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Philip Morris International is one of the largest and leading tobacco companies in the world. Currently, it is ranked 108 on Forbes. This company started out as a family owned business in the streets of London in 1847. In 1881, the store became a company and in 1902 the company moved to New York and soon after globalized sand changed the cigarettes and other tobacco product game.  To us, Philip Morris International may not be a familiar name however, they produce a brand called Marlboro which is one of the most famous cigarette brands that is bought everywhere in the world and even a familiar household name to most. As society advances, more and more people are educated on the effects of tobacco to a human being. The addiction, the physical damage and the mental struggles to overcome the problem are three simple things that can be said, but such a long process and battle to overcome these negativities. As humans are more educated, tobacco sales go down in certain regions however, Philip Morris International leads the way in breakthrough research for alternative methods with little to no harm and still the same product usage satisfaction throughout all their selling products.

Just as many other companies, Philip Morris International is successful mainly due to the very detailed, teamwork, dedication, research and structure of the business strategy. From research, the Mission and Vision statement is very similar and combined on the website for PMI and it states, “We are committed to being a great employer and a good corporate citizen. We strive to be environmentally and socially responsible. We are dedicated to fighting the illegal cigarette trade. And we proudly support the communities where we source tobacco and where our employees live and work….. Our products are the choice of 150 million consumers worldwide, and for those who choose to continue to smoke, we will continue to offer them the best quality products. But that's not where our vision for smokers ends.”  This statement supports the fact that although their products creates satisfaction for consumers that continue to use, their team is on a dedicated mission to find alternatives with less side effects and the same pleasure the product gives.  One thing I really found interesting on their website is on their homepage, they specifically state that their site is not for marketing but only for educating a consumer or a person researching about the company and their products. Philip Morris International's business strategy is a thought out plan in aim to be more successful and innovate the tobacco industry. Using the same citation from paper 5 which was the business strategy paper, as the site states, “ “Develop, market, and sell smoke-free alternatives, and switch our adult smokers to these alternatives, as quickly as possible around the world”, Transition, “Transition our resources from cigarettes to smoke-free alternatives”, Regulation, “Propose regulatory policies that encourage the replacement of cigarettes by smoke-free alternatives “, Sustainability, “Propose regulatory policies that encourage the replacement of cigarettes by smoke-free alternatives”, Talent, Be the employer of choice for our global workforce and work tirelessly to attract the best talent, Transparency, “Share our progress, and invite dialogue and independent verification”, and Growth which is, “Provide superior returns for our shareholders.”

Hypothetically if I were to apply for a position at Philip Morris International, I would apply for the strategic planner position. Philip Morris states that “The main role of the Strategic Planning Analyst RRP is to cooperate with Reporting team analyze & report key manufacturing performance indicators and develop operation plans in capacity & resources for OBLRP periods in order to fulfill customer requirements with optimum operations performance.”according to their site, detailed responsibilities also stated on the site include: “Coordinate and facilitate the preparation of the Affiliate Strategic Plan (LRP) aligned with PMI LRP and respective Key Operating Strategies, integrating functional activities which addresses key business needs and required resources serving as a frame for functional objective setting, KPI's and communication of priorities. Support strategic & multi disciplinary projects and initiatives (at local and regional level), which requires vision, creativity and a systematic and cross functional perspective. Prepare strategic analysis, scenarios, alternatives and business processes, re-design proposals, feasibility studies etc.(within the framework of the LRP process andor pro-actively, based on emerging business needs and opportunities), in order to enable Affiliate operations management to take appropriate decisions to achieve long term objectives and improve manufacturing cost performance. Budget & Reporting. Cooperate with Operations in the preparation and collection of information regarding the Manufacturing Assumptions, the main Company KPIs and the productivity initiatives for accurate and timely financial processing. Drive the follow-up of Productivity Initiatives process within the Factory, working closely with all departments and initiative leaders in ensuring the budgeted delivery of productivity savings and overall Regional targets. Drive ideation workshops with all departments and employees in the continuous search for Productivity initiatives and ways of optimizing processes and products. Follow-up and report the implementation of Stage Gate Productivity Initiatives and other Operations strategic plans. Support the timely adjustment of plans. Prepare the presentations, strategy communication performance reviews etc. for affiliate management team meetings. Support strong cross functional relationship within and outside of Operations in ensuring timely and consistent communication throughout Ops planning community. Promote and apply all rules concerning PMI Quality, environment, health and safety. Report all situations requiring actions in order to minimize or eliminate risks exposure to personnel, company assets and societal impacts and be in line with or ahead of any applicable Law requirements and Company standards.” The site does a very good job for a detailed list of requirements for this job and they are higher Economical, Finance or Technical degree, Fluent English (both spoken and written), 1-3 years of professional experience in Supply Chain Planning Production and Planning Product Development, experience of working with large amount of data, project management experience, ability to maintain and improve processes, ability to work under time pressure and stress tolerance, advanced MS Office user, strong analytical skills, good at collaboration and communication, indirect leadership skills, and high learning agility, good process management and problem solving skills.

Based on my current skills I do not believe that I am ready for this position. As the semesters go by and the courses taken as bulk I am confident that my skill level will increase and closer to qualification for this role. However, I believe that lecture learned skills can only do so much to prep for a position as technical skills and written and communication skills are necessary as well. I am very confident that my current skill set includes, verbal, written skills, time management, project management, proficient in Microsoft suite and working as a team and under time constraints and strategizing and executing plans carefully is under my belt. Things I can develop on a bit more is the supply chain aspect as I already have some knowledge but I would like to have hands on skills with. More skills I would like to develop on is working with more amounts of data and analytical skills.. I have worked on a large amount but with a company like Philip Morris International, data can be given in large bulks. Philip Morris International does well with culture and diversity, the company states, “Diversity Is Strength” .  A direct quote from their website states, “Our diverse workforce of around 81,000 people speaks more than 80 languages. Our priority is to attract, support, and retain individuals from across the planet – no matter their age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or physical ability. Our people are our greatest strength, and we're proud of our culture of openness and respect. We believe that this is a big part of what makes PMI such a great place to work.” My personality traits match with the company very well as they are very diverse and open to different work culture as getting different thinking perspectives can lead to more innovating ideas. I believe that I am a very open person. I can take the leadership role when I need to but, I love to listen to what other people think and approach an idea or a situation they are in. One can piggyback off another idea or even counter it in a more innovate way.  What I'd like to do is listen to numerous approaches and analyze the scenario and see which works or even attempt to combine multiple solutions or ideas to make it the best possible outcome.

I believe by the time I graduate I will be a qualified entry level hiree for this position, I am currently a senior for Management Information Systems. When you read this, the qualifications and my major do not match however, I did three years of Industrial Engineering and management and I finished almost 60 hours of classes related to the major. I switched due to an enrollment issue both mistakes that was made by both me and the advisor. With that experience, I have came out with supply chain, ergonomics, project management and manufacturing processes with a bit of business management knowledge as well as a Lean 101 certification which is a certificate that states that I am certified and knowledgeable of a how a manufacturing work environment should operate. These skills will definitely help me in the operational side of this position. MIS is a field very similar to industrial engineering. It uses the IEM aspects of the field to the behind the scenes and technical side. This knowledge will help me in the position as I can be aware and even knowledgeable in the technical field that way, when I am working with someone technical on the job, I am familiar with the process and or even the material of discussion and can help me understand a problem or obstacle at hand. I am currently also working on my real estate license and have also travelled to 12 countries by myself.  Some may say that these are not skill set levels but rather hobbies and fun facts about me as a person. However, Philip Morris International is a diverse and cultural environment. A person who has been exposed to different atmospheres around the world is more open and willing to try new things and even be adjustable in different scenarios. Me being a traveller can help be comfortable in situations that need getting adjust too such as being relocated in a different country, or having workers that are from different parts of the world. Having openness and a broader perspective of aspects like these can help you be more of an effective and better employee and I strongly believe that travelling can have that effect on you.  The Real Estate license is a bit of a stretch to tie to my qualification to this position. However, with certain classes in IEM and MIS, teamwork and presentations are a common thing. With multiple projects at hand that requires teamwork, it also requires very good verbal skills when presentations are at hand. Though I am very confident in my presentation skills,  the real estate license can solidify my verbal and communication skills by talking to numerous potential customers one by one and can help use those skills in the workplace at Philip Morris International while I work and communicate with many fellow coworkers, team members and even people higher in position than me. I believe the company should hire me because I would be a hardworking team player and a person who is willing to learn from others and from my own mistakes to be an efficient player in the company.  If I were to get hired in this position, there are many things I would obtain from the experience. Along with the pay, stability, etc, mainly it is the experience as a whole. Being in such a diverse, hard working, open and innovating workplace only drives one to be a better team player, thinker, innovator, and so much more.  As years go by, I would not like to be the only one benefitting, I too would love to impact the company in a positive way, with my hard work, skills, and dedication I would love to work with my co-workers for the company help innovate something that can be so impactful to the company and to the world. In five years I would love to grow in that company with newly gained knowledgeable skills from my success and my failures and help others overcome their obstacles in the workplace and get through a task at hand successful, strategically and lead a team to success.. In ten years one can only guess where life leads but one day I hope to move up the ladder in the company or even use my skills at another place or if I am bold enough, maybe start a consulting firm that I can use my skills that I have Philip Morris International to be a positive hard working person.

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