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Jennifer Government by Max Barry

Jennifer Government is a science fiction novel which was written in the year 2003 by an Australian author by the name Max Barry. Having been set in an anti-utopia surrogate reality, a worldwide government is under the control of amalgamated entities from the United States, it polestars on the citizens being on the path of maintaining the societal capitalist system. A Merchandizing official Hack Nike, one of the members who has been branded with a low rating in the sneaker corporation is pushed to indulge in a dreadful crime to create a public awareness for a new description. This lures the attention of the Jennifer Government, a customary corporate watchdog that works for the leftovers of the federal government. Unfortunately, her desires did not conquer with the interest of the government body that she works with anymore.(Barry, 2004) The Jennifer Government explores the themes of Capitalism, global development, and the crosswalk of the interest of the government and the corporates. This made it acquire a large extent of critical recognition for its exclusive world and relevant sarcasm.

Jennifer Government has a fun proposition from which a conclusion is drawn. The story is set in a near but undefined future. It predicts the expected reality of the unknown future. The United States has been precisely converted into a private nation and the finances, which represents capitalism has taken the authority over all. Texas has been dissolved, which shrank the government into a shell of its original look and cutting down its responsibilities. A young school girl says that, "they just prevent the people from practicing theft and going to a fight while the rest of the activities is done by the private sector, which is considered by every citizen to be effective” (Barry, 2004). In addition, the United States has grown as it has bought Australia. Some other nations such France are still on the firm resolution of a less modern government which insists that a government should have more responsibilities, contrary to that in the United States (Radom house, 2018).

A new means of identity has been generated. Workers take the last name of their employer. For example, Eponymous Jennifer Government is an employee of the Government while Hack Nile is an Employee of Nike. The rules set by the Capitalism greats a somehow uncommon world. Jenifer's Daughter is enrolled in a school managed by Matte (Random house, 2018). A gang group which is deemed to be the favorite plays a crucial role since crimes are only taken into a consideration if the victim accepts to pay. Jennifer explains that, “the budget of the government is only for the prevention of the crimes, not investigating on it. For a thorough investigation, it can only be conducted if we can pay"

Marketing is almost a compulsory issue in the privately ran world. This is seen as the novel begins with an advertisement which is aimed at making Nike's new product of athletic footwear I mandatory item that one has to have. Even though the shoes coast the manufacturer a capital of eighty-five cents, it is retailed at 2,500 dollars. However, people are willing to pay the extra piece since the footwear as seen as something worth dying for. From the beginning of these tales to one of the less redeemable characteristics of the novel is the excessive and pointless butchery that goes all through the story (Barry, 2004). Barry tries to bring out some humor but he hardly succeeds especially with the endless battles. This ruins the flow of the story making it sound like a hopeless out of date animated game with the main purpose being to killing without a reason and advertisement interrupting the video.

In most of the dialogues in the novel, Barry is concerned with the events that are told across the world. There is Jennifer who has a wish to succeed in settling. There are John Nikes who are arrogant in all they do, they cause damage, and they succeed and at the end get the unpleasant reward for their action. Hack Nike gets into John Nikes while Buy Mitsui who always does good which disturbs him and leads him to do another one (Barry 2004). There is a person who keeps taking awkward actions and is always mistaken for a different person. There is Violet, who creates a killer program will obviously be meant to conduct wicked activity at the end. Finally, the story of Jennifer's daughter whose father is not known.

The scheme in the Jennifer Government seems to be hopeless or too transparent. Its writing is not well organized as the themes are mixed up back and forth. There is no vivid description of an event that makes the reader a little bit confused. The novel narrates great explosions with unlikely events. It is narrated in a manner that the author seems to lack patience to bring out events clearly. He tries to use a little sarcasm and ridicule but the setting itself seems to be from unreal world and events. He brings out a world characterized by the misery of human which is a little bit amusing but not in the media which is expected to have some important responsibility in the society even though it is almost fully unnoticed. In addition, the author does not think over the result of his articulations. For example, what would become of a government that only tries to curb the occurrence of a crime but never brings it under the law will look like?

In addition to the weak scheme, the novel moves in a manner that is unimaginable. The characters appear in a two-dimensional manner with a few three-dimensional characters. The history of origin and background of the characters have been neglected making it hard to concentrate on the characteristics of any of them. They appear in an unbelievable manner wherever they are mentioned. The fighting that is narrated with the endless shoot-outs is laughable. Every detail is unbelievable for example the messenger of the corporate who sends an email that is of a criminal nature from the computer in her office (Barry 2004).Barry is knowledgeable of good ideas but lacks the ability to express them. Instead, he congests the book with a lot of stories and fails to give a detailed explanation to the satisfaction of a reader. There are some amusing scenes and good observations such as “Violet sister had a library of books and Hack wonders what they are about” however, such issues are scares in the novel.

The book is set at a good pace since it is attached to a little of what it can narrate. It is filled with endless dialogues with scares words on the page and its chapters are short. However, the chapter cuts are done in a good manner, letting the story go from one point to another between its characters plotlines than often diverse. The suspense is not placed in a good order since it is cleared up at the preceding chapters. The story is quite annoying with animation that has no fun attached. One would get a reason to understand why a film on the novel was produced right faster. The book itself is like an ideology of fun that is summarized in a few sentences. After coming up with the ides, it seems like Barry did a little to turn it into a good novel.

The publisher attaches a letter to the novel which recommends that if for whatsoever reason such as a feeling of a fixed stereotype against the Australians writers and lack of good sense of humor, all the angry comments should be directed to Luke who persuaded the writer to get the book written. The letter itself is amusing that the book, but suggest a rather contradictory issue that the publishers no longer have a choice of what they should produce or not.

Barry uses an outdated style of narrating a third person and twists it. The narrator is seen as a shadow of the characters, keeps a track on the characters and narrates what he or she sees. Barry style is however used lightly, which would make a reader imagine of the existence of many other narrators about the novel. This kind of style generates an entirely new feeling to the reader. The reader will be having an image of Jennifer government and views it in different styles but in the preceding pages, the readers see the events that are taking place in the shadowing of Billy NRA. The narrator seems to change as the story progresses. It's like a situation whereby at one moment in the basketball game the audience who was watching the game goes into the pitch to play the game. The person plays at the court taking shorts and the next minute he becomes are referee who calls the game. And at the end of the person takes the role of a coach to call the shorts of the basketball game. In this case, the narrator should have tried to be more organized and narrate events that could be viewed to be real.

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