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yees are the key to business success. Here at IRSC BAS Inc., we are dedicated to providing the best care for our employees through continuous communication and teamwork. Human Resources Management is an essential part of our company because it provides us with the tools necessary for a prosperous business. The Human Resources Department requires a systematic approach to be ready to handle any issues that come up, but for this it is important that we design the policies necessary.

Mission/Vision Statement

Vision Statement- We aspire to build long-lasting partnerships with management in order to create an atmosphere at our company where all our employees feel valued, taken care of and where we hold a connection with them that will lead to a long-term team. We provide valued services in a cost-effective manner to support a vigorous professional environment that fosters respect for diverse perspectives.

Mission Statement- Human Resource Management is dedicated to providing supportive and contemporary services that are relevant and timely to our staff at IRSC BAS, Inc.  We are devoted to promoting a work environment that positively influences our workers and company while insuring state and federal laws.  

Reconstruction Plan

For our company to run smoothly and successfully without any mishap or miscommunication, there needs to be some type of plan moving forward. This is to help all employees establish and achieve any required goal or task that may be asked of them. The changes later announced will improve our company's performance.

Due to the overflow of bodies in certain areas; there will be employees transferred to other departments that require assistance. Employees from the decided departments will be moved to another department that has relevance to their current position. That way our employees will have a seamless transition into their new place. Minimal training will be required for those who will be filling the needed roles for any department. The training will enhance their understanding of what will consist of the positions they are assigned and help them handle problems that should arise.

 To get insight into what is happening in every department, evaluations will be conducted every six months by our company. This will indicate what staff is operating in the company's best interest, what can be improved, and who to let go if necessary; that way if an employee is not where they should be, they will be warned and guided in the right direction. If the employee still fails to meet the required standard asked of them by the next evaluation, then they will be let go. By doing this, it will help our company find better ways to move forward successfully.

Organizational Efficiency

During the next few months, IRSC BAS, Inc will be downsizing staff levels from 87 to 59 full-time employees to reduce overhead and salary costs. Many departments, such as the human resources and accounting departments, are overloaded with too many employees for the work such a small company would produce.  Reducing staff will keep employees engaged in their work and cut down on inefficient use of time.

The technician division will be increased, and teams will be made available from every one of our locations. This will cut down on repair response times and improve our customer satisfaction score. A highly trained technician can be on premises within an hour during a technical emergency.  

Staff Development

IRSC BAS, we want to have well-trained employees to help our customers and provide excellent service. We have developed training plans for the company to obtain these goals. As a company, employee quality and longevity is a goal we strive to accomplish. To succeed in this goal, we are implementing the following standards regarding staff development.  

Company Wide Training

All employees will be trained on the  Business Skype for inter office communication. This training will be 20 minutes long. This allows for all employees to understand how to communicate effectively and how to obtain the conversations if needed. This also will enable the customer to be handled without interruption and allow the employee to interact with others to find answers while assisting the customer.

  Database training will be conducted, the employee will learn how to access the database and what information is in the database. This will allow all employees to see client information regarding orders and follow up contacts times. The training will also provide employees access to product and information about them to serve the customer better.

Sales and Marketing Training

Team leaders will attend conferences on new techniques twice a year. Team members will be trained on the latest procedures by the team leaders when new methods are implemented into the company. By staying current on the new techniques, we can increase sales and market to the proper clientele.

Technicians Training

When new products are implemented into the company, 30 days before use by the company the team leaders and technicians will be sent to training on the products. Allowing the technicians to know installation and troubleshoot the product correctly.

Call Center Training

New Employees will be provided a two day training with someone by their side coaching them. The fIrst day with a team member listening and handling calls to see appropriate procedure of customer ordering and handling. The second day with a team leader listening to all calls and helping handle customers. On completion of day two, employee will be evaluated to see if additional training will be needed.

All team members

Monthly 30 minute meeting to go over new products and applications. Keeps everyone informed on new products to assist customers. This allows for all employees to be aware of the products and give a feedback on concerns that they may notice, for example increase calls about particular part breaking by multiple customers.


Yearly education or seminar for new updates in the laws. Limit to $300 per year per person. This will allow for employees to be up to date and assist the company with the new compliances that need to be followed.

Human Resource

Yearly education or seminar update for new policy and insurance qualifications. Limited to $300 per year per person. This will allow for employees and company to maintain compliance.

All Employees

Employees will be offered tuition reimbursement for AA or Bachelor's Degree in Management, Accounting, Human Resources, IT, Finance, or Marketing. Tuition reimbursement for technical certifications. This will allow employees to better themselves and promote in the company.

All employees must interview for any open positions. Company will promote from within before outside candidate considered. This promoted longevity of our employees and commitment to the company. This also retains the money spent on education of an employee, we do not want to pay for them to better another company.

Performance evaluations will be done every 6 months. Included in the evaluation, customer satisfaction rates. Merit raises based on performance. This allows the company to correct any problems that may be going on with the employee. By correcting the problem earlier than after a year, will increase the satisfaction of the customer and reputation of the company. If the employee does not correct behavior on the second evaluation then other consideration will be done by management, for example retrain, move to another department, or termination.

Performance Measurement Plan:

Business Development-

Program Type: Email Campaigns, Telemarketing, in person events, Webinars

Goals: Number of Sales, Quality of Sales

Methodology: Performance to plan

Market Awareness-

Program Type: Advertising, Social Media, Content Syndication Blogs and Content

Goals: increased number of views likes, impressions, likes clicks and follows Closed Revenue

Methodology: Performance according to plan


Program Type: Competency Level and Number of sales per rep

Goals: Competency Level and Number of sales, Closed Revenue

Methodology: Partner Growth Readiness Score

Employee Benefits

IRSC BAS has developed a comprehensive set of employee benefit programs which are available to the employees and the immediate families. All available employee benefits will be depending on employment status (full-time or part-time) and classification of the employee.


Employee salaries are composed of multiple factors including, but not limited to the financial situation of the company, educational accomplishments, experience, and job duties. IRSC BAS believes in compensating all employees well. However, IRSC BAS also believe in motivating employees with something to look forward to with yearly increases of salaries which will be depending on the scoring of evaluations and additional job duties.


Employees may receive bonuses. These bonuses are based on the financial situations of the company, and any other factor deemed by the practice. This will be determined by the discretion of the CEO.

Paid Time Off

All full-time employees accrue vacation and sick time from the first day of employment and can begin to request time off after completion of the 30-day probationary period. Full-time employees at the beginning of the year will receive 3 days of personal time at the beginning of the year that has to be taken in full days. All paid time off must be requested and approved in advance by employee's supervisor. However, IRSC BAS acknowledges that there are emergencies that may arise and will be handled on a case by case basis.


IRSC BAS recognizes that employees need to be paid time away from the job to avoid burn out. Each Full-time employee will accrue vacation leave through every paid period. These accruals will increase based on completed years with IRSC BAS. Any employee who wishes to depart from the company is eligible to be paid out the remaining of vacation time with a two-week notice. Those who do not provide a two-week notice will forfeit the unused vacation time and will not be compensated for it upon departure.

Length of service

Accrual for hourly employees

Accrual for salaried employees

0-5 years

3 hours per pay period

4 hours per pay period

6-10 years

4.5 hours per pay period

5.5 hours per pay period

11+ years

6 hours per pay period

7 hours per pay period

Sick Time

Sick leave is provided for employee's occasional sickness or injury. Full-time employees accrue sick time at every paid period. Full-time employees accrue 2.08 hours. Sick time is not payable upon departure.

Paid Holidays

All Full-time employees will be paid for all holidays that the office will be closed for. Employees are eligible to be paid immediately upon the date of hire. Employees must work the day before and after to receive pay for the holiday unless scheduled off. Any employee that does not work the day before or after the holiday will not be eligible to be paid for that holiday. A listing of holiday days will be posted annually.

Family and Medical Leave

IRSC BAS is in complaint with the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

Workers' Compensation Insurance/ Leave

Any employee who is unable to work due to work-related injury or illness will be eligible for workers' compensation benefits.

Health Insurance

IRSC BAS offers health insurance for all full-time employees. IRSC BAS will pay 50 %  of the cost of the insurance and the remainder will be the employee's responsibility. Employees are responsible for paying the remaining balance through payroll deductions. The company will offer two health plans for you to choose from. The company will also off Vision and Dental insurance to the employee and family, covering 50% of the cost with remainder as employee's responsibility.

Life Insurance

All employees are eligible to enroll in life insurance paid by the employer. The employee must be employed by the company to maintain life insurance.

Supplemental Insurance

Employees may purchase supplemental insurance through Colonial. Premiums are purchased by employees at a great discount rate.

Employee Discount

All employees will have a 50% discount available to them on all services and product. All employees will also have access to a partner website that will provide discounts to many places such as, hotels, theme parks, rentals, restaurants, and many more.

401 (K) Qualified Retirement Plan

IRSC BAS provides full-time employees with a 401 (K) Qualified Retirement Plan. This is a great method of saving for your retirement. IRSC BAS will match up to 5 % in contributions into the employee's 401(K). The employee must maintain employment for 5 or more years to keep contributions made by the employer.


Full-time employees are eligible to receive paid tuition to further education in major that will assist in employee advancing within the company. For more information regarding the tuition plan, please see human resources.

Employee Data Protection Plan

Every employee and client has a right to privacy. The following policies will ensure no privileged information will make it into the hands of the wrong people.

Employee Data

All paperwork containing employee personally identifiable information (PII) (i.e. resumes, applications, or other sensitive information documents) will be secured in locked file cabinets in HR office. Employees must give consent before any information is forwarded to a third party (i.e. background checks, drug abatement program). These forms often contain

Out of date employee data containing PII must be disposed of properly (i.e. shredded)

Client Data

Every computer will now be password protected. Anytime an employee leaves their computer chair, they are required to lock the computer so that the password must be entered to resume activities. Should a third party need to be contracted, sensitive information will only be given on a need-to-know basis and will be accompanied by a non-disclosure agreement.


In conclusion, employees are the key to business success. Here at IRSC BAS Inc., we are dedicated to providing the best care for our employees through continuous communication and teamwork. Human Resources Management is an essential part of our company because it provides us with the tools necessary for a prosperous business. Human Resources Management is responsible for recruiting people, treatment of employees, and helping workers perform their work duties to their best abilities, while being ready to act upon unexpected

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