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Chloe Noble

4 Frater Place, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB24 5DG

Mobile: 07921 565591 [email protected]


I am currently in year three of my degree in Law and Management at Robert Gordon University. A motivated & hardworking individual, I have over 5 years experience in administrative function with previous time served within the catering/retail/ hospitality industry. With a proven history of implementing cost saving & promotional initiatives, I also have a wealth of experience from time spent in different work environments across multiple cultures. I am at ease engaging with both customers & company management respectively & particularly enjoy working with others & expanding my social competence within a team environment.


• BA (Hons) Law and Management, Robert Gordon University 2018 – 2020

Key Modules: Delict, Corporate Governance, Company Law,

Legal Systems, Skills & Ethics, Entrepreneurship In The Legal Sector

• HND in Legal Services, North East Scotland College 2016 – 2018

• All offshore tickets valid until August 2019: BOSIET, MIST, HUET, OPITO (Minimum Safety Training & CA-EBS), Escape Chute


Citizens Advice Bureau

Volunteer Adviser MARCH 2018 – PRESENT

• Finding out the key points of a clients problem

• Finding out what a clients problem is and helping them understand self-help information so the client can act for themselves

• Interview clients at the bureau, by phone or in person

• Providing information to the client from reputable sources

• Explain the choices the client faces, and what these choices mean for them

• Offer practical help to clients by writing letters, making phone calls and helping fill in forms

• Performing calculations (for example, to assess entitlement to certain kinds of benefits)

• Refer clients to other agencies if they are better placed to help

• Keep records of all clients' cases

• Social policy work

Glo Tanning & Beauty Salon

Assistant Manager NOVEMBER 2015 – OCTOBER 2016

• Managing client appointments and keeping up with the demands of clients

• Beauty treatments

• Welcoming and greeting customers

• Setting targets for staff

• Selling products and treatments

• Managing, motivating and training a small team of beauticians

• Driving turnover and profits

• Resolving guest complaints or issues

• Managing and forecasting retail stock levels

• Organising promotion and marketing campaigns

• Analysing weekly and monthly sales figures

• Controlling salon expenses

Inkdividual Tattoo Studio

Front Desk Receptionist   MARCH 2015 – OCTOBER 2015

• Assisted customers with purchase of tattoo's & provided quotation estimates for tattoo designs

• Presented examples of designs and finalized design plans of tattoos to be applied

• Answered phones, scheduled appointments and coordinated artist schedule

• Cleaning of tattoo stations and office including sterelisation with autoclave, safe needle disposal via sharps containers box

• Assisting artists with setup of stations with fresh disposable or sterilised equipment

Gadies Restaurant

Supervisor/Barista  FEBRUARY 2012 – SEPTEMBER 2012

• Motivating staff to deliver friendly and effective service, providing day-to-day support to the manager and owner

• Daily rotation of stock, materials management & cashing up

• HR responsibilities including training and development of staff

• Training undertaken for understanding of drink measurements and weights of drink levels

• Managing a team of 6 and also casual weekend staff

• Assisting the manager in coordinating and planning for large events

• Ensuring selling opportunities are increased through highlighting special offers & offering additional food & beverage with existing orders


Communication and Interpersonal

• Gained a wealth of experience in communicating with others in a variety of different environments. Whilst working as a volunteer I have learnt the ability to develop a report with my clients and to earn their trust during interviews at Citizens Advice. I also offer help to clients by writing letters and making phone calls to 3rd parties on their behalf.   

• Increased brand awareness of Inkdividual Tattoo Studio via creation of online Facebook page, flyering & organisation of product stalls for charity events resulting in increased company exposure to the public & increased interest in Inkdividual tattoo designs

Teamwork and Leadership

• Taking the role as Assistant Manager, I managed and motivated a team of Beauty Advisors and consistently met and beat targets by organising weekly meeting and by leading and participating in group discussions with my team.

Problem Solving

• At Citizens Advice Bureau I received full training in the skills needed to help people deal with their problems and learn how to find the information the client needs from the database used at the Bureau. I have learnt how to deal with the problems of my clients in a calm and efficient manner and am careful to approach situations with empathy when required, employ active listening skills and to ask the client appropriate questions to get to the root of the the problem.

• Initiated cost saving measures by more efficient utilisation of stock, ensuring signage for premium brands of liquor & spirits are strategically displayed & implementing personal hostess duties including personal care towards customers with regards to service, orders placed & encouraging a higher number of customers to enter the premises

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