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Society has been changing and modernizing for the past decade or so. There are always new inventions coming out like the new iPhone or different technologies that require us to do the bare minimum. This has become an epidemic around the whole world but specifically with the concept of religion. Although society has been changing, religion has had the difficulty of catching up with the so called “status quo”. With this, a manifestation of secularism has come to exist ranging from usually teens to adults. People live out their lives with their religious beliefs and values through their actions or decisions where others do not see it that way. Others feel that religion does not necessarily have to be instilled in you in order to perform your daily work ethic. Different religions believe in different ways life came to be where are secularism takes the scientific point of view. For example, in Catholicism we have the famous creation story with God making Earth in a week. Another example can be how Buddhists believe in the term evolution and reincarnation where there has always been a “before”, so everything will be made anew after their lives are over. Today religion is not really something people are living their lives through, they turn to secularism and believe in their own ways or in nothing at all. People have turned to secularism because of technologies or ways that are being invented to practice their spirituality and due to an influx of different religions from different parts of the world.

With new technologies or different ways that individuals have created, religion has outdated itself and is struggling to catch up with society's standards. With the surge of secularism over the past decades, there have been lower attendances to church or temple as well as people turning away from their religions. People are not motivated to go to Church on Sundays or worship Buddha anymore. For example, the Jehovah's Witnesses walk around talking about how their religion still fits in society and live through it, but people choose to ignore this because they see it as non-traditional. Not only the Jehovah's Witnesses but many other religious denominations still practice religion by word of mouth or attending their institutions. As time progresses, traditions are changing. Nowadays, people follow only trends or believe on “their own terms”. As the world continues to modernize, it has prompted several religious denominations to try to different marketing strategies to reach their audiences. Even so, religion in this moment is lacking elements to fully integrate others to live out their lives with religion. Secularism is taking over little by little and religion still needs to catch up.  

There also seems to be an augmentation of different spiritualities or ancient beliefs coming into our society. There has been an inflow of people from all around the world like India whom a majority of practice Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism or others from the Caribbean who bring Santeria. Many see these different religions and practice certain elements from them like yoga or some type of Zen either for themselves or to just experience a branch of the religion. Whereas others just turn away from religion completely or just believe in a higher being. With all these new cultures and religions coming into the country, it has been expanded everyone's viewpoints on whether they really want to stay with their religion, practice different elements, or convert. We have adapted Hindu yoga, vegetarian lifestyles like Janes, or Buddhist's beliefs of reincarnating to another life.

Due to many perspectives, there is not really a right or wrong answer to whether secularism is well and alive or not. Some believe that religion is instilled in our roots while others believe that religion is completely separate and is not something we need in order to go on with our lives. The sociological conflict perspective has come into play where religion can either bind or create problems between groups of people. There may be a possibility as to whether religion is beneficial or not. This is extremely prevalent in the United States but in other countries like Brazil it still is important. Religion needs to familiarize itself really with society's standards as well as the other way around in order to form a sort of balance to continue today.

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