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Target Corporation, one of the top department stores in the world dates back to 1881 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, formally known as Dayton Dry Goods Company. Founder George Draper Dayton, originally from New York left his banking and real estate career to take on a challenge that would best offer the strongest opportunity for growth. Located on Nicollet Avenue, Dayton Dry Goods Company very vastly became known as the store known for dependable merchandise, fair business practices, and generous spirit of giving. After passing in 1983, Dayton's son and grandson took over the company and turned Dayton Company into a nationwide retailer. Fast forward about 80 years, Dayton Company planned to create a new chain of discount stores that would offer high quality clothing for a discounted price. The famous name of Target was created by former Director of Publicity Stewart K. Widdess and his staff, after debating over about 200 other names. With the red and white color scheme in mind, “Target” in the form of a bullseye immediately won everyone over with the reasoning being “As a marksman's goal is to hit the center bulls-eye, the new store would do much the same in terms of retail goods, services, commitment to the community, price, value and overall experience.” Target Discount Store had its grand opening on May 1, 1962 and its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on October 18, 1967. The first distribution center opened in 1969. Just 10 years later in 1979 Target Stores made milestone sales sitting at $1 billion in annually. With the ever evolving technology, manufactures began to successfully implement UPC barcode packaging, Target was the first mass merchant to introduce UPC scanning at all its stores and distribution centers. Technology will continue to advance and so will Target right along with it, technology is a huge advantage for the company. Target Corporation continued to rise from supplying groceries, credit cards, pharmacy needs and much more to its $62 billion dollar net worth today.

Today, Target's corporate responsibility is based of 4 key features: to empower teams, serve guests, advance in economic development, and embrace future forward design. The success of the billion dollar company thrives through innovation, experience, commitment, equality and culture. The heart of the corporation is ensuring that guest and team members find more than they expect. The success and growth of its employees can be based off of a few things including, attracting the right mix of workers, initiating the correct employment processes, and ensuring team members stay and grow with the company as lifelong careers.

Presenting the beliefs and values of Target to the world is key to attracting potential employees. Workers want to work for a company that offers the most value to themselves and the world. Target's beliefs are what sets them apart from many other department stores and brings in many eager employees. The first effective strategy the company displays is great shopping, anytime and anywhere. Target offers shopping in store, online, and on mobile devices. Each medium ensures friendly team member, fully stocked shelves and a quick and easy checkout process. Technological advances has been a great advantage to the company, allowing customers and employees with much more options that were not available a few years ago. Target is also a firm believer in diversity, constantly building teams of different backgrounds with different experience, and unique points of view. The design and innovation is said to be the heart of accessibility and affordability for everyone. Devoting time, talent, and business strengths is how the company remains an active citizen and a good neighbor to the community. Presenting yourself well to the community is of great benefit to any company.

The success of employment within the Target Corporation begins at the very start of the hiring process. Individuals are able to apply in anyway that best suits them. Applications can be processed on any mobile device, a desktop computer, or in a local Target store. The application process takes about one hour and can be done in English or Spanish. After applying, prospects will either receive a phone call to set up an interview or a simple gratitude for interest in the company.  The major qualifications for employment include: 16 years of age for a team member or 18 years of age for the distribution center, legal proof of eligibility to work in the United States, and must be available to start within 60 days after applying. Main company expectations of prospects include a desire to serve customers with they best customer service they can, be able to display great teamwork ability, and possess a business oriented attitude.

Typically, interviewees are interviewed twice by two different supervisors on two different days. The first interview is held in a laid back fashion with a single representative from the company. During this interview, individuals are asked generic questions based of their resume and also given a brief assessment of specific scenarios that they may encounter throughout the work day. Once the first interview is passed the individual will return on a separate day for their second interview. During the second interview, there may be more than one supervisors present and the individual will be asked some of the same questions from before as well as a more in depth inquiry of the goals and future the interviewee has planned with the company. After employment is offered, rate is decided based of position they are hired for and the past experience they have. Orientation is the next step of employment with the company, orientation may take up to 3 days and consist of a various amount of tasks that will help the new employee to become familiarized with the company. Orientation tasks will consist of a series of informational videos educating the new employee of specific work situations, hazards, expectations, and requirements. The orientation may be held individually or with a group, depending on the necessary demand of employment. The employee will then be required to review a few PowerPoints and take a series of quizzes to test knowledge. After reviewing all the required informational videos, PowerPoints and passed quizzes employees will then be put to the test and be given a list of things to do in a certain amount of time. Once the orientation process is complete, and employment has begun, new employees will be given a 90 day prohibition period in which at the end the employer will decide if they would like to keep the employee or let them go. Supervisors believe that 90 days is an accurate amount of time to measure if an employee is of value to the company and the employee can decide if Target is the right career choice for them.

There are several employee benefits that come along with employment in this billion dollar company. Basic benefits for all employees include 10% discount on the entire store as well as an additional 20% off of fruits and vegetable, and C9 merchandise (specific brand of sports apparel), programs and rewards to encourage healthy actions, support programs for any major life events, educational resources, and employee assistance. Full time and corporate workers are offered a much more wide variety of benefits including: medical and pharmaceutical benefits, dental benefits, vision eyewear coverage, critical illness, accidental, and hospital indemnity insurance, and 20% wellness discount. Other benefits include those of financial benefits such as: 401K plans, vacation days, paternal leave, health/daycare spending account, life insurance, disability insurance, incentive plans, theft protection, adoption assistance reimbustemt, education assistance, Target Credit Union, discounts on outside opportunities.

Target offers its employees a lot of pace to grow in the company. They are eager to have all of their employees to turn their job into a career, offering several career benefits as motivation. Not only does Target offers its employee basic benefits, they also offer their employees learning and development resources, leadership development programs, growth through education and coaching and mentoring. Target believes a rewarding career begins with a rewarding workplace. All benefits discussed are just a few of the tactics that the corporation uses to praise its employees and push them to grow as the business grows. Ensuring employees are ratified for their hard-work is very important to top managers of the company. Managers make it a goal to empower employees through motivation and innovation. Motivating employees is what supervisors believe gives their employees that extra push to keep going. Target managers are consistently keen on employee appreciation, from basic “good jobs” to employee parties, to employee incentives, raises, and best team member surveys. Such tactics are what keeps their employees around while also feeing appreciated and satisfied.

Employee satisfaction is operated through an open door policy, employees at Target are encouraged to consult with managers regarding any comments, questions, or concerns they may have. This tactic helps managers dive into the true feelings of their employees and thus decide the best mechanism that will keep the store at a roaring success. Managers are also able to determine employee satisfaction through employee participation. Special company events and contests are held to be able to get an eye for which employees actually care to participate and how often those employees participate. The premise here is that the more employees participate in company events willingly proves their satisfaction with the company. Another tactic used to determine satisfaction is held through employee surveys, and evaluations. Employees are advised but not required to take random surveys on management and work environment, this will help supervisors gauge where they are succeeding at and where they need to improve.

Upon site visit to the department store, a few things were observed that are obvious keys to success for Target. All team members are required to wear the same colored uniform, which is helpful to customers for identification purposes, there is always and employee readily available for assistance, employees help other employees in areas of need (from register assistance to generic questions), exceptional friendly staff is always present, team member knowledge of company is very evident, and customers needs and concerns are a top priority. The work environment of Target is a laid back professional approach, which starts at the beginning with the first two interviews. Target presents its costumers and employees with a relaxed and easy going environment, which in turn relives workplace stress. From a business causal uniform to an open door policy, Target thrives on employee satisfaction through its environment. All the while, instilling a professional mindset into its employees in terms of expectations and requirements, Target employees are pushed to grow professionally. Evaluations and raises are held once a year in April, this is when a team member and a member of management will sit down and discuss their performance so far and how to move forward, this is also an opportunity for employees to speak up about any concerns they may have with the company.

From 1881 to 2018 Target's strategy has always been to put the interest of customers and employees first. The goal of the company is to ensure that their customers get the best products for their cheapest dollar. Target offers products ranging from apparel, home goods, groceries, toys and much more. Patrons are able to walk in any Target at anytime and be able to find exactly what they need, helpful workers, clean and bright aisles, and all at and incredible value. The Target experience is readily available at any one persons fingertips thanks to technological advances. Customers are able to shop and have merchandise delivered to their house directly from the main website at home or on an in store computer, self check out registers make shopping more convenient and quick, price checker devices around the store relives stress, and basic company information can be found on the company website at any second.

In summary, to keep the billion dollar company running smoothly and successfully, employee selection is critical to any member of management. The selection process begins before a potential team member even applies, from marketing tactics which draws them into the company, to nationwide success that motivates individual to want to work, and upholding a great reputation in the local community. Target seeks and trains their employees to be outstanding customer service associates, great team members to one another, while presenting a professional work attitude. Once employed with the company, Target makes it a point to keep you around. Majority of team members are genuinely satisfied with their current position and management interactions. So long as management stays on top of what they are already doing, employee satisfaction will continue to rise. The evolution of technology will not only benefit Target as a department store, but also benefit their customers. On that same token, employee benefits and a healthy work environment are both key functions to the success of the Target store team members, and the attraction of new team members. Securing a career with Target Corporation ensures a career filled with opportunities that might otherwise not be available to individuals. Team members are the greatest asset to the company and investing time into their employees is something Target takes seriously. Developing team members and leaders, Target is committed to building a team that guests, communities, and shareholders can all depend on.

In conclusion, Target's purpose and values work hand and hand to develop connections both inside and outside their doors. Overall Target is a great company to be employed with given the way they handle employee interactions to employee motivation and high employee satisfaction. They are constantly reaching their mission of  being the preferred shopping destination in all channels by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and exceptional guest experiences while fulfilling their Expect More. Pay Less. brand promise.

Some strengths of the Corporation include: constant ratification, annual evaluations/raises, motivational encouragement, employee appreciation, and employee benefits. Though, some weakness are present as well, not all employees are entitled to all benefits, there is not much negotiation when it comes to rate of pay, all are required to wear the same outfit to work everyday, and technological advances are taking away job opportunities and leaving no room for growth and development. All things considered, once you are a part of the team you will without a doubt feel like a team at all times with motivation and appreciation (prizes, employee parties, employee of the month, team member surveys) which provokes employees to do their best job.

Target can be more effective is by allowing all of its employees to use all the benefits available, extra training available if needed, more one on one training verses a computer based tactic, supply a suggestion box or forum so employees feel more involved with upper level decisions. In the end, Target will continue to grow to become the top department store in the world as long as they keep doing what they are doing while finding new ways to better themselves, their employees, and their guest, in order to gain ultimate success.  

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