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November 20, 2018

Embassy of Canada

Immigration and Visa Section

P.O. Box 2168

Makati Central Post Office

Makati City 1200, Philippines

 Dear Consular Officer:

My name is Jesafe R. Corpuz, and I'm writing about my study permit to Canada. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design, Major in Advertising Arts at the University of Santo Tomas, the oldest University in Asia. My four years study in college equipped me with the knowledge and skills in developing ideas based on the information upon the views and buying behavior of the target market in order to deliver a magnificent advertisement campaigns that will make a greater profit for the company. My award as cum laude in the field of advertising has provided me a career, as freelance artist and online entrepreneur.

Reason for studying in Canada

I am highly motivated in studying abroad for a number of reasons: cultural immersion, personal development, invaluable experience, acceptance for the LGBT community and excellent educational systems. After attending several educational fairs, I choose Canada because according to my research, the country provides world class education which is recognized globally. International students can gain valuable education at a very low fees compared to other countries across the globe. Canada's policy on multiculturalism would help me gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the different cultures, cultivating an environment of open-mindedness, equality and care for others. A distinguishing factor that makes Canada a great place to study abroad.

The Philippine Education System is being patterned internationally but still not yet at par with the global standards. Pushing for higher education abroad will help me gain the edge needed to excel in my professional growth development, wanting to help uplift our educational quality and standards back in the Philippines. I am certain that my wanting to study in Canada will help me become a better person and an inspiration for those who believe that education is a right and having a great one is a must.

Canada's culturally diverse environment offers a great atmosphere that allows personal growth to develop like no other place can offer. By adapting the Canadian way of life that is centered on values, equality, diversity and respect for one another, I'll certainly gain a change in perspective and a renewed sense of purpose which I can carry with me, to share with everyone else in my home country after the completion of my course program.

Reason for studying Advertising again

I am so much enjoying the advertising industry and made the most of my career in freelancing and entrepreneurship, earning the trust of my clients. I'm a hard worker, highly reliable, goal- oriented and an achiever. Admittedly, having a competitive job like freelance gave me the feeling of there is still lacking in my professional growth. For instance, learning more of the various fields of arts that can contribute to the betterment of product campaigns.  I am very passionate on climbing up for more opportunities, for that, it made me realized that learning is a continuous process that motivate me to go back to study, learn and understand more.

As part of my internship, I have worked as a graphic artist at the magazine company, part of my duties and responsibilities includes: photography enhancement, layout designing  and creating one-shot advertisements. At present, I work as an entrepreneur and freelance artist. I am the one illustrating and creating posters for advertisements that includes emphasis in local and international products.

I have been dealing with clients with different target consumers that needs a tailored advertising strategy for them to help the sales improve. That is why understanding the need to invest on the education is so important. What I'd like to see is for businesses to have brand recognition and achieving certain sales in approaching the right consumers, which would certainly make me proud as a person knowing that I have contributed to their success.

It is believed that “knowledge is power” and I would like to acquire this power thru my school of choice and my preference of where I would like to gain it. If granted this privilege, I would like to put into practice the gained learnings, insights, techniques and experiences to our future professionals.

Why Centennial College?

I've learned of Ontario's first community college - Centennial from a Study Abroad seminar. I was thoroughly impressed by their record. The Centennial College is committed to academic offerings relevant to industry practices with heightened intellectual and cultural sensitivity through professional, ethical and technological expertise in our chosen profession, provide excellent facilities and opportunities which are ideal for me in pursuing another platform towards success. I know that studying in a foreign country requires great sacrifices but all of these will be paid off with a valuable learning experience I will acquire from studying. Centennial College also provides a convenient atmosphere for an international student like me who is far away from home; to easily adapt and integrate to their system.

The course program addresses the high demand for creators in the digital field of advertising and marketing, which is growing faster than all other areas in the advertising industry. The curriculum is designed to help create engaging digital experiences built on solid creative strategy. Upon completion of this course, student will be immersed in the digital field and learned how to develop breakthrough creative advertising campaigns that focuses on skills in creative strategy, writing, developing creative concepts, art direction, collaboration, presentation and entrepreneurialism. Gaining an understanding of the digital creation process from a creative director's point of view would be effective by 
learning how to craft a creative digital strategy that delivers results, developing a strong portfolio and case studies for prospective employers, enhancing presentation skills to help sell ideas, understanding the impact of technology on creative development, fostering digital storytelling skills to bring brands to life online, analyzing and solving business and marketing challenges for clients by applying innovative creative and digital techniques, lastly, complementing in-class education with a field placement that will provide the opportunity to work in the industry and hone skills.

The once-in-a lifetime opportunity to participate in one of the best educational systems that the world has to offer is definitely a game-changer for any professional looking to advance their careers. Having an International degree, would unlock the potential to become an industry leader in the future. This would also enable me to develop a global network that reaches far and wide with endless possibilities and opportunities in the fast, ever-changing world of creativity. For this reason, I decided to take Advertising- Creative and digital Strategy at Centennial College.

Financial Resources

After I graduated from college, studying abroad has always been considered in my life goals. That's why I worked hard as a freelance artist and an online entrepreneur.  I'm so lucky that my sister, mother and my supportive partner, who is a receptionist living in France, provides me with remittances, which I can use to finance my studies. Due to the financial assistance of my loved ones, it makes me more confident to pursue my studies in Canada.

Plans after Study

When I earn my degree, I will come back to the Philippines to fulfill my responsibilities as a daughter to my aging mother who might no longer be able to care for herself. The most exciting part of coming home, and something that I've been looking forward to, is seeing my mother and sister again. By that time, my partner and I could settle down in the Philippines. We've already experienced being away from each other and our loved ones, we know the importance of having your family stay together. So as much as possible, after finishing our own career goals, we are really planning to settle down in the Philippines where our own with our parents and loved ones.

International studies will give me an advantage which will serve as a ticket for a promising career such as creative director or as art director to be qualified to perform excellent knowledge in advertising for  the growing economy in the Philippines. This will open an opportunity to pursue my dream goal someday to be the head of campaign projects that will be aired in public as TV commercials and to help companies build more brand loyalty towards the consumers. I really want to become part of something big that will give more value to my work and to my life. I will be grateful if you can consider my application to study in one of the prominent schools in Canada. Hoping for your most favorable response.

Respectfully yours,

   Jesafe R. Corpuz   

 Student Visa Applicant

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