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Oil is one of the foundations of our society and is present in many aspects of life from travel, to the making of many products we buy and use. Yet we are running low and it won't last forever unless something is done to increase supply. That's where our business idea comes in. A near endless supply of oil exists untapped and available to us. The only issue is the distance, that being not on our planet.

With the rise of space travel technology, reaching a planet with vast resources is feeling more and more obtainable. The planet in question is Saturn, but that isn't where interest is, rather its moon full of oil, Titan. The farthest we have ever traveled from Earth is Voyager roughly 141 astronomical units ( sun-Earth distances ) from Earth. That's roughly 13.2 billion miles, or 21.2 billion kilometers (Howell, 2018). According to Titan Exploration (n.d.), Titan is only 1.4 billion kilometers from Earth in comparison. “Saturn's moon Titan may be more similar to an Earth-like world than previously thought, possessing a layered atmosphere just like our planet, researchers said.” (Choi, 2012). Being that distance and atmosphere is slowly becoming less of a problem, with proper research, funding and time invested we could have adequate equipment and supplies to travel to the planet, however, this will, of course, require a lot of time in both development as well as the execution of the project.

One of our other business trends is the lack of fossil fuels. Oil and gas are used every day in modern life, one example in the many might be how we use our cars every day and that wastes gas. The three most common use of oil is gasoline, heating oil, and diesel fuel. And it just so happens to be that Titan has hundreds more liquid hydrocarbons than Earth's oil and gas. If all of Titan's liquid is observed as methane, it could last us a few million years and because of our lack of resources back on Earth as well as developments technology and space travel, we feel a company that specializes in delivering oil from Titan to Earth will lead to a great future. According to Ecotricity (n.d.), our known oil deposits will last until 2052. This problem is one within most of our lifetimes in the near future. We could stop burning so much fossil fuels but that would be completely changing our lifestyle. So really at this point, it's basically late to begin looking for solutions, but if we are able to execute our plan, the issue would become irrelevant to the oceanic amount of oil deposits present on the moon. Some lakes even reach 10 kilometers of depth (Nasa, 2008).   

Due to the exponential rate of technologies growth in the present day, depleting oil reserves, and interest in space travel, these trends all open up the massive opportunity and near a necessary solution on Titan that our company seeks to utilize. By sending equipment and ships skin to the Mars rover and satellite, we could begin harvesting materials, while the return of the investment would be about 7 years of travel there and back, it is faster than the likely 30 years we have left of oil. Interplanetary travel isn't even that far off with some estimates to be orbiting Mars with a manned mission in the mid-30s. So while this plan sounds somewhat hard at the moment, in a couple decades the commencement would be imminent if not already in action. Our company's interest lies in the future rather than present-day fads. While the investment of time and money would be great, the return would be far greater. If we could get a ship out there after success every year, we would have a steady flow of oil for the rest of our time on Earth.

For this project marketing standard in the sense that we aren't mass producing a product to the public, but rather we are more focused on catching private investors attention so they can help fund the mission and be able to bring oil from Titan. This project would be appealing to private investors or maybe even the government. We could use the help of anyone that would be willing on funding us and obviously the number one choice of funding is the government or oil production companies that are want to risk a little to get a lot of benefits when the mission starts to work. We will appeal to the investors in a number of ways such as selling shares, making deals with oil distributors, and other things. Also, we would look forward to good researchers aid and for companies like NASA to invest in the idea by helping out with the design of the special spaceships needed to bring back the oil. We would also hope to be able to recycle or use other artifacts of our present and past space endeavors to use now. Seeing as are the product is not standard, our marketing would not be either.

Since the longevity of the project and resources and research as well as planning required to carry out the project, success is dependent on a number of sources that would have to be assessed individually. The technology required for such a feat would need to progress further though it may be a few years or decades before this occurs. Of course, this process could be sped up with time and money devoted to it. And technology is getting more powerful and advanced yearly so there isn't really a lot of worries as there once might have been. Planning and researching are a major factor in our project and require a lot of time and effort. As much as we would want to succeed, we can not afford any mistakes. So, in that case, we need to do a lot of experimenting before we finalize anything. This could be years or decades of planning, research, and experimenting. This is all because the cost of the first mission will be great and the mission itself will be longer than even a few years in all likelihood, thus a number of precautions are required. Overall success depends on our first mission. Funding is really the biggest factor of our project as it will be very expensive. The first major thing would be to get the government to lend us money, or investors that believe in our project and would love to invest in us.  Although we are not 100% sure this will be successful, there would be a lot of precaution to be a success on our first try but the amount of time we would take to reach this level does take a lot of funding thus the whole thing depends on it. We have everything planned and hopefully, it goes the way we want too, but we can't start doing anything if we don't have enough money.

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