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Social networking has fundamentally transformed our means of communication and forged tremendous impacts of information technology in society. It is becoming an integral part of many individuals' lives and is evolving at a rapid pace to comply with the ever-changing people's expectations. Previously before the introduction of/to social online network, people relied upon earlier forms of communication such as letters to interact across long distances which was not convenient and quite time consuming. Thereby, the innovation of social media has prominently eliminated these drawbacks. ....? This essay will discuss how social media has influenced channels of communication, the factor leading to its success, and the new industry created by social media.

Social media has revolutionised various forms of communication because it provides new, advanced features to meet consumers' new demands and expectations.The urgency to update and share content on the Internet has grown immensely due to human behaviour that harnesses a strong desire to constantly connect with others. With social media, the visibility of issues have increased and shifted the weight of power from the hands of a few to the masses. One of the recent social media feature is live story stream which allows users to have a glimpse of different perspectives of foreign places. (Audrey Willis, 2017) stated that a university could utilise live feed to provide insights of their campus life and community to prospective students which would aid their decision-making to determine if the school is a perfect match for them. Furthermore, social media platforms have made news more accessible and attractive to Millennials. The Millennials are unlikely to watch the news on television let alone read the newspapers, thus social media exists to deliver journalistic content as a straightforward activity through social media applications which became a commonplace.

Social media succeeded largely due to the pervasive use of smartphones, providing access to comprehensive source of online content to its users at the touch of their fingertips. The initial function of phone to particularly call and text has evolved since the number of smartphones skyrocketed, hence the process of communication innovated to an unprecedented level. According to (Statista, 2017), the number of worldwide social network users is expected to grow from 2.46 billion in 2017 to around 3.02 billion in 2021, around a third of Earth's entire population. The epidemic spread of smartphones among the younger population gives further rise to social media usage because social media and the juvenile are closely associated. Whereas it is now feasible to be online all day via smartphones, therefore it is undoubtful that teenagers would exploit this favourable circumstance as much as they can. ....

Social media today creates new business opportunities and improved methods on business strategies. A new field of human endeavour includes but not limited to managing social media accounts, organising publicity campaigns or producing online content. A vlogger known as Zoella has achieved a world-class recognition through her beauty videos uploads on Youtube and has gained 6,5 million followers worldwide and earned a fortune of approximately £3.5 million (Amsource Technology, 2017). In addition, users on social media tend to divulge substantial personal information in their profiles which could be used as a strategy for market segmentation. Businesses can leverage that information to target users on a specific criteria, distributing the advertisements based on the selected criteria from the consumer profiles of the target group. Moreover, using social media influencers as a marketing tactic is an appealing and effective method to increase brand awareness. Another significant business strategy is that social networks allow businesses to respond customers' queries in real time and engage with them which in turn improve the quality of customer service and increase brand loyalty.

The phenomenal advancement of social media can be attributed to .....

It changes the the distribution of information in today's world, making it accessible to everyone at a click of a button.

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