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Written task

Arthur Morgan 4138 W 59th St.

Chicago, United States of America Elliot paint & varnish company Chicago,United States of America

13 november 1930

Dear Elliot paint & varnish company,

As a person who travels regularly in Chicago, I have noticed the shocking advertisements that you have created for your company (Elliot paint & varnish co). With this letter I would like to express my deep concern that you are trivialising American values and stirring controversy in the United States of America.

I understand that shock advertising creates brand awareness and sells products, but I think you have crossed a line and gone too far. My problem with your advertisements also lies in the lack of sensitivity you have shown for racial issues in our country.

I realise that your depiction of two topless children who painting each other, both black This is meant to form a hard, clear, shiny surface when dry and clear ups any black paint in your house. But showing almost nude children who happen to be black and painting themselves white is not appropriate in the United States of America. It actively encourages child pornography and racism. Images of children should not be used for marketing purposes. If these children would be real they would not be old enough to know what they would promoting or what messages they would send to the world.

Furthermore, the black boy in this advertisement appears to have a brush in his hand, while the other black kid is smiling and standing still while being painted white. Their faces look both enthusiastic, innocent and happy. This then indicates that they both are fine with what is happening. But also in your quote it says: See how it covers over black. By saying this you your company thinks the colour black is wrong and that the people should use your veneer to make objects white.

In your advertisement two black children are being used to illustrate your quote by showing the audience that your veneer works. But by using these children you also illustrate that the skin colour black is wrong and that it should be replaced with the colour white. This indicates white supremacy. In your company's advertisement you also use black children with the racial stereotype of pitch black skin and rose red lips which is a racist stereotype for black people.

Definition of white supremacy in the urban dictionary :

the belief, theory, or doctrine that white people are inherently superior to people from all other

racial groups, especially black people, and are therefore rightfully the dominant group in any society.


IB: Language and Literature Standard Level [ Written Task 1 – Part X ]

IB: Language and Literature Standard Level [ Written Task 1 – Part X ]

I used this source of the urban dictionary to show that your company supports the cause of white supremacy and that your company Is totally the opposite of racial equality.

Definition of racial equality Encyclopedia :

Racial equality is the belief that individuals, regardless of their racial characteristics, are morally, politically, and legally equal and should be treated as such. Furthermore, it is the belief that different racial groups, as groups, are equal, with none being inherently superior or inferior in intelligence, virtue, or beauty. In the United States of America the term is commonly linked to the belief in equal treatment under the law as well as equal opportunity as a principle to ensure individuals, regardless of their race, an equal opportunity in education, employment, and politics.

In reality, the ideal of racial equality, however defined, has not always been practiced, nor has it been fully achieved anywhere in the world. This is because the belief in racial equality has historically had to counter both deeply rooted beliefs in racial inequality as well as the concrete political, legal, and customary practices of racial discrimination and oppression. Hence racial equality is expressed in antiracist philosophy and in antiracist political mobilisation.

Unfortunately, Elliot paint & varnish company your ads have triggered a national debate in the United States of America. Yes, they are a discussion piece everywhere. If you listen carefully to what people say, they are not commenting on how clever your company is for stirring up controversy. Instead they are commenting on the ineffectiveness and inappropriateness of this advertising campaign in the USA.

For this reason, I would like to strongly advise you to think of a different approach when you design your next campaign for a major corporation. I kindly ask that you consider the social values of the American people before you release another shocking campaign in the USA. And finally, I encourage you to show more sensitivity toward our colonial history and a greater awareness of racial stereotyping in advertising.

Thank you for considering my above-mentioned points. I hope that you, as a professional company can take them on board as constructive criticism, and I wish your company the best.

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