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Advertisements is defines as the messages paid for by those who send them and are intended to inform or influence people who receive them, according to the Advertising Association of the UK. It attains its goal of promoting and selling a product or band itself by creating a need and identifying a suitable solution for the need, this can be translated into the widely used term ‘Unique Selling Preposition', which defines the key features of the product which makes it stand out among other competitors and addresses the need.


Advertisements are criticised to make audience want and convert it into a strong desire for the audience to want something, the jargon used to describe this phenomenon is ‘appeal'. Appeal is as opposed it its traditional meaning to ‘make an urgent request often to satisfy ones needs', in advertising terms appeal it is the influence of the audience's emotions, feelings and attitudes towards a brand and inculcating an interest or a strong attraction towards a product or brand. Appeal is the core and central goal of any advertisement, and through various appeals their marketing goals are met. For instance, men's deodorant ads that portray that their product attracts women is intended to influence men and induce romantic and sexual appeal so they would opt for their brand to attain their romantic or sexual desire.

Music plays a vital role in inducing any kind of emotions, while ads use music appropriately to inculcate various appeals in the minds of their audience, namely emotional appeal, sexual appeal, romantic appeal, fear appeal and humor appeal. The following study would investigate and highlight various approches of appeal used in Cadbury India Limited, now known as Mondelez India Foods, for their chocolate ads. India being a country with a good number of traditional and stereotypical views has misinterpreted the consumption of certain products based on its stereotypical perception, such as chocolates were mostly associated with only kids. While Cadbury was one brand that changed this misconception through a series of ads that would portray older people enjoying chocolate for various reasons. From then on a number of Chocolate advertisements in India has taught how to use a product, through the different appeals. Therefore the study would highlight how music has helped attract and inculcate desire in audience through various appeals, in Cadbury Chocolate ads.

Review of literature

Theoritical concerns

Research objectives

To analyse and study the various techniques and approches used to induce appeal through music, which also includes jingles, the lyrics, song and sound effects used in the advertisements. To study how these elements of an advert play a role in inculcating wants, desires and persuade their audience to act upon them. Though audience may or may not be aware of the significance of music and how it has influenced their attitudes and behaviour, it is vital to measure how much information is being registered through music.

Hypothesis / rq

What are the various appeals being used in Cadbury chocolate ads?

How music is used to induce various appeals in Cadbury chocolate ads?

Methodology and Sampling

Advertising appeal is an approach used to inculcate desire in the minds of audience, in order to justify that the communication is successful and complete. In order to study the effectiveness and role of music and how it has influenced audience a Qualitative approach would be used to analyse the ads through content analysis. Advertisements of Cadbury chocolate products such as Silk, Dairy Milk and Bournville from January 2017 to December 2018. In addition, to measure the effect of the elements on active and passive audience of their advertisements , their attitudes and behaviour need to be studied therefore a questionaire will be prepared to measure the reach and influence of the appeal achieved through music.


- Audience are often unaware of the effect of ads and more specifically of the significance of the sounds that they perceive. Therefore, their response may vary if they were passive audience and yet were influenced by the ad.

- The communication intended by the ad producers may not necessarily have the desired effect on its audience, this difference of perception could lead to an error in the research conclusion.

- Measuring effectiveness and phenomena is difficult due to the absence of a physical form, though scales and measurements exist the accuracy is questionable.

- External factors that play a vital role in the development of the desire which may not to restricted to the ad alone, it could include situations and circumstances of individuals, this is difficult to consider and avoid.

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