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Learning Portfolio 2

1. What do you think was the main purpose of this campaign?

The main purpose of the 'Aussie News Today' campaign is to broadcast Australia as a tourist attraction destination holiday site, showing its unique lifestyle, traditions and idiosyncratic architecture. Domestically, highlighting the different events that occur within Australia and the various insightful lookouts aimed for the youth. The aim of the campaign is to put Australia on the map for youthful travellers, demonstrating a desirable experience (Ricki, 2017). The campaign ultimately aims to bring laughter onto the viewers expressions and solely attract potential travellers to visit Australia's distinct destinations. 'Aussie News today' is a part of the 'working holiday maker' (WHS) branch that exemplifies the Australian marketing strategy through the use of digital media to formulate advertisements on to a global scale audience, specifically travellers (Ricki, 2017). They promote Australian traditions and destinations such as the spectacular wildlife, surf, Sydney's Harbour Bridge and Opera house. Under the marketing strategy, the campaign is one component in a ten-million-dollar deal developed by the Australian Government, desiring to promote Australia as a tourist attraction destination for young potential travellers (Bennett, 2017). The youth market is significant in Australian Tourism considering the $5 million spent on the campaign to deliver an exceptional picture of the scenic attractions and surreal experiences available for the target audience (Bennett, 2017).

Overall, the sole purpose of the 'Aussie News Today' is linked to global youth travellers looking to understand and explore Australia as their next holiday destination. Due to the out breaking lifestyle and attractions presented by the campaign via social media platforms.

2. What is the advertising objective(s)? Table 11.2 of your textbook

The advertising objective with the 'Aussie News Today' is to establish a brand that promotes Tourism Australian holiday sites (Cameron, 2017) . The stakeholder must follow strategies to put Australia on the spotlight of tourist attraction destinations. This is through informative advertising, persuasive advertising and reminder advertising (Armstrong, 2018). Informative advertising in this campaigns case is depicted via the value of what the presenters describe the attractions within Australia and the distinct features of the landscape, distinct sites and culture that holds a different way of looking at the world. Ultimately, informative advertising in the case of 'Aussie News Today' is focused on the social media sponsorship aspect. Making the target audience the younger generation as they are more prone to be advanced in digital media access such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. These digital media sites are a large market advertisement building blocks, creating a market shift in even travelling and tourist sites.  Persuasive advertising on this campaign demonstrates the emotional appeal, logic/reason and an appeal to the value of the brand. In this case, 'Aussie News Today' is hosted by presenters that convey an exciting and refreshing insight to Australia's tourist attractions, manifesting an attraction to the outskirts of the younger people wanting to travel a new destination. Reasoning is important for the stakeholder in this campaign, 'Aussie News Today' sponsored by tourism Australia formulated a list of reasons for young travellers to visit Australia. First, the large abundance of beaches filled with surfers prevalent, the intense wildlife with unique mammals only founded in Australia, the lifestyle and eye-catching attractions that is worth seeing for any potential traveller. The credibility of this campaign is linked to three alluring Australian socialites, that inform the viewers news from their location spots. The value is set on the fact that 'Aussie News today' has pushed a $5 million investment on the campaign to put Australia on the map for a great desirable attraction site for young travellers (Bennett, 2017). Lastly, reminder advertisement establishes a marketing strategy to a specific target audience with a fresh idea on a brand/product. In this campaign, the main target group is the youth, as they typically have access to temporary work and workers holidays. Therefore, the advertising objective in this campaign is to promote tourism Australia through social media sites to grab a global attraction with Australia and alluring young potential travellers.

3. Whilst Aussie News Today is considered to be a slick campaign, reaching out to the target market via social media rather than the mainstream channels, what should Tourism Australia do next to remind potential travellers to consider Australia as their next destination? Your answer should focus on the digital marketing perspective.

Digital media has expanded quickly in such a short period of time, creating a market shift with advertising brands and products. The target market is aimed at social media users so that there is constant advertisement on consuming onto brands. For example, Aussie News Today used social media as their platform to promote Tourism Australia, as a destination to visit for young travellers. However, another effective strategy with Tourism Australia to remind potential travellers to consider Australia as their next destination via digital media is to invest money on to followed social media bloggers, Instagrammers and models by giving them free holidays to visit attractions within Australia. All these socialites, only need to take pictures and promote Tourism in Australia. Paid sponsorships are an effective way of promoting their brand. This will automatically attract the youth's attention, especially when they are the target market with travelling. Therefore, sponsoring social media stars that have large followings is the easiest way to promote their brands. Generally, Tourism Australia may give the advertisers discount codes to appeal even more to the young travellers to make the consumers understand that Tourism Australia understands the expenses spent at such fast rates living in a capitalistic society.

In conclusion, Tourism Australia has manifested the market change into account due to the fast growth of digital media and its impact on society. This has enabled the brands to be promoted effectively in a global scale. Tourism Australia just needs to establish sponsorships with other major digital media companies to remind potential travellers to visit Australia next.

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