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Human Resources

SOLV will be managed by a team of students who wish to provide the necessary resources that will build and help with the academic success of their students. The management team here at SOLV is responsible for the management and running of the tutoring business and connecting prospective students with proficient tutors that most suit their needs.

They are also responsible for the hiring and managing of tutors who are carefully screened and selected from a large database of applicants. The management team includes:

- Administrator

The Administrator manages and oversees the smooth running of daily operations and oversees the interview process of tutor applicants and their training program. They ensure the completion of tasks by other members of management team and looks over the organization's success and areas where they can improve.

- HR Manager

The HR Manager is responsible for responding to online feedback from parents and students and managing the interview process and training program of new employees. They ensure all tutors are fulfilling their roles and will carry out disciplinary actions if necessary. Additionally, they

manage problems that may arise between tutors and their students.

- Marketing Executive

The main responsibility of the Marketing Executive is to market and advertise the business to prospective students and their families and reach out and promote the business to prospective employees (tutors). The marketing executive also develops new plans and schemes to increase the popularity of the business and identifies areas for development and new business opportunities.

- Accountant

The Accountant prepares the budget, financial statements and reports, and processes and administers pay rolls. They are responsible for analyzing possible financial risks and conducting financial forecasting. They also manage the financial systems and cash in the business.

SOLV will also hire graphic designers on a part-time basis. The first graphic designer will be hired on a one-time basis to create the software required for the website as well as the online resources. These costs would be a part of the startup funds for this business. Other graphic designers will be hired periodically to maintain and update the website.

Tutors are the integral part of this business and will be selected carefully to ensure a high quality of teaching. SOLV plans to hire five tutors in the beginning, who will be paid $40.00 per session they teach. As the popularity of SOLV increases, more tutors will be hired to accommodate the growing number of students.

Tutors' responsibilities include efficiently covering all materials required for the tutored subject and assessing the student's progress. They must ensure that students leave each session with a good grasp of materials covered. They are required to take into account feedback from the HR manager to better improve their teaching style and make adjustments to suit the needs of their student.

Tutors will be recruited through advertising on WaterlooWorks, a site through which Waterloo students and alumni can apply for jobs, and through LEADS, another University of Waterloo based site where students can find jobs or volunteer positions.

Prospective tutors will undergo a selective screening process that selects applicants with above average grades, experience in tutoring, and proficiency in International Baccalaureate or Advanced Placement courses. Tutors are required to have at least 2 years' worth of tutoring and two recommendations from either past pupils or academic advisors.  Tutors must be able to communicate well and be able to handle the technology used in the tutoring session or be willing to learn.

The selection process includes review of applications by the HR manager and Administrator, where they confirm background information and conduct follow-up interviews where they will assess communication skills and whether the applicant would be a good fit for the company.

After selection, prospective tutors will undergo a two-week training and development program that prepares and teaches them the material they are required to cover, the resources available and the technology used. This program will be headed by the management team who aim to impart their knowledge and past experiences with tutoring, and their vision for the company. Costs of the training program would be relatively low as the software programs used would have already been acquired.

This process ensures that SOLV provides only the most capable tutors for our students.

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