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Gold Class

GSC is the main film fasten in Malaysia to offer a Gold Class assembly room with a connected parlor and toilets. Aside from the standard picture quality and cutting edge computerized sound that structures the typical motion picture involvement in ordinary GSC corridors, the Gold Class lobby offers a far better administration that incorporates wide and open to leaning back seats and a table for each two seats with an administration call catch. Equal to the top notch benefit in the carrier, Gold Class is just accessible in GSC Signature, The Gardens Mall, GSC Pavilion KL and GSC 1 Utama (New Wing).

ONYX Cinema LED Technology

Fueled by the advancement at Samsung Electronics, Onyx is intended to change the conventional film going background by conveying ultra-sharp superior quality substance on the cinema with a modern LED theater show.

It is the world's first Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI)- agreeable High Dynamic Range (HDR) LED theater show and can accomplish crest brilliance levels of 146fL (foot-lambert), empowering the screen to catch even the most flawless whites and most profound blacks with an about limitless difference proportion.

Supplementing the cutting edge seeing background is world-class sound innovation from JBL by HARMAN Professional Solutions. By incorporating great speakers on the edge of the screen, Onyx can set up an extended sound "sweet spot" all through the performance center's seating region, so gatherings of people can appreciate an all the more intense and immersive aural experience.

GSC Signature

GSC Signature, Malaysia's first boutique film highlights two rich Gold Class theaters and five open full twin-seating Premiere Class assembly rooms. Three F&B outlets supplement this film - Cafe Caro, Dessert Bar and Paradiso, a semi-fine eating eatery offering Western and Asian Cuisine.

On the principle floor is Café Caro, where you can unwind with light tidbits and refreshments in its contemporary parlor feeling. Paradiso on the upper floor is a luxurious experience set to entice any taste buds. In the event that you adore treats, our Dessert Bar on the Mezzanine Floor is prepared to fulfill your sweet tooth with scrumptious cakes, sweets and baked goods.


After sound and picture, D-BOX adds enchantment to films by presenting another experience: immersive movement. Moviegoers will experience the activity similarly as though they were a piece of the scene that is happening onscreen.

D-BOX's innovation is driving edge. After sound and picture, D-BOX is the characteristic advancement of film. Much like a motion picture soundtrack, movement impacts are made edge by-outline by their Motion Designers in their California Studio making the one of a kind licensed D-BOX Motion Code.

The flag is then sent to the actuators that demonstration like little robots under your seat. D-BOX is smooth and mixes flawlessly with the sound and picture to make your true to life encounter finish. Its movement is staggered; it can enable you to feel the force as though you were speeding in an auto pursue or let you feel the unobtrusive developments as though you were by the sea, feeling the loosening up waves.

The outcome is an unmatched immersive affair: you will feel as though you are a piece of the onscreen move making place just before your eyes.


The Dolby Atmos is the most huge advancement in film sound since encompass sound, adopting an extraordinary layered strategy to sound plan. It rethinks the film understanding by offering content makers better approaches to recount their accounts. This sound stage saves the chief's purpose in every scene on what you hear in the auditorium precisely to mirrors the filmaker's vision and guarantee an immersive motion picture encounter conceivable.

GSC Lite

GSC Lite indicates GSC's film excitement enchantment set in a lighter, unobtrusive and open way to take into account the littler market focuses without relinquishing the impacts of extra large screen and computerized sound like those offered at GSC cinemas.This approach enables GSC's clients to appreciate the film going knowledge at aggressive costs.


THX characterizes quality and execution for the world's debut motion picture theaters. Not to be mistaken for the encompass sound advances from Dolby® Laboratories and DTS®, THX Certified Cinemas give guidelines and best practices to engineering outline, acoustics, sound disengagement and varying media hardware execution.

The objective of THX film confirmation is to recreate the acoustics and feel of the motion picture studio, enabling gatherings of people to appreciate a motion picture's sound impacts, score, discourse and visual introduction with the clearness and detail of the last acing session.

THX likewise enables film proprietors to plan the most ideal theaters. This is accomplished through a novel blend of amplifier incorporation, engineering outline and the development of the theater itself. Developed starting from the earliest stage, affirms the execution of the room itself – not the motion picture.

By making these outline measures and authorizing execution criteria for speakers and other film sound and visual gear, THX gives chiefs and sound craftsmen the certainty that the hours spent drudging over sound and visual plan components in the studio will be acknowledged by gatherings of people the world over.

Through its measures for acoustic execution, foundation clamor, sound detachment and picture quality, THX Certified Cinemas guarantee each seat in the house is a decent one.

Laser Projection hall

GSC laser projection corridors are presently utilizing film laser projector that brings splendid brilliance levels and front line picture quality to the screens, furnishing you with a shocking knowledge that is just accessible in films!

With better the splendor of customary projectors, laser projector offers prevalent picture quality with a remarkable brilliance level, expanded complexity proportion and clear hues for a wonderful motion picture understanding! The 2D and 3D pictures it shows are laser-sharp with brilliantly immersed and uniform hues.


Golden Screen Cinemas give more administrations, for example, internet booking where the client can book the tickets by means of on the web and furthermore through. iSMS is the place the film goers can check the motion picture by means of telephone and can book the tickets. As of now the reservation through on the web and iSMS does not deal with retractions of the tickets. With the end goal to drop the ticket client must reserve another spot for the specific day and time .The tickets must be gather dependent on the affirmation number given when reservation was made. Every one of the tickets should gather before 45 minutes and whenever neglected to do as such every one of the tickets will be sold to film goers around then.

GSC service for customers only the prices of all products sold as past of their F and B will be charged a 6% service tax. This includes in house dinning, take away, concession items, and combos sold at their cafes, concessions counters and online.

GSC charged booking fees for online purchases via the GSC website and mobile app. The 6% service tax only charge or applies to F and B products and items sold at their F and B outlets. As such , our online booking fees will be retained at RM0.50per ticket.

Premiere and gold class online booking fees will also be retained at RM1.00 and RM1.50 per ticket respectively.

Brand Equity

Brand value is an expression utilized in the showcasing business which portrays the benefits of having and outstanding brand name in view of that the proprietor of a notable brand name can create more income essentially  from brand acknowledgement ;that is from items with that brand name than from items with a notable name, as buyer trust that an item with a notable name is superior to anything items with less notable names.

Golden screen cinema is a brand name which is carry their outstanding service value. GSC now everyone know the brand name. Customers  nowadays can trust their products and services because of knowing their past experience. Brand value of GSC alludes to the estimation of a brand. Actually we can say that a solid brand name functions as a dependable flag of items quality for incompletely educated purchases and creates cost premiums as type of come back to marketing ventures.

Marketing Research

Golden screen cinema can develop marketing strategies for existing services by doing marketing research. This marketing strategies are carried out in order to ensure that all the information are distributed to all the cinemas and customers, The aim of this marketing department's is to build the company's image by marketing the and services to the customers based. On their requirement and also to have better marketing strategies.

Golden screen cinemas sdn bhd possesses  and works film screens in Malaysia and Vietnam. It disperse free Chinese, English and remote dialect films; and speaks to auto names film administrators in media deals for publicizing  on film screen, and in addition feel promoting inside film region. Moreover, its prepares films in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore with EASI ticketing system or in others word s work with different deals channels from internet to cell phones and from self benefits baths to back end answers for electronic transactions of film industry accumulations, customers display systems that offer various formats for publicizing boards, trailers, and electro.

The exercises includes for showing and deals are by having extra ordinary advancements and occasions and exceptional offers, for example; by giving g rebates for the motion pictures, goers for new motion pictures by means of TV, sites ; radio and daily paper. Promoting examination will be directed dependent on administrations and offices to comprehend the clients need and have a key places in the market.

 Salesforce; Market share; Size of market; distribution channel;

The exercise includes for showing and deals by having extra ordinary advancement and occasions and exception offers. For example; by giving rebates for the motion pictures goers for new motion pictures, publicizing the most recent motion pictures by means of TV, sites; radio and daily paper. Promoting examination will be directed dependant on administrations and offices to comprehend the clients needs and have a key place in the market.


Fundamental cost is the value a vender gets in the wake of evacuating any expenses paid by a purchaser and including any appropriation the merchant gets for offering. ... Value streamlining is the utilization of numerical examination by an organization to decide how clients will react to various costs for its items and administrations through various channels.

"Cost" now and again alludes to the amount of installment asked for by a merchant of products or administrations, as opposed to the inevitable installment sum. This asked for sum is frequently called the asking cost or offering cost, while the genuine installment might be known as the exchange cost or exchanged cost. Moreover, the offer cost or purchasing cost is the amount of installment offered by a purchaser of merchandise or administrations, in spite of the fact that this significance is more typical in resource or monetary markets than in customer markets.

Monetary value hypothesis declares that in a free market economy the market cost reflects connection among free market activity: the cost is set in order to compare the amount being provided and that being requested. Thusly these amounts are dictated by the minimal utility of the resource for various purchasers and to various dealers. Free market activity, and consequently cost, might be impacted by different elements, for example, government endowment or control through industry arrangement.


In showcasing, advancement alludes to an advertising correspondence used to advise or convince target gatherings of people of the general benefits of an item, administration, brand or issue. The point of advancement is to expand mindfulness, make intrigue, produce deals or make mark unwaveringness.

Advancement is likewise one of the components in the limited time blend or special arrangement. These are close to home offering, publicizing, deals advancement, coordinate advertising exposure and may likewise incorporate occasion showcasing, displays and exchange shows.[2] A limited time plan determines how much consideration regarding pay to every one of the components in the special blend, and what extent of the monetary allowance ought to be allotted to every component.

Advancement covers the techniques for correspondence that an advertiser uses to give data about its item. Data can be both verbal and visual.

There is some example of recent promotion of Golden screen cinemas (GSC):




Operation department in charge of movie preparation process in each outlet and also distributed the movies to other cinema outlets. The main aim of this department is to ensure that the needs of customers are satisfied and meet their requirements. Operation departments must development promotional strategies I order to create the public awareness and build the company's image


"Brilliant Screen Cinemas means to constantly convey improving film encounters to clients, and part of this is through our image of one of a kind, elective substance accessible under the International Screens portfolio. Global Screens offers groups of onlookers intense, passionate stories with all around human topics, and we are respected to have the capacity to solely work together with the Positive Living Community and Fiery Films to appear At Rainbow's End, a film which addresses family, recovery, and the perseverance of the human soul," said Ms. Koh Mei Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Golden Screen Cinemas.

"The narrative of Tan Mie Kong challenges the shame, generalizations and biases regularly connected with individuals living with HIV. He is living evidence that being HIV-constructive isn't a capital punishment and with empathy and legitimate treatment, care and bolster, for example, the administrations given by Positive Living Community, individuals living with HIV can lead beneficial, important, honorable lives. We commend him for his boldness to live and tell his fact and we trust his story will help us in our continuous exertion to end shame and segregation towards individuals living with HIV, and motivate the around 90,000 different Malaysians living with HIV to get treated and live completely," said Bakhtiar Talhah, President of the Malaysian AIDS Council and Trustee of the Malaysian AIDS Foundation.

 At Rainbow's End is an account of expectation, love, and pardoning; a mournful yet cheerful voyage of revelation. It is a reasonable and honest story that plans to teach group of onlookers and expel the shame around HIV, while supporting the estimations of being family.


A good quality Cinema at a cheap price. the quality of video and sound was quite nice. While the cinema pictures and sound system is good. This is a multiplex operator with cinemas all over the country. Seats are reasonably comfortable, sound system good and movie enjoyable. A nice cool place to spend a few hours being entertained. Allocated seating at this cinema. Cheap compared with Australia. Snacks were also reasonable and varied. The movie did have subtitles and they sensored swear words which I thought was ridiculous. The 14 screen GSC Pavilion is the first GSC Cineplex in Kuala Lumpur to be equip with Gold Class theatre, D-BOX motion chairs, 4 THX Halls and 2 Dolby Atmos Halls. Considering that they offers perks and frills, GSC Pavilion sounds like a Cineplex for all movie lovers out there.

However, most of the seats at the back rows are worn out and some seats were torn, which it has show signs that the seats were rather worn out. Also, the management seriously need to check and ensuHad my experience catching Star Wars Ep 7: The Force Awakens in Dolby Atmost D-BOX. While the D-BOX works perfectly fine, the prints used for the movie doesn't sounds like it is played on Dolby Atmos audio track, though there are some Dolby Atmos trailers played before the start of the film, which shows that Dolby Atmos sound system works perfectly well. Instead, the movie sounds like it was played on Dolby Surround 7.1 audio track, which doesn't justify the additional price we have to pay for Dolby Atmos screenings.

With more GSC Cineplex's opening in Kuala Lumpur, the management must do something to ensure that GSC Pavilion remains attractive for patrons to visit.


v  GSC is an abbreviation for Golden Screen Cinemas which is generally used to address our corporate services.

v   E-PAYMENT is GSC's electronic ticketing (or online payment) facility which enables our customers to purchase GSC movie tickets from their desired location utilizing internet connection.

v  CUSTOMER is a term used to address our patrons using the e-Payment service/facility.

v  TRANSACTION is referred to as the process of purchasing GSC movie ticket(s).

GSC is giving this office as an elective method of obtaining motion picture ticket(s) and makes no portrayals or guarantees in any sort, express or inferred, as for this site or the data, substance, items or administrations incorporated into this site including, without constraint, guarantees of merchantability and readiness for a specific reason. In no conditions will GSC or any of its officers or representatives be obligated for any misfortune, expenses or harms of any sort at all and howsoever emerging endured because of any utilization of this office. We may change these terms every once in a while without earlier notice. Changes will apply to any consequent exchanges.

The Information contained in this site isn't far reaching. In spite of our earnest attempts, it may not be exact, cutting-edge or appropriate to the conditions of a specific case. We can't acknowledge any obligation for any mistakes or exclusions (other than deceitful deception) in this site and any choices you make dependent on data contained in this site are your sole duty. Neither GSC, nor any of its members, organizations and accomplices acknowledges risk for any immediate, roundabout, uncommon, weighty or different misfortune or harm of at all kind emerging out of access to, or the utilization of this site or any data contained in it.

Supply Chain

To take care of client demand for quick and exact item conveyance, and new esteem included administrations, coordination specialist organizations need to effectively break down and follow up on their business data. Coordination suppliers who streamline business procedures will move their data and their business quicker.

Info Supply Chain Execution incorporates stockroom administration, work administration, 3PL charging, transportation administration, and other basic abilities that coordination specialist organizations need to work a productive and lithe undertaking.

With Infor Supply Chain Execution, you'll work a more proficient, flexible undertaking that conveys more an incentive to clients and produces higher edges for your business.

 Malaysia is gauge to develop its screen construct by 5% every year with respect to average until 2019 , the fourth quickest rate in Asia Pacific, just outperformed by Thailand's 6.7% and China's and Indonesia's twofold digit figures. This will thus help the nation's level of film confirmations, which officially ascended by 10% of every 2015 and are evaluated to keep developing at the very least 3-4% rate throughout the following 5 years.

The two prospects, matched with GSC's driving position in Malaysia, make it an intriguing resource notwithstanding for non-industry financial specialists, in spite of the fact that it is likely it will encourage solidification inside the display business given the present atmosphere.

There are two evident suitors in China's Wanda Group and South Korea's CJ Group. To a great extent because of restricted chances, Wanda Group has so far centered its development in the US, Australia, New Zealand and the UK and it is sensible to expect assist extension in Asia, where its quality is constrained to its home market of China. Unexpectedly, Wanda as of late made an offer for Mars Entertainment in Turkey, however that circuit was at last gained by CJ Group. The South Korean organization has a more extensive impression in the locale with a nearness in Vietnam (where it is the main exhibitor and wholesaler), South Korea, China, Indonesia and Myanmar and in addition in the US. GSC's possession would strengthen CJ Group's as of now solid nearness in Asia and unite its administration in Vietnam (or if nothing else maintain a strategic distance from any test in the event that it passed any opposition law examinations). GSC's procurement would make any of them one stride promote towards getting to be worldwide players yet there are probably going to be different purchasers in the offering.

Locally, the personality of the purchaser, or rather its money related possession, will likewise matter to GSC's rivals in the race to manufacture new screens and increment piece of the overall industry in Malaysia. Any semblance of Tanjong Golden Village and MBO Cinemas would confront an alternate scene in 4-5 years if GSC somehow happened to fabricate those new films utilizing another parent organization's budgetary sponsorship.

GSC is the main administrator in Malaysia and is likewise present in Vietnam. This is a chance to get another film circuit as well as to fortify the purchaser's situation inside the quickest developing film area of Asia Pacific.


Brilliant Screen Cinemas (GSC) has disclosed the Onyx, the nation's first film LED screen. The 10.3m screen is by Samsung and it guarantees unparalleled striking hues in 4K goals (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) in a motion picture lobby.

GSC CEO Koh Mei Lee says the organization with Samsung Malaysia Electronics is a reaffirmation of its guarantee to convey front line film for fans and a point of reference for the film business.

"With the Onyx, you can see the hues for what they are, from the most unblemished whites to the most profound blacks. It takes the experience of watching film and slopes it up to unheard of levels," she said.

The high complexity is because of the screen's pinnacle brilliance of 146fL (foot-Lambert) which is about 10 times higher than those of ordinary theater projectors, enabling the presentation to light up subtle elements that would go unnoticed on normal screens.

Samsung Malaysia Electronics president, Yoonsoo Kim indicates out that fans go the film for the substance as well as to get a vivid affair.

 "I stress that after you watch Samsung film, you won't have the capacity to watch different motion pictures. When your eyes step up, it's difficult to make due with less," he kidded amid the dispatch.

Situated at Hall 11 of GSC's lead Mid Valley Megamall film, the Onyx bolsters HDR (high unique range) for a more energetic and vivid survey understanding.

In contrast to a customary projector, it is free of picture contortion and can completely use a motion picture corridor's seating space as it doesn't confront observable pathway issues.

GSC says on the grounds that it is anything but a projector, encompassing lights can be turned on in the lobby which makes it perfect for youngster well disposed screenings or facilitating e-Sport competitions.

Supplementing the visuals is a sound framework by JBL by Harman Professional Solutions that outskirts the screen and guarantees an extended sound "sweet spot" all through the venue's seating territory.

Amid the screening of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom at the uncovering, the Onyx demonstrated its cases with eminent points of interest particularly in obscurity and blustery scenes, in addition to properly boisterous dinosaur thunders and blasts.


GSC may process your personal data collected from you or from any of the class of third parties stated in this Privacy Policy, for any one or more of the following purposes (hereinafter referred to as the “Purposes”):-

To verify your identity

To communicate with you and deliver information that is requested by you to you and/or, in some cases, is targeted to your interests, such as targeted banner advertisements, administrative notices, product offerings, and communications relevant to your use of GSC's Website, GSC Mobile Application and or GSC services

To process any communication, you send to GSC (for example, answering any queries, dealing with any complaints and/or feedbacks)

To notify and/or invite you to events or activities organized by GSC, its partners or sponsors

To notify you about benefits, changes to the features, promotions, alerts, newsletter, updates, promotional materials and, special privileges

To send you festive greetings and movie-related content

To run GSC's customer loyalty programmers where applicable

To establish and better manage any business relationship GSC may have with you

To help GSC monitor and improve its services to you, GSC's customer service teams, GSC's Website and GSC Mobile Application and other GSC related assets and services, and to facilitate and conduct GSC's staff training and GSC's quality control and audits

To conduct marketing activities (for example, market research and surveys)

To maintain records required for auditing, security, claims and/or other legal purposes

To investigate and resolve any ticketing issues or other queries or complaints that you may submit to or raise with GSC

To investigate, respond to, and/ or defend claims made against, or involving GSC

Ecological Issues

"As a film exhibitor and merchant, we have the benefit of comprehending what motion pictures individuals like and don't care for. We want to make an interpretation of this data into storylines and join them with creation esteems that would drive Malaysian motion pictures to remain alone and in the end achieve global status," said Chee.

One thing to keep an eye out for later on would be the screening of elective substance, Chee included. "We would like to take into account a specialty for elective substance – shows, musicals, arrange exhibitions, sports occasions. Who knows, perhaps one day you'll be going to the film to watch a West End play," he advertised.

In the period of internet based life, the film is still especially a critical piece of regular day to day existence, Chee watched. "We're all social animals. You can invest all your energy in online networking however by the day's end, despite everything you require eye to eye collaboration with your accomplices, loved ones. The film gives individuals motivation to go out, to get together, to accomplish something together.

Human Resource

HR is additionally the authoritative capacity that arrangements with the general population and issues identified with individuals, for example, pay and benefits, enlisting and procuring workers, onboarding representatives, execution administration, preparing, association advancement and culture, and prompting ranking staff about the effect on ...

For Golden screen cinemas , they have good environment decent working place. They take challenge to handling various types of customers issue on daily basis and technical wise,F&B handling, movie programming, staff turnover, recruitment. Cinema assistant manager is experienced to be a good leader and work hard and smart to be competitive with market. Their challenges are not too serious its just a normal challenge such as u have to overcome the customer issue, to maintain the facilities with a good score, to achieve the good kip as per upper management set up. To find a good staff working with good attitude. For the F &B stuff, they have great experience with their environment and stuff. And also taking challenge to facing new customer and any kind of customer weather citizen or foreigner. As a Administration manager of GSC is making enjoyable working environment with cheer fuller team leaders. Good progress in career development and self motivation. can gain various type of experience as leadership, marketing, planning, operational, human resource related and many more. There corporate service are very open to process improvement, ever changing environment. They do awareness on staff benefit. Their supervisor is very helpful and always solve customer problem. Good environment and surroundings. Other staffs and superiors are friendly. Emphasize clean work environment, emphasize good attitude and ethics. For the GSC box office attendant will make you feel that the management is so good and friendly. the work environment also good and not stressful as you will face different type of customer behavior which will make you realized what is 'work'.

1.Benefits of getting staff pass to watch new release movies.

 2.Good team work among staffs.

 3.Benefits of getting staff discounts to purchase popcorns and beverages.

Cinema steward supervisor:

1.Handling huge events like French Film Festival, European Film Festival, Japanese Film Festival and launching of new movies.

2.Handling customers that does not follow cinema rules (recording of movies in cinema hall, bringing in outside foods, under age)

They work closely under the supervisor and the staffs are friendly and always learning new knowledge from the older staffs. They would describe how GSC in older days and the SOP in Food and Beverages industry. It is multi-tasking work but it is a great experience for those who looking for work experience or just to spare time after SPM or semester break.It is work pleasure fun.

Great place to gain a lot of skills and experience. Compensation and benefit wise is good, but can be improved. Giving chance to attend training which can help in developing and upgrade the skills. Events are fun! -Get benefits such as staff pass for watching movie and some discount for food and beverage. -helpful crew members. -Good environment to work. GSC colleague are always ready to assist you if needed. The tasks are fairly challenging, and it takes some time to pick up the pace. They might require you to work overtime on some days, but you may not be the only one. It is a good opportunity to know more about the cinema industry and their behind-the-scenes. Sometimes they may require you to travel to cinema locations to deliver or oversee events, which may extend working hours. The company is mostly analog, hence most of the paperwork is still done by hand, which I find it being quite disorganized at times.


The Golden screen cinemas is a subsidiary of the PPB group. It is the largest cinema chain in Malaysia. Annually, the PPB group generates RM4.2 billion in revenue. PPB group is a conglomerate firms, which also has an 18.6% stake in Wilmar International Limited (“WILMAR”). Currently it relies to a large extent on contributions from Wilmar and FFM group, to meet one of the objectives of the group which is to reward shareholders with sustainable and consistent dividends. Hence the group has been investing and expanding its other segments both domestically and overseas. For the capital expenditure, PPB group spends around RM168.6 million annually. For GSC, PPB group spends RM16 million to purchase the D-box seats, Dolby Atmos sound systems, replacing cinema seats, upgrading of computer system and office renovation. Besides that, PPB group also squanders around RM14.2 million on the cinema extensions in Mid Valley Megamall and Usj Summit mall. Next, RM4.8 million on the outfitting of new cinemas in Melawati Mall, Mytown, Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru and Selayang City Mall. Generally, PPB group spends 22.7% of its expenditure on Golden Screen Cinemas. As at 31st December of 2016 the group borrowings were lower at RM528 million compared with RM 726.9 million in 2015, of which 61.8% or RM326.5 million were bills payable and trade facilities utilisation the balance 38.2% amounting to RM201.5 million was made up of current portion long-term loans, revolving credits and overdrafts totalling RM128.6 million, repayable within 12 months and long-term bank loans of RM72.9 million repayable within 5 years. PPB total assets expanded by 4% to RM22.70 billion. This was mainly from the increased investment  value in Wilmar as a result of the Group's share of its profit contribution in 2016. There was a decrease of RM 337.9 million in the Group total liabilities mainly due to repayment of bank borrowings and a reduction in trade payables due to lower level of inventory holding.

Other factors

  The Gsc is recognized for the introduction of many innovative and convenient facilities amongst them, the D-box motion seats, Dolby Atmos audio surrounded technology, the Gsc mobile app that allows paper-less purchase of movie tickets and concession items anytime and, anywhere. As well for  the auto-gate in all cinemas that is known as ticketless and hassle free admission, thus making it easier for the customers to enjoy the services without having to queue. Next Gsc also always understand their customers by releasing their movies earlier when it comes to festivity or lively celebration so that their customers could watch it before being busy. Gsc can be classified as click-and-mortar under the types of e-commerce organization. This is mainly because Gsc  are conducting some e-commerce activities but their primary business is still operating in physical world. For GSC, users are requested to sign up an account on Gsc website before they can buy movie tickets online. After log in to Gsc website, user is able to select their preferable cinema, movie and date regardless of making a reservation or purchasing movie ticket. After users select their preferred cinema, movie and date, the website will load into another page which request user to select type or amount of the ticket and seats as well. Lastly, when users have completed the selecting process, users are provided by two type types of payment method which are either by direct debit or credit card. Next, the primary strength of Gsc is the technique to catch the attention of the customers to use credit card when they started to apply a credit card. Gsc launched a customised co-branded credit card in 2009, the Gsc-Hong Leong credit card which is the first to offer discounts for movie tickets, concessions and in dining service. Gsc cinema weakness is in service encounter, they get vivid impression of service encounter when they interact with service firm.

External Environment

     External environment consist of 6 major factor which are stands as demographic, economic, socio-cultural, technological, ecological and political. Golden Screen Cinema is a big company that focus mainly on bringing in new entertainment to people in Malaysia. Golden Screen Cinema has evolve in its services and has constantly improving their services and facilities. Golden Screen Cinemas has expand their territory to almost entire of Malaysia this includes Sabah and Sarawak which is located in East Malaysia. Being able to have the access to enjoy a great service of entertainment in the east of Malaysia really shows how much Golden Screen Cinema has been doing research and developed in bringing entertainment to a whole new level.

     Economic environment usually focuses on the main things that contributes to the economy such as employment, wealth, income, inflation interest rate and productivity. In this study, Golden Screen Cinema is on track to ensure that they are providing the services to customers by researching and developing many kinds of marketing attraction. In example, they are giving customers the choices to enjoy many kinds of experiences such as GSC MAXX, 4DX, Gold Class, ONYX Cinema LED Technology, GSC Signature, 5 Star Experience, D-BOX, Dolby Atmos, Glitters Cafè, GSC Lite, THX and Laser Projection Hall. Some of these options are cater to people with higher income and able to afford such leisure. Besides that, in regarding to economic environment, Golden Screen Cinema is also taking it forward to be on par with the economic environment by launching Golden Screen Cinema application that allows people and not restricted to only Malaysians but also to foreigners to purchase tickets online and collect them physically through the counter or a ticket machine set up at the cinema or have a virtual tickets on their mobile phone through the Golden Screen Cinema application. Another factor is that Golden Cinema is providing different price according to groups such as adult, children, students and senior citizen. With this approach, they are attracting more people to purchase tickets based on the group factors especially senior citizen, students and children to save some money when purchasing tickets. This approach are one of the effective approach to attract customers as to the economic environment, most people are trying to enjoy leisures but cutting cost at the same.

     In demographic forces, Golden Screen Cinema has played a big role in funding sources of entertainment to people with its services that provide screening of new movies from around the world and local. They have step up to bring in entertainment that cater to many types of age, gender, occupations and more. This is because the growth of population as one of the factors that results in them to change marketing strategies to ensure all types of people are able to make decision and enjoy using their services. Besides focusing on improving their services to customers, Golden Screen Cinemas also employs people from the age of 18 to be part of their team. This change age structure plays part in hiring younger people to serve customers that commonly as the same age as their customers to ensure that they can help customers by recommending some choices or services and making sure that their customers are satisfied wth what Golden Screen Cinema is providing. The growth of population are caused by the change of family structures which means the current generation is giving birth to the new generation and with this, Golden Screen Cinema, has done its research and bringing in entertainment for kids and are now being one of the most sales boosting genre for the new parents. Malaysia has always trying to be one of the best country to travel to by promoting its best attraction in resulting to geographic shifts in population. Either its migration or just tourist traveling to Malaysia, Golden Screen Cinema has take a step in providing entertainment from many countries for example movies from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, India and more. This is to make sure that customers will always have a choice in paying to see a movies that suits their taste or simply to be cater to their needs. In demographic environment, the huge changes are when people from rural village decided to move especially to students that decided to study in the city and with less people in the rural area and it crowded the cinema in the city especially during public holidays.

     In political and legal environment, there are a lot of law that needed to be follow by big business company. Political environment commonly refers to the stability of a company based on the political environment or the actions or movements of a certain parties. Golden Screen Cinema has adapted and obey the law in which involves them to implement the recent law of Sales & Services Tax (SST) to customers set by the government. The SST charge by Golden Screen Cinema only applies to their food and beverages products only and not affecting the changes of the pricing on their tickets. Besides that, Golden Screen Cinema provides insurance on their workers due to safety measurement, their workers are already covered in any accidents that occurs during working hours. Asides from protection of employees, Golden Screen Cinema also has protections over consumers that falls under privacy policy. Privacy Policy protects the collection of personal data and privacy of customers when they agree to Golden Screen Cinema terms in using their services such as accessing and signing up as a member on their webpage or accessing Golden Screen Cinema application on their smartphones

External environment:

Technological factor environment:

The first multiplex with a computerised ticketing system in Malaysia is Golden Screen Cinemas in Leisure Mall in Cheras. And as of today GSC got new technology like:

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