

Targeting the campaign towards female consumers can be considered the key element towards the campaign's success. The humorous tone of the commercial and its satirizing of advertising techniques was extremely receptive to audiences.

Stage 3: Ads by Category

Social Media: After Pay Instagram Ad

What were the objectives of the advertisement (From the brand's perspective)?

The objective of the Afterpay Instagram ads was to communicate to users to use the service when purchasing apparel products on the social media platform whilst also to appeal to the young target demographic and establishing brand identity. It is clear the target audience of the advertisement is young millennials 18-30.

Is the Advertisement effective? Why?

The Instagram Ad is extremely effective as it directly appeals and relates to the designated target audience. The application of the common phrase used amongst millennials “broke AF” appeals to the direct target audience. The ad, is also quite honest and clear, effectively communicating the company service, logo and slogan; “buy now, pay later”.

How would you improve the advertisement?

Although, an effective factor of the ad is its simple design, the inclusion of more distinct colour palette or uses of images could further improve the ad and appeal to the target demographic.

Academic Article:

In the journal article “Predicting positive user responses to social media advertising: The roles of emotional appeal, informativeness, and creativity, Lee and Hong (2016) assess the factors of effective social media marketing. The authors conclude that emotional appeal, informative communication and creativity within social media marketing correlates with positive user behaviour. Lee and Hong developed a conceptual model of social media user's behavioural responses based on a mix of the theory of reasoned action, the social influence theory, and persuasion theory.

The authors also suggest that informative and advertising creativity were linked with positive behavioural responses and attitudes from social media users. Furthermore, their evidence suggested these positive responses were positively associated with purchase decision. Therefore concluding, creative and informative executions across the different social media mediums will be the major critical success factors for future social media marketing strategies.

B2B: Survey Monkey 2015 Audience Ad

What were the objectives of the advertisement (from the brand's perspective)?

Survey Monkey's key objective was to inform business of the benefits and how to's of developing effective advertising, packaging through their service of Survey Monkeys audience research. By incorporating images of puppies in a box, the company also projected their brand identity and fun and relatable in a B2B arena

Is the advertisement effective? Why?

The Facebook ad was a creative and out of the box concept delivered by the company. Survey Monkey concisely state, the benefits of the application of their audience data to business future marketing strategies and decisions. The use of puppies in the ad is also extremely effective as most B2B advertising prefer to illustrate simple data and informational text, therefore ensuring the ad standouts whilst establishing the creative nature of Survey Monkey.

How would you improve the advertisement?

In order to improve the advertisement, I would suggest bolding the caption and text informing the consumers of the benefits of the Survey Monkey. Adding in the text “think outside the box” would also be beneficial to correlate with the puppies jumping out the cardboard box.

Academic Article:

The use of creativity and its effectiveness in B2B advertising is assessed and discussed in the Industrial Marketing Management journal “Advertising to businesses: Does creativity matter?” The report surveyed of 166 participants involved in business management roles and were shown a number of B2B advertisements. The authors stated in their findings that creative advertisements led to shifts in attitudes towards the ad, particular brand and behavioural intentions, solidifying that creative messages are most effective. This breaks away from traditional B2B Advertising techniques which are dominant of data and information. Authors also suggest further, advertising must be original and designed to break through the marketplace clutter, though this can be a perceived risk due to well-established brands within the marketplace. (Baack et al., 2016)

Not for Profit: Alannah and Madeline Foundation “Say Something”2017 Campaign

What were the objectives of the advertisement (from the brand's perspective)?

The objective of the campaign was to highlight the role of bystanders against incidents of bullying against children whilst overall imploring individuals to speak up and reduce bullying towards children in Australia.

Is the advertisement effective? Why?

The advertisement is extremely emotive and dramatic, effectively grabbing the attention of audiences. The narrator and audio of the commercial is clear and straight to the point, effectively informing the audience of the campaign's objectives.

How would you improve the advertisement?

The creative and emotive strategy of the advertisement is very effective and minimal alterations would need to be made to improve the ad due to its strong message.

Academic Article:

In the journal article “Non-profit Organizations Practices and Perceptions of Advertising; Implications for Advertisers', authors concluded advertisers of not for profit organisations would obtain to maximise their messages rather than creating controversial messaging which could polarise audiences. The article also found most not for profit organisations often link with sponsors in order to deliver advertising as budget may be limited or apply free-low budget communication platforms such as PR or online formats to deliver advertising. (Marchland and Lavoie, 1998)

Global: Nike “Find Your Greatness Ad”

What were the objectives of the advertisement (from the brand's perspective)?

The key objectives of Nike, was to reach a mass consumer audience in light for the then upcoming 2012 summer Olympics. The main objective of the advertisement was to illustrate to consumers that greatness is found in the ordinary individual. The intended audience for the commercial would consumers interested in the summer Olympics or rather sport in general. Although this may seem too wide of a target audience, due to the market place domination of the brand in sports, the company effectively would market the commercial to a wide audience.

Is the advertisement effective? Why?

The ad appeals to a wide mass of individuals and showcases participants exercising in array of cultures and nations of all types, therefore can be considered an effective global ad. The ad also illustrates ordinary individuals achieving greatness, separating itself from the prototypical athletic ad, featuring iconic sport stars, the major characteristic of most sport advertising campaigns.

How would you improve the ad?

The ad achieves its objectives and therefore I would make minimal improvements to the commercial.

Academic Article

In the article “Applications to global branding and advertising strategy and research” the topic of the global marketing and whether the standardisation of marketing techniques internationally or adapt to local cultural climates is analysed. The article applies Hofstede's Model, to justify the contrasts of self-concept, self-identity and personality in global marketing scenarios. The authors conclude that cultural values are a major factor of the consumers self, not just environmental factors and are imperative when developing effective advertising for a variance of countries. De Mooij, Hofstede also state for this to be successful, the consumer must be central to the campaign itself as these cultural values define the personality of the consumer (De Mooij, Hofstede, 2010)

Stage 4: Good Ad Versus Bad Ad

Good Ad: Nescafe Australia Ad 2015

Is the creative approach consistent with the message strategy and objectives? Does it communicate what it is supposed to do?

Nescafé Australia's 2015 Blend 43 Australian Mornings commercial is an extremely effective advertisement. The creative strategy of the TVC is one of nostalgia and nationalism consistent with the message strategy that Nescafé blend 43 is made for Australians and a home-grown product. The ad also features an Australian artist in the soundtrack, compatible to the messaging.

Is the creative approach appropriate for the target audience?

The target audience for the commercial can be considered broad, although is marketed towards middle-working class Australians and are consumers of instant coffee, most likely 30-50 years of age. As such, the creative approach is effective to the target audience as the TVC illustrates these wide variety of individuals consuming the product.

Does the creative approach communicate a clear and convincing message to the consumer?

Nescafé's creative approach is clear in its communication to the target audience. The approach is clear; communicating to the audience that Blend 43 is home-grown and synonymously Australian and for Australians

Is the creative approach appropriate for the media environment in which it is likely to be seen?

The commercial was aired nationally on commercial free to air television in Australia. Free to Air TV major consumers would be older generations and adults in the company's target audience, thus the format which the commercial is intended for is appropriate.

Bad Ad: Bic “Look like a girl” Ad

Is the creative approach consistent with the message strategy and objectives? Does it communicate what it is supposed to do?

The creative approach by Bic in this instance is completely inconsistent with the message strategy and objectives of the ad. It is clear BIC's objective for the ad was to celebrate international women's day and appeal to professional females however it is completely contradictory as the ad alludes to the suggestion that women should “think like a man”, a completely out of date and uncommon phrase.

Is the creative approach effective for the target audience?

The target audience for the ad is professional working females and as the messages is sexist and backwards, it utterly misses the target audience and rather offends the demographic.

Does the creative approach communicate a clear and convincing message?

The communication and messaging in the ad is contradictory and messy throughout the ad.

Is the creative approach appropriate for the media environment in which it is likely to be seen?

It is clear, BIC made a horrendous mistake through this advertisement and the format in which it was shared. Bic's official Twitter page posted the ad and as such reached a wide mass of consumers and audiences, leaving it open to wide criticism.

Stage 5: Pitch New Advertisement

This is a clear but effective improvement of the original BIC's South Africa 2015 International Women's Day Advertisement. The text of “think like a man” is replaced with woman, simply eradicating the sexist and offensive communication the original ad conveys. The implementation of the text “you are the boss” is also inspirational and would directly appeal to the female target audience. The composition and colour palette of the ad is unchanged, though an enlarging of the hashtag; #happywomensday, would be recommended to effectively communicate the brand and the ad's messaging to the target audience. The ad, could be formatted through different mediums of print rather than just Twitter and is transferrable also across multiple social media platforms.

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