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2018-2022 Fund Development Plan for

Evergreen Life Services


Presented by:

William J. Brown

Vice President of Development Evergreen Life Services

Mission Statement

To Serve, Provide for and Champion individuals with disabilities.

Our Core Values

*Support the inclusion of people with disabilities in their home communities. *Provide for people with disabilities by maintaining a stable, viable, principled and

financially healthy organization.

*Promote a basic belief in, and commitment to advocate for, human and civil rights. *Help individuals to live the highest quality of life.

*Encourage the spiritual growth and nurturance of all people.

Plan of Action

The key to any successful fund development effort is flexibility. Therefore, this plan is merely a guideline and should not be looked upon as a rigid document. The success of an effort of this type depends on many changing factors such as economic climate, tax law, donor interest, and population mix. Therefore, this fund development plan should be updated routinely to make certain it is constantly workable.


This fund development plan consists of the following sections:

- Basic Principles

- Propose and set in place a 3 to 5 Year Goals/Objectives Plan of Action to

increase charitable support for Evergreen Life Services with the implementation

of the following initiatives:

- Initiative I: Establish and implement a Major Gift/Planned Giving strategy to

ensure quality control, integrity, cost effectiveness and philanthropic growth while sustaining the Evergreen Life Services donor relationships with High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) in the eight states Evergreen serves to meet the yearly revenue goals.

- Initiative II: Annual Fund Strategy to implement identification, cultivation, participation and stewardship of all donor relationships in meeting Evergreen Life Services ongoing organizational needs for growth and expansion of philanthropic support.

- Initiative III: The Case for Support for Evergreen is never finished or completed. It needs constant review and updating to attract ongoing charitable support to enhance the mission and vision of Evergreen Life Services.

- Initiative IV: Continue to have not only the Directors of Donor Relations (DDRs) but also Evergreen volunteers and board members involved in the identification, cultivation and securing of major and planned gifts. This includes all members of the Evergreen Community Development Committees with an emphasis on total number of calls made, total dollars raised and total current/planned gifts secured.

- Initiative V: As the community-based fund development program takes shape the network of (DDRs) needs to be expanded into more communities served by Evergreen. (Three budgeted in 2018 – Greeneville, Tennessee, Texarkana, Texas, Alexandria, LA

- Initiative VI: Online donor engagement involving the website, emails, and social media will be continuously reviewed and refreshed to reflect the current case-for- support along with examples of testimonials showing how donations make a difference in the lives of clients at Evergreen.

- Initiative VII: With the new database Donor Perfect in place there will be a need for the Evergreen IT department to be fully engaged in assisting in this transition. Evergreen's Director of Donor Information (DDI) will focus the majority of time and will be the expert in leading this new phase of donor record keeping.

- Initiative VIII: A major priority will be working with the Chief Communications Officer, development staff, and Evergreen Senior Staff to design and implement a program that will be attractive to current and prospective donors which includes producing planned and major gift publications for educational and philanthropic purchases.

- Initiative IX: Securing corporate sponsorships and increase attendance for the Celebrity Waiter Dinner and the annual Heavendropt Event over the next five years, and consistently communicate with the Evergreen Donor Base the value and importance of this special and unique program.


- Professional Development Initiatives: #1. Complete the writing, editing and publishing of my Principles of Philanthropy (POP Books) that covers every aspect of the fund development profession from Special Events to Capital Campaigns.

- #2. Attend the AFP 2019 Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas from March 31st to April 2nd, 2019 with all Evergreen Development Team members as a good networking and educational opportunity for our staff.

Basic Principles

The fund development plan is based on certain basic principles:

- One of the cornerstones to a good fund development/philanthropic program is a good public relations program.

- The most effective fund development is done by Evergreen Administrative Staff, and volunteer board members.

- Evergreen will be in a constant state of asking for charitable support for this special non-profit organization.

- Review of names and developing the most effective strategy for approaching major contributors and community leaders will be a primary part of the Evergreen Fund Development Program.

- The donors who give the most are not always the people with the most money, but often are those most involved in, benefited by, or informed and educated about the lifesaving programs and services provided Evergreen Life Services.

- The need must be clearly defined and completely understood and endorsed by the Evergreen Life Services Administrative Staff and board members.

The plan encompasses a balance of fund development concepts: major gifts/planned giving: (donor relations/moves management, community engagement, legacy giving) annual fund (corporate/business support, foundation grants, staff, committee development, communications, gift processing, online donor engagement, direct mail, fundraising database, church support, special events, grants and donor stewardship). This plan will be adjusted each year in keeping with the current needs of Evergreen Life Services.


Three to Five Year Goals

The long range plan of action is intended to attract voluntary charitable support which will provide charitable contributions for the following:

- Expand Evergreens philanthropic and ongoing funding needs through major gift/planned giving support.

- Advance and increase the donor base for Evergreen Life Services through a moves management program and relationship building process with identified major/planned gift prospects.

- Focus on educating, informing, and involving interested donors who are in the High Net Wealth Individuals (HNWI) category.

- Continue to build a strong feeling of goodwill and awareness throughout the population that is served by Evergreen. While this condition appears to be prevalent at this time, we must be conscious of how Evergreen will receive philanthropic support from increasing numbers of caring contributors.

Initiative I: Major Gifts/Planned Gifts

The Evergreen Life Services Major Gift/Planned Giving Program to benefit Evergreen will be long term in nature. This special program will take on a leadership role in the fund development plan in raising charitable support for Evergreen Life Services.

Goal #1

*Determine from Evergreen Life Services staff, board members and volunteers who are the top 100 to 150 current and prospective major gift prospects. Design appropriate and effective one-on-one Moves Management Strategies to educate, inform, and involve each current and potential contributor on the impact of investing in Evergreen Life Services.

Target Audiences

*Prominent Community Leaders in the eight states served by Evergreen. *Current and prospective donors.

*The Evergreen Life Services current and former board members. *Current donors giving $1,000 a year or more for three consecutive years.

Marketing Tactics

*The Evergreen Life Services board and administrative staff will help determine

the top donor prospects by December 15, 2018 based on charitable interest/intent, financial capacity and giving history.

*Set up and complete, with the help of Evergreen Life Services volunteers, board members 30 individual and corporate donor meetings by December 15, 2018.


Initiative II: Annual Fund

When we realize the importance of annual charitable support being received from as many sources as possible, particularly from volunteer committee members, and corporate partners we recognize individuals contribute annually over 90% of all charitable gifts made in the United States and internationally. Therefore, direct mail and email appeals to current and prospective Evergreen Life Services donors will provide current support, and will take on a high priority in this overall development program effort.

Goal #1

*Establish an Annual Fund Strategy to continue the identification, cultivation, participation and stewardship of all donor relationships in meeting Evergreens ongoing philanthropic needs for growth and expansion. Direct

mail and email appeals will provide an opportunity for current and prospective Evergreen donors to contribute to Evergreen which will be followed by personal acknowledgments/stewardship from Evergreen volunteers and staff.

Target Audiences

*Current Evergreen donors.

*Private Foundations, Corporate Foundations, and Family Foundations

Marketing Tactics

*With assistance from Evergreen volunteers and staff, they will be asked to make donor stewardship calls to thank each donor for their direct mail/email contribution with a suggested date and time to meet and thank each donor in person. This process will be completed by December 15, 2018.

*Evergreen Life Services – A key component of this strategy is involving high level volunteers and donors and getting each of them to contribute on a yearly basis to enhance fundraising and awareness efforts. These individuals have two primary roles in fund development:


Donor Recognition

1. Contacting and coordinating meetings with potential corporate and major donor prospects.

2. Organizing one fundraising/cultivation stewardship event per year for education, awareness recognition purposes

 Donor recognition is an important part of the fund development process. Evergreen Life Services Administrative Staff will continue to evaluate the current and long term needs for donor recognition.

Responsibilities of Evergreen Life Services Development Staff

In organizing and directing the fund development efforts for Evergreen Life Services for the long term, the following areas will be addressed:

*Continue to update, organize and implement a professionally designed donor record keeping software system to keep track of all charitable donations, produce donor thank you letters and track giving history of all donors who support Evergreen.

*Design and produce fundraising printed materials/PowerPoint presentations for Evergreen that appeal to all sectors of the donor populations/business community.

*Establish a training procedure/program for Evergreen to better

understand the comprehensive fund raising program that is being implemented.

*Build and enhance long lasting donor relationships with all major contributors to secure Evergreens future.

*Produce and present The Evergreen Art of Asking Guide to educate and motivate Evergreen staff and volunteers on how to successfully secure charitable support.


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