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Haw Par Villa was once a popular tourist attraction, however she has since lost popularity amongst both Singaporeans and tourists. My group aims to increase the park's self-sustainability and cultural relevance whilst maintaining her authenticity. We have chosen to revamp the park, and adopt marketing and design strategies of Disneyland.

Critical Appreciation

Our group proposed organising temporary carnivals in Haw Par Villa. These carnivals will combine traditional Chinese festivals with multicultural aspects, thus highlighting interconnectivity between different cultures and increasing cross-cultural understanding, emphasising unity despite diversity. The carnivals will thus attract Singaporeans and foreigners of different age groups. Moreover, as the carnivals are organised regularly, patronage will be highly consistent. The park will therefore gain popularity, hopefully allowing her to place a spot on Singapore's top tourist attractions.

Our group also proposed revamping the park. The revampment will be done by repainting faded statues, replacing outdated statues and adding signages to confusing statues. The revampment will increase the park's aesthetic appeal and facilitating onset learning, thus enhancing visitors' experiences in the park and increasing tourism into Singapore.

If the results of our solutions are proven to be effective, they may be implemented to other underrated heritage sites locally, such as Kusu Island.

Project Enhancement

As holistic as our approach was, there were two aspects of our solutions which could have been improved on:

My group suggested selling food and beverages at the temporary carnivals, which will be a fusion of traditional Chinese cuisine with iconic Asian or Western aspects. The fusion cuisine retains the authenticity of celebrating the Chinese festival while facilitating inclusivity to different cultures. Moreover, the fusion cuisine will differentiate the temporary carnivals in Haw Par Villa from other carnivals in Singapore due to the unique food and beverages. Beyond this, I propose selling food and beverages which resonate with current tastes and preferences. For example, although mala-flavoured foods are trending in 2018, the trend is projected to change in the future. Selling food and beverages which resonate with current tastes and preferences would create incentive to spend money at the carnivals by appealing to consumers' contemporaneous preferences, and serve to further increase the human traffic into Haw Par Villa. This is an all-rounded approach as the food and beverages will change alongside future trends and preferences.

My group also suggested filming an advertisement based on Haw Par Villa, which will increase the park's online outreach. The advertisement will illustrate our proposed mobile application and the presence of fusion food and beverages in the park, thus showcasing the appeal of Haw Par Villa. However, if my group had improved on Haw Par Villa's pre-existing Instagram account, we could have further increased Haw Par Villa's online presence. Although her Instagram account is regularly updated, it does not receive significant outreach as content is posted when most followers are offline. Thus, if we had taught the managers behind her account how to better engage her followers, the content uploaded may receive greater outreach.


My two ideas complement my group's proposed temporary carnival by transcending mainstream advertising to draw much-needed attention to Haw Par Villa, while retaining my group's multi-faceted approach.

- END -

Annex A


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