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According to pew research center, “86 % of working mothers say they “sometime

/frequently” feel stressed” (Seth). In the July 2017 issue of Family Circle, Tyson proves their fun nuggets can successfully provide the working mother with a quick healthy meal for her children. This ad, featuring a table with a meal set for a child, successfully attempts to sell chicken nuggets through pathos, in the form of parent guilt, and the insinuation that three very important needs for food, for family health and for children's love can be met.

In the advertisement, a parent has prepared a meal for his or hers child. The table is set up with a blue table mat, and a blue plate. On the side of the plate, you can see a napkin and a glass of milk. On the plate, their child has what looks like to be one serving of dinosaur shaped Tyson Fun Nuggets, apple slices, carrot sticks, and ketchup. Dinosaur toys are seen behind on the table as well. Under the picture on a red background, the ad says, “ Don't be afraid of these dinosaurs. They're made with 100% white meat chicken” (Tyson). The words “100% white meat chicken” are the color yellow while the rest of the wording is white. To the right of the statement, a package of the nuggets is displayed with the slogan, “Keep it real. Keep it Tyson.” above it (Tyson).

 The ad and the product packaging both utilize color to elicit an emotional response from the parents in regards to their food choice. The color red is useful to “trigger appetite, hunger, and attracts attention” (Haller). The color yellow is useful to “triggers feelings of happiness and friendliness” (Haller). When both colors are used together it symbolizes “speed and quickness” this combo is used by multiple fast food chains (Haller). The yellow writing on the red background of the ad catches attention and triggers hunger and happiness in the consumer as do multiple fast food chains. Tyson succeeds in creating an ad that elicits hunger and happiness while hinting to the consumer, its similarities to their favorite fast food restaurants.

The Tyson company's display of its repetitive marketing slogan, ”Keep it real. Keep it Tyson.” is simple, yet effective (Tyson). This advertising slogan demonstrates Tyson's use of the classical appeal, ethos. The definition of real according to webster is “not artificial, fraudulent, or illusory” (Merriam-Webster). This lets you know the company boasts of its use of real “100% white meat chicken” (Tyson). According to the urban dictionary, it's used to describe a person or a company as “genuine” or “honest.” The catchy “Keep it real. Keep it Tyson.” successfully promotes that this honest company does not use imitation meat in the product (Tyson). Tyson implies that they are honest, genuine, and trustworthy. They are capable of delivering a product that succeeds in fulfilling all the needs of the parent. The current parent struggles to provide for their child every aspect necessary to make them healthy, happy, and successful. It becomes ever so difficult with all the endless amount of housework and the increasing number of households without a stay at home caregivers. Cooking a homemade full course meal is something that is no longer possible with the busy life these consumers live. Tyson leads the consumer to believe that they can deliver the necessary components for a healthy meal with minimal prep time required.

 Tyson fun nuggets appeal to parents who need to feed their children healthy quick meals, that they will enjoy. The lower level of Maslow's Hierarchy is physiological(McLeod). All humans have a physiological need to eat. Parents are responsible for providing for this need for their children. Tyson provides these fun nuggets that meet the parental need to feed the child. Family health is found within the second tier of Maslow's pyramid (McLeod). The statement, “100% white meat chicken” allows the parent to make responsible decisions for their children (Tyson). Many quick cook meals are unhealthy yet utilized frequently due to their easy accessibility and minimal preparation time. Again Tyson is able to provide for both levels of Maslow's pyramid. The ad displays a full healthy meal of nuggets, carrot sticks, apple slices, and milk which allows the consumer to envision a full course healthy meal that provides optimal nutrition to the child. Love belongs in the third tier of Maslow's pyramid(McLeod). Parents have a strong desire to provide their child with a sense of love. Many children will argue with parents about eating healthy foods, but Tyson proves healthy food can be fun. These nuggets are shaped like dinosaurs. The ad shows dinosaur shaped toys in the background. This insinuates that a child will consider these shaped nuggets playful and enjoy eating them while they play. It is implied that as the child eats these nuggets they will be happy with their parents choice of dinner. There will be no arguing, which will provide a loving and happy atmosphere during dinner time. This ad confirms that Tyson can meet the basic need of all parents. Which is to provide a quick and healthy meal for the children that they love.

Tyson's ad overwhelmingly utilizes the appeal of pathos, in the form of parental guilt. The visual appeal of this ad speaks to the typical working parent of today. According to pew research center, as of April 2017, 61% of mothers in the U.S. work outside the home (Seth).

Jenna Stewart, a known mommy blogger, shares with her fellow mommies that weekday dinnertime can be stressful (Stewart). 84% of parents feed their children fast food at least once one day of the week discovered by the wall street journal (Hobson). This leads to parental guilt. Tyson definitely understands that now and days, working parents, want a quick way to provide a meal that their children will love.

Tyson effectively captured the attention of working mothers, by providing a quick yet healthy meal that children will enjoy. They present a nutritious meal that allows the working mother to accomplish all her necessary tasks without the guilt associated with quick food of poor nutritional value. This is essential for mothers that validate their love for their child. Tyson successful marketing team has achieved its goal at catching the attention of itkjjs audience while drawing them in with their clever marketing slogan, use of color, and diction.

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