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Executive Summary

Burger King is steadily becoming one of the biggest fast food franchises in the world. The company has to develop a sustainable marketing strategy to make it stand out in the marketplace. The following communication plan suggests that the current situation at Burger King portrays the need to have a clear way of understanding how to expand the existing business for the purposes of attracting new customers, as well as keeping the current customers. To that extent, Burger King must work on ways of improving the services in order to appeal to many potential customers who have never had an experience with its services or products before. To achieve this, the company can market itself as one that provides a fresh as well as healthy range of products to make it stand out in the fast food industry.

Burger King Marketing Communication Plan

Situation Analysis

SWOT Analysis of Burger king


The unique locations of the restaurants give it high visibility, thus, enhancing accessibility by many local and international customers Secondly, a range of services are provided, and this leads to greater satisfaction of customers whose needs are varied. Thirdly, Burger King boasts of competent, skillful and knowledgeable staff that provides superior service quality to clients (Harris, Schwartz, & Brownell, 2010). Fourthly, creativity and innovativeness at Burger King has made it possible for the management to attract new clients as well as retain the existing customers (Harris, Schwartz, & Brownell, 2010). For example, the decorations of the restaurant, theme-based meals, and installment of satellite TV in the dining room are value addition to the services provided.


One of the weaknesses is fluctuations in the company's revenues and this is largely caused by seasonal variations as well as economic fluctuations various countries (Batt, 2010). Secondly, limited staffs with inadequate expertise in global activities are another weakness facing the company, and it makes it difficult for company to effectively reach out or target locals.


One of the opportunities available for the Burger King is technology. The company can take full advantage of the online media to increase its awareness both locally and internationally (Batt, 2010). The sales and marketing team can use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram among others to reach out to various clients across the world. In addition to this, Burger King can use technology to increase e-commerce and/or online delivery services. Through this, the distant customers can use this platform to make their deliveries other than making physical visits (Harris, Schwartz, & Brownell, 2010). The second opportunity is growth and expansion. Finally, the existence of many businesses around global cities can also result in the number of customers visiting the company


Stiff competition from fine dining establishments poses a threat to the business operations. Being a franchise restaurant, high profile guests would prefer the services of fine dining restaurants at the expense of those offered by Burger King. Secondly, fluctuations in various economies are another threat, and it results in reduced number of customers, thus, affecting the annual revenue flow.

Communication Campaign Objectives

The first objective of this communication plan is to attract new customers. Attracting new customers is pertinent to any firm, with Heher (2010) observing that new customers translate into increased sales revenue, as the larger the customer base, the more sales the company will make. On that account, this objective will be measured by an increase in organizational profitability. Further, new customers are important to a firm because they ensure business continuity (Heher, 2010). Usually, it is within the expectations of many people that new customers would be buying from the firm, and when they join the existing ones, the firm can be more secure financially because the sales increase.  

A second objective of the communication plan is to assure service quality. One of the reasons why assuring service quality is usually not easy stems from the difficulties encountered when attempting to discern the perceptions of customers, which may translate into very poor efforts in service delivery (Almgren, 2014). Additionally, the failure to comprehend customer perceptions and interests can contribute to failure in the whole quality service. To measure this objective, Burger King can use the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Burger King's management needs to affirm that quality assurance should always be impeccable simply because the confidence that people have in the hospitality industry depends on having access to reliable and good quality products or services (Almgren, 2014). In other words, failure to have quality assurance schemes in place only amounts to failure in meeting the expectations of the customers hence, their walking away. In turn, the ensuing negative reputation would prevent the establishment from attracting prospects.

The third objective is to boost customer confidence in the organization. To ensure this objective is met, Burger King should seek certification from quality assurance and management organizations, such as the ISO 9001:2008. Such a certification implies that the firm is free to conduct its business activities within the expectation and singly held accountable for the alignment of processes with quality management schemes or guidelines (Almgren, 2014). Moreover, such ISO certification indicates that the establishment is in full compliance with the established quality management standards.  

Market Segmentation Analysis and Targeting

Burger King's primary target is young urban dwellers that they pursue using the following strategies:


The products and services offered by Burger King are appropriate. For example, the restaurant offers both kid and adult meals that meet the demand of customers who visit the restaurant with their families. In additionally, the excellent dining rooms also meet the global standard


Geography is one of the critical marketing mix that makes it easier for company to be identified and accessed with an ease (Kotler & Armstrong, 2009). Burger Kings are located in superb locations inside or close to cities, which increases accessibility either on foot or by car.


Customers are always conscious and keen on prices that a company charges for its products and services. With respect to Burger King, very competitive prices are charged for products and services (Cobb, 2010). Largely, the prices are friendly and affordable to any customer.


Promotion is a marketing mix that enhances company's awareness because it makes people to become aware of the services or products offered by the company. Burger King uses traditional media such as television as well as digital media like social network to increase their market presence (Batt, 2010). However, they need to maximize on the online platform to boost its sales and consequently, their annual revenue.


In marketing, people also play a prominent role in promoting the business. It is needful for the management to think of the people and the skill gaps in the company. As for Burger King, the staffs are quite competent, and but still, they need skills to reach out to more customer bases.

Positioning Strategy

Positioning is very essential when it comes to marketing. For this reason, the company, through its management, must think of how best they position themselves in the hearts and minds of the customers. Burger king positions itself in the minds of the customers as the quality service provider in the fast food industry (Cobb, 2010). Another strategy that the company uses to position itself is packaging. Packaging of products makes people to form either negative or positive impression about the product or services (Harris, Schwartz, & Brownell, 2010). In this case, Burger Kings always makes small improvements in the external appearance of the products of the product to make them ideal for consumers.

An alternative positioning strategy that Burger King should use is specializing in healthy cuisine. This will appeal to customers who are conscious about their health. It will be a reason why a given section of the larger consumer base will preserve their loyalty to Burger King. Going forward, the future situation of the company looks bright because of the growing concern for healthy living among many customers, most of whom prefer restaurants that meet their needs.

On that account, the positioning statement that the company should use is “Burger King: The Home of Healthy and Quality Fast Foods.”  The notion behind the advert will be to promote Burger King as a place where one can get a quick fix of healthy fast foods. Burger should use traditional media such as television as well as digital media like social network to illustrate their presence as an establishment of healthy fast foods.

Communications Mix and Media Plan

Burger King's media pan will be centered on social media. The company will use social media to enhance brand awareness, increase brand reputation, and customer engagement. Since social media is a low-cost option and because the account is already set-up, Burger King will place focus on Facebook as the primary activity in the social media space (Jargon, 2010). It will all also create onsite ratings and examine capability so that customers can interact on the company's site itself. Secondary focus will be placed on buzz monitoring. Burger King's KPIs for social media include; (1) followers on Facebook; (2) increase of onsite reviews and ratings; and (3) buzz monitoring.

On top of social media, a program of display advertising has been selected to increase brand awareness. The key performance indicators (KPIs) are; (1) CTR on display ads; (2) conversion to sale directly associated to display ads; (3) traffic to site. With a limited budget, the team has to make the media dollars go further so it is suggested that a series of highly targeted ads both in impressions and content (Hoffman & Fodor, 2010). The website, as part of their PPC initiative with Google, should embark into Google's Content Network. By becoming part of the content network, the firm would catch customers as they search for restaurant sites, focusing on those who have the highest propensity to purchase (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2011). The best performing creative in regards to CTR would be attended to over the less well performing ads. Appearing on the content network would be a brand awareness exercise, helping the realization of objectives.


The primary recommendation of this communication plan is to maximize profits from all its operations. The implication of this is that the profit motive is what encourages an organization to undertake various marketing as well as management strategies resulting in revenue maximization, both in the short and long run. One of the ways through which Burger King can increase sales involves encouraging more customers to buy from the company. In addition to this, a satisfied customer who has heard a wonderful experience with the company in terms of services offered can recommend his or her colleague in the right circumstance (word of mouth advertising network) (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2011). An excellent service is usually a strategy that many businesses are using to attract customers and consequently increase their profit base. Additional benefits that come with it include fewer customers lost and enhanced business with existing clients among others. The converse is true, whereby a poor service rendered to customers because leads to spread of negative aspects of the firm, which in turn discourages new potential customers who would have considered buying from the firm.

Attracting new customers is pertinent to any firm, with studies observing that new customers translate into increased sales revenue, as the larger the customer base, the more sales the company will make. As a result, additional customers increase organizational profitability. Further, new customers are important to a firm because they ensure business continuity. Usually, it is within the expectations of many people that new customers would be buying from the firm, and when they join the existing ones, the firm can be more secure financially because the sales increase.  Consequently, Burger King must work on ways of improving the services in order to appeal to many potential customers who have never had an experience with its services or products before.


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