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The principle of Jolie Rouge Products is based on green business practices with the purpose of limiting toxic chemicals that many animals suffer from in the industry, and to provide green living alternatives.  As entrepreneurs we believe we will get a successful product because it only contains natural ingredients without health risks for people who use it. We expect that the new product will have a high demand for sustainable products in the industry. Jolie Rouge Products provide affordable, high-quality ingredients for our customers. We have a strong vision for our goals and our present objectives that support a new level of technology based on sustainable production.

Business Opportunity on The Green Trends

The business opportunity is much larger for millennials and Gen Z because the new project is related to social green marketing. As a company, looking forward to satisfying the customer and are driven to provide the best in industry production. The production and testing will have a intricate process to protect animals care and the intention of eliminating harmful chemicals. Every single ingredient will have properties that contribute to a healthier and more natural lifestyle. In other words, our company's mission is to create and provide new natural alternatives for skin care.

Part B: Marketing Opportunity

Our business opportunity will include online access, where it will help us reach out to the entire world using each platform. According to the article (Buying Online, 2017), to start off a company we need to gather information on how we plan to source funds. Starting our company, we have decided to use personal savings, donations gathered by family and friends and also loans from banks. According to the SBA (Small Business administration), a startup company needs at least $30,000 to kick off a solid company. With that information, we plan to gather $10,000 from personal savings, $10,000 from fundraising with friends and family, and $10,000 using crowdsourcing. Our company will develop online business plans and monitor our revenue and expenses throughout the company.

Price: tax/ min- max = price competitive (EXCEL SPREAD.)


 The delivering product is driven to be environmentally friendly. Jolie Rouge has a distinct mission to produce our product in a safe and harmless process. The controllable elements of our marketing procedure is the development of the new organic ways to manufacture the product and to provide our customers with organic ingredients that don't harm animals, the customer, or the environment. The best system to produce our product in the most efficient way is to use a process layout, allowing us to have create some diversity and customization in our product.

Target Audience

 The target audience for our product is anyone interested in having a smaller global footprint and creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly planet.  Prototype (packaging): Our packaging will be sourced from minimalistic, 100% recycled paper products, and eliminating plastics that will inevitably harm the environment. Instagram and YouTube are fantastic platforms to market these kinds of products, allowing users to view, discuss, and purchase products with ease online. Doing so will allow customers to order products directly from Instagram's marketplace. As it holds primarily younger users, it would allow for us to target a younger demographic of people. Utilizing trusted e-commerce sites, we can market our products to a much wider platform. Amazon is another well-known website, which for a relatively small fee, allows you to market and sell your products to a very large number of people worldwide.

Agricultural ingredients have been produced under conditions that would meet the definition. Another certification Jolie Rouge has is the Cruelty Free, this means our products are and never will be tested on animals or contain ingredients that are a result of animal cruelty. They also include labeling standards based on the percentage of organic ingredients in each product.

Part C

Laws Advantages

The quality and integrity of our product is important for reaching our target market. Jolie Rouge is looking for a system that strives for safe and environmentally friendly production of our product. In other words, the operations system of the company is working for providing organic ingredients with regular communication with lawyers for improving and growing our company. One of the ways that we want to fulfill this through to our employees is the required certifications and training to achieve compliance. Implementing ISO 14001 will provide us with the guidelines to meet and exceed environmental standards.

Business Opportunity

Jolie Rouge will allow us to obtain a trademark in the Makeup Industry because the company is looking to follow the popular trend created by others in the market space.  hindering the production via Social Media. For example, one of the big references we have used for our company is the work of Kylie Jenner. Jenner has created her own lipstick brand which has opened new opportunities for other brands to market their products because she carries a very high number of supporters. Allowing famous influencers to open this window has allowed us to reach our target audiences attention with this popular progression. Not only are we using this trend to our advantage, but we also have incorporated the trend of organic production. Organic products must comply with both USDA regulations; therefore, our production will eliminate toxic chemicals in the product.

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